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After an Involved Hunt, I Tracked Down Joe Exotic’s Pink Western Wedding Shirt

Photo: Netflix

After finishing Tiger King, I quickly decided I had to have the exact hot-pink Western shirt Joe, John, and Travis were married in. I fancied the shirt not just for its specific shade, but because it’s entirely solid. Don’t get me wrong: A patterned Western takes me to a ranch in my own mind, but Joe’s shirt, I could tell, was the rare “wear with all” — something one could wear more or less daily. As luck would have it, I happened upon the fellas’ full wedding video on Oprah Magazine’s website, which included footage of Joe taking a trip to the store to buy the shirts for the big day. You can’t see the name of the store, but I posted a few screenshots of the scene to my Instagram Stories to see if anyone recognized it.

Sure enough, a follower of mine from Oklahoma replied almost immediately. He said it was either Mettry’s or Steppin’ Out, both of which are in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, where Joe Exotic’s animal park was located. I called Steppin’ Out because I liked the name (and the Google Maps pictures looked similar to what I saw in the video) and asked if they sold Joe Exotic his wedding shirts. The sweet gal who answered the phone chuckled and said, “Probably, he buys most of his shirts here. I’m the only one working and I’ve got three customers but if you ring back in a bit I’ll check his records.” I thanked her, but before hanging up she mentioned that they didn’t have any hot-pink Westerns in stock at the moment.