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We Found 36 Strategist-Approved Pet Deals

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Prime Day is back (and bigger than ever), and that means lots of great deals to sift through. This year’s Prime Day offers major discounts on a ton of veterinarian- and Strategist-approved pet accessories. To make sure we’re only including deals that are actually worth your money, I combed through Amazon and cross-checked the deals against our extensive archive. The result is a roundup up the best pet products available on sale that we’ve already written about or that are from our most trusted pet brands, like our favorite treat-dispensing Furbo pet camera, vet-approved treats, and the plushie toys we buy our own pups. We also noticed a lot of important pet essentials like tick and flea medication, water fountains, and even a beach-trip-ready life jacket to keep your pet taken care of all summer long. And we’ve triple-checked prices to make sure the discounts are actually good.

Like every other year, we expect products to go quickly, so we’ll be checking this post obsessively throughout the day. And in case you’re in the market for some treats for yourself, check out our Prime Day hub or our Twitter, which we’re updating regularly with deals in every category from beauty to tech to mattresses.

Everything on this list is currently still in stock as of Wednesday night, and you can continue to shop the sale until 3 a.m. ET. But if you see something you like, we suggest acting fast, as things often go out of stock before Prime Day officially ends. And if you don’t want to miss out on more great deals, sign up for our newsletter.


Writer Kelly Conaboy says her dog, Peter, is “obsessed with sniffing,” so she bought him this salad-bowl-shaped snuffle mat. She hides treats in the folds of the “salad,” which keeps him busy while she works.

This rubber toy can be stuffed with peanut butter or a treat to keep your dog busy for hours. You can also throw it in the freezer to soothe a teething puppy’s gums.

Former Strategist newsletter editor Mia Leimkuhler told us that this toy keeps her rescue schnauzer, Reggie, “occupied for hours.” She’s also gifted it to several of her dog-owning friends and promises that “it’s a hit every time.”

Rio’s cat Martini loves this unicorn-tunnel toy. “She sprints through all the little tunnels, weaving in and out of them like a maniac,” she says, adding that “it keeps her busy and entertained when I’m out of the house or working from home.”

Treats and food

Photo: retailer

For skittish dogs, these veterinarian-approved treats made with hemp, chamomile, and thiamine can help soothe nerves and anxiety.

Or try Temptations cat treats, which writer Lauren Ro likes to give her cat, Nabang.

Chyrle Bonk, a veterinarian and consultant for the website Excited Cats, enthusiastically recommends this “highly nutritious” freeze-dried cat food.

Strategist contributor Ariel Kanter gives her dog Pippin these yak chews because they’re “gentle on his belly and taste great.” She adds, “You can even soak the ends in water, put them in the microwave, and they’ll puff into this a dog-friendly cheesy puff.”

Comedian Sarah Cooper swears by these training treats for her dog, Stella. “I can basically bribe her to do anything with them,” she says. “We would not have been able to train her without these. I’ll also hide them around the apartment when we leave, and then she’s just totally occupied trying to find her tiny little treats.”

Royah Nuñez, a dog trainer and the founder of Quing Canine, describes these nutrient-dense treats as being “like catnip for dogs.”

Bowls and feeders

The treat-tossing Furbo — which dog expertsdog lovers, and dog-mom-slash-snowboarder Chloe Kim all swear by — allows you to livestream video footage to your phone and has two-way audio so you can speak to your dog (or cat) from afar.

A motorized drinking fountain will encourage your cat to stay hydrated since cats prefer “fresh, running water and will drink more when water stays fresh,” says veterinarian Angie Krause.

Scott Bleicher, founder of Stray Cat Social Club, uses this quiet PetKit fountain for his cats. “We like the design of it,” he says. “It has a nice form factor and it’s pretty easy to clean.”

Kate Perry, a dog trainer and the author of Training for Both Ends of the Dog Leash, says this toy is one of her favorite interactive treat dispensers for puppies and is “great as a gift for new dog owners, and great for training a dog to work for their food.”

Heather Henley, a certified feline-training and feline-behavior specialist at Best Friends Animal Society, loves that this SlimCat toy makes cats move while snacking.

CATNESS Portable Dog Water Bottle
From $7
From $7

The clever design of this hybrid water bottle and dog bowl will ensure your dog is hydrated when you’re on the go. The bottle also has a built-in filter and comes in two sizes.


From $38

Lots of gear from stylish dog brand Wild One is on sale, including its easy-to-clean all-weather collar.

The brand’s cushioned dog harness is a favorite of former Strategist writer Chloe Anello, who likes that it has three different rings to hook a leash to, making it easy to adjust.

Renaldo Webb, the founder of fresh-cooked pet-food company PetPlate, says this is “the cool leash that you see walking around in Soho.” Strategist junior writer Brenley Goertzen also owns this leash and likes the waterproof, soft flex-poly material. This set also includes a detachable poop-bag carrier.

Wild One Treat Pouch

This gingham pouch can be worn as a fanny pack or cross-body bag and is perfect to keep treats on hand for training.

If you’d like to check in on your pet when you’re not home, a security camera gives you a way to peek at them from your smartphone and it even comes with two-way audio so you can talk with them. “For simple peace of mind — and home-intrusion monitoring — the PetCube is worth ten times the price,” says Strategist contributor Alison Freer.

Dr. Gabrielle Fadl, a medical director at Bond Vet, uses the the Breeze litter-box system to eliminate dust and tracking around her home, and says it makes “a great option for cats that have respiratory issues like asthma,”

“If you live in a warmer climate, these elevated ‘cots’ help keep your dog cool because the mesh allows for more air circulation,” writes Strategist contributor Ariel Kanter, whose doggy day care uses cots from K&H Pet Products.

Or try this cot, which comes with a bolster for added comfort.

Dr. Lisa Lippman, a house-call veterinarian and the founder of Vets in the City, is a fan of Furhaven beds. This one has a removable, washable cover and a cooling gel topper.

For any trips you have planned this summer, try this soft-sided travel carrier that’s a solid dupe of our best-in-class pet carrier.

Photo: retailer

If you have any roadtrips planned this summer, this booster seat keeps your dog secured and lets them see out the window.

Fable makes some of our go-to stylish pet accessories, including this versatile leash that can be worn as a belt, bandolier, or around your wrist on outings with your dog.

ChomChom Pet-Hair Remover
Photo: Retailer

The ChomChom lint roller is a favorite among pet owners for its easy-to-use design and a nylon brush that picks up and traps pet hair without a need for single-use sticky sheets, which can leave a residue.

This extremely giftable DNA test kit detects your dog’s breed makeup, while also screening for over 175 genetic health conditions.

This salmon oil — which can be mixed into your pet’s food — will keep their skin hydrated and coat glossy.

Unlike other topical treatments, K9 Advantix kills insects like ticks and fleas on contact. And a single application keeps your dog protected for up to one month.

If you’d like to try out a tick-prevention collar, Dr. Tory Waxman, co-founder of dog-food brand Sundays, calls this one from Seresto “awesome” and says that it never feels greasy.

If you’re dealing with a lot of pet hair in your home, the Lift-Away TruePet is the model used at New York cat café Koneko, where up to 20 cats are in residence at any given time.

And if you’d like to zap away dander and other pet odors, Camilla Cho, SVP of e-commerce at Vox Media, says this air purifier helped improve her pet-dander-related allergies.

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We Found 36 Strategist-Approved Pet Deals