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All the Actually Good Prime Day Sleep Deals

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The second, and final, day of Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale is here, primed to overwhelm you with a near-endless feed of deals. So to help you make the most of the event and shop efficiently without losing your mind (both at Amazon and elsewhere), the Strategist is curating the best, most actually-worth-it sales on fashion, toys, kitchenware, and more.

As the main Strategist writer on the sleep beat, I’ve waded through hundreds of sleep-related deals to unearth the very best ones on brands we love and trust, including cooling pillows from Casper that are 20 percent off and one of our favorite pregnancy pillows for 50 percent off. Everything below is at least 20 percent off unless it’s a must-have item that almost never goes on sale otherwise. And for easier browsing, I’ve organized the list into categories — if you know what you’re looking for, you can use the table of contents to jump ahead, or just keep scrolling to see everything, including a a pillow for side sleepers, a sleek Strat-approved humidifier, Rob Lowe’s special sleep water, and a nifty sleep headband with headphones built right in.

I’m done updating this article for the day, but you can still shop the deals below until 2:59 a.m. ET. Of course, if you see something you like, don’t hesitate to add it to your cart, as stock and prices can change quickly. And to make sure you don’t miss anything, I suggest checking out our Prime Day sales hub and signing up for our newsletter, too.


From $125

Casper makes some of our favorite mattresses and pillows, including our top-pick cooling pillow with phase-change material to absorb body heat and pull it away from you to stop you from overheating. With a 20 percent discount for Prime Day, the price of each standard-size pillow drops to $111.

Beloved by Strategist readers and staffers alike, these plush down-alternative pillows have a plump, bowed shape that is comfy for just about any sleeper. You’ll get 40 percent off once you clip the on-page coupon (which is exclusive to Prime members), nearly matching Tuesday’s Lightning Deal on the pillows and dropping the price to under $40 for a pack of two.

$104 for 2

The Marlow is a medium-firm pillow that can move between higher and lower lofts and medium-firm and firm densities with just a few zips. Our top pick for an easy-to-adjust pillow, you can unzip both edges to give the chopped-memory-foam-and-microfiber fill more space to fluff up and expand, or compress the filling and get a lower loft and firmer feel by keeping both sides zipped. I’ve slept on this pillow for months, and since I prefer a middle-of-the-road firmness, I leave one side unzipped and the other zipped. By clipping the on-page coupon for 20 percent off, you can score a two-pack of standard-size pillows for under $100.

Casper Original Pillow
From $56

The pillow-in-pillow design of the Casper Original Pillow features a firmer interior surrounded by a cushioned exterior, to make sure the pillow stays comfortable and supportive without flattening or sagging. We named it the best pillow for neck support, and the standard size is currently just $39 for Prime Day — a 40 percent discount. (The king size is also 40 percent off, bringing it down to $51.)

This already budget-friendly pillow is 34 percent off for Prime Day. It’s featured in our guides to both memory-foam pillows and cooling pillows for its single-slab construction with a firmer feel, plus perforation and gel infusion in the foam to help you sleep cooler.

Nap anywhere — whether you’re on a long-haul flight or in a cramped back seat on a family road trip — with our best overall travel pillow. The unique and super-compact design is more like a padded scarf than a pillow, with no fill except for a plastic brace inside that supports the head. It allowed travel writer Sarah Khan to sleep “through an entire 15-hour flight.”

Our favorite bed pillow is stuffed with a blend of crosscut memory foam and microfiber fill for a consistent cushioned feel. It’s adjustable to fit your sleeping preference, so you can remove fill for a softer, lower-loft pillow or use the extra bag of fill that comes with the pillow to add height and firmness. Today, the pillow is on sale for 20 percent off.

This pillow by Eli & Elm is our top pick for side sleepers thanks to a cutout for your shoulder that helps promote healthy spine, head, and neck alignment. For Prime Day, it’s on sale for $116.

This rarely on sale pillow from Layla is filled with shredded memory foam and silklike, moisture-wicking kapok fiber, which is more breathable than cotton or wool. With a medium-firmness level, it’s cushiony enough to contour around your head but springy enough to not fall flat over time.


Our favorite C-shaped pregnancy pillow curls around a baby bump and offers full-body support to help ease the discomfort that comes with growing a tiny human. You can snag it for $35 during Prime Day — a 56 percent discount when you combine the sale with a $5 on-page coupon.

For pregnant sleepers, once your bump starts to expand, sleeping on your side is really the only option — a tricky feat for dedicated back sleepers. Our pick for the best pregnancy pillow for back sleepers has dual wedges that simultaneously nestle your bump and keep you from rolling onto your back. And for Prime Day, it is just $26.

Pregnancy isn’t a prerequisite to enjoy the benefits of a body pillow. This one by Coop Home Goods is filled with the brand’s well-loved cross-cut memory foam and microfiber. And as with most of the brand’s pillows, its firmness is adjustable.


Our favorite pillow for combination sleepers is on sale for $62 (down from $89) for Prime Day. The adaptive, pressure-relieving memory foam will evenly distribute weight and avoid putting too much stress on your neck, back, or shoulders no matter which position you sleep in.

If you generally run hot, this set of cooling pillows by Nestl, on sale for 41 percent off, has “ice silk” covers — not actual silk but a silklike viscose fiber that feels cool to the touch — that will help make sure you don’t sweat through your sheets. And the shredded, gel-infused memory-foam filling gives them a supportive but cushiony feel.

Loftier pillows can help side sleepers, especially those with broader shoulders, achieve ideal head, neck, and spine alignment for a crook-free rest. This high-loft, all-foam pillow from Tuft & Needle is 20 percent off and will fit into the 90-degree space between your head and shoulder to support your head and avoid wrenching your neck.

Eye masks, ear plugs, and sleep aids

Strategist contributor Chelsey Pippin Mizzi says she “hasn’t slept a night” without this stretchy Bluetooth-headphones headband in the last several months. “As regards to the sound quality, for the purpose of sleeping, it’s great,” she says. “The audio comes through clear — no tinny static or flattened sound.” And for Prime Day, the headband is on sale for $13, down from $20.

If even a pin drop wakes you up, or you sleep next to a partner who snores as a second language, these comfy silicone earbuds — now 30 percent off — will bring you a new level of peace. I swear by them to drown out my husband’s chainsawlike snoring.


Strategist contributor and skin-care pro Rio Viera-Newton says this memory-foam eye mask “forms perfectly to your eyes, sealing them from any outside light.” The mask helped her sleep until noon the first time she tried it — and for Prime Day, it’s more than 40 percent off.

If you already like sleeping with a weighted blanket, why not take advantage of a 20 percent discount to try one for your face? Emergency medicine physician Wallace McKinney told us that the gentle weight of this eye mask “is just right.”

$30 for 12

Actor Rob Lowe told us that sipping one of these melatonin-infused, sugar-free drinks helps take the “edge off and shuts my mind down just a smidge” so he can drift into a dreamland without a sleep-aid hangover the next day.

Everyone deserves a pair of top-quality pajamas and this handsome pair by Sleepy Jones is similar to the Sleepy Jones set that Karlie Kloss sleeps in.

Humidifiers, fans, nightlights, and sound machines

Our favorite humidifier for larger rooms has a six-liter water tank and a digital screen that allows you to set the humidity level for your space — the experts we’ve spoken to say the ideal is between 35 and 50 percent. Strategist senior editor Simone Kitchens likes this model for being “more lo-fi” than others with an easy-to-change filter that eliminates mineralization.

Strategist senior editor Crystal Martin has tried her fair share of humidifiers and says this one by Canopy “pushes out the right amount of humidity to keep my nose and eyes moisturized at night.” And unlike others she’s used, this one is actually not a pain to clean (a major selling point for politician Andrew Yang, too). You can save 30 percent for Prime Day, bringing the price down to $105.

Add cottagecore vibes to your bedroom or bathroom with a two-pack of color-shifting mushroom nightlights. Former Strategist writer Anthony Rotunno says that during the day, the lights look “like a little toadstool sprouting from my wall,” and when the lights are off, they glow “just enough to guide me — but not so brightly that it jolts me out of semi-sleep” during middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. The set of two is on sale for 20 percent off.

Drown out sleep-disrupting sounds with one of two models from LectroFan, a top white-noise machine maker. The LectroFan Evo is our pick for best overall electronic white-noise machine, with 20-plus non-looping fan, white noise, and ocean sounds, and is currently 47 percent off. Meanwhile, the more basic version that writer and comedian Samantha Irby can’t live without is on sale for 20 percent off. Irby says it makes her and her wife’s mismatched sleep schedules bearable and the sounds feel like a “cocoon around your eardrums.”

If you’re an especially warm sleeper, a compact nightstand fan can keep you cool. This small but mighty Vornado comes highly recommended by Patrick McDonnell, assistant manager of Brooklyn’s Mazzone Hardware, because it’s “very strong” and “quieter than you’d think.”

Writer and mother of two Hannah Selinger says that if she redid her baby registry, this now 36 percent off white-noise sound machine would have a guaranteed spot. Its soothing swooshing sounds have “reliably shielded my kids from the clamor outside their bedrooms,” she says.

Baby sleep

This 20 percent off deal on the (still expensive) Snoo smart bassinet is too good not to mention. Writer and mom Christina Ladd bought one back in 2017 and used it with her newborn for ten weeks. “The white noise and optimized motor speeds really made a difference” in her baby’s sleep, wrote Ladd, who believed the Snoo was completely worth its lofty price tag. Ladd also wrote that after trying just about every sleep sack on the market, the Snoo sleep sack also reigned supreme (and is 20 percent off for Prime Day).

This lightly weighted sleep sack is 20 percent off for Prime Day and designed to feel like a gentle snuggle, helping your older baby or toddler drift off into a restful sleep.

This organic cotton sleep sack by Burt’s Bees can keep little ones cozy and safe by avoiding the risks of introducing an actual blanket too soon. It comes in multiple colors and patterns that are at least 30 percent off for Prime Day.

When we talked to experts about the best baby monitors, there was an overwhelming recommendation for Nanit. The most talked-about feature, sleep data tracking, sets the Nanit system apart. When Strategist writer Lauren Ro used it as an additional monitor after welcoming her second baby, she used those insights to adjust her newborn’s bedtime routine. For Prime Day, you can get the full system for $253 — a discount of more than 30 percent.

Mattresses and Toppers


You can save 30 percent on Casper’s Original Mattress, which former Strategist senior editor Margaret Rhodes described as supportive but “cushy enough that collapsing into it at the end of the day felt like a reward.”


Strategist editor Maxine Builder personally tested this mattress, and according to her wearable sleep tracker, she “fell into a deep sleep quickly and stayed there every night.” The plush but not too sinking feel even appealed to her husband, who is so “enamored with sleeping on hard surfaces that he sometimes naps on a yoga mat on our hardwood floor,” she says. “He raved about the pressure relief and comfort he felt from the foam filling in the small of his back while he slept.” For Prime Day, the mattress is 27 percent off, bringing it under $1,000 for a queen size.


Former Strategist writer Chloe Anello found that Casper’s plushiest hybrid mattress, the Nova, helped her sleep more comfortably with less tossing and turning — as evidenced by her improved Fitbit sleep analytics.

After Strategist writer Arielle Avila slept on Tuft & Needle’s Mint Mattress, she said it felt like the definition of soft yet supportive. Avila is a combo sleeper who tends to run hot and was also pleased to report “there were a couple of nights I forgot to turn my fan on and didn’t wake up drenched.” You can save a whopping 30 percent on the mattress for Prime Day.

Former Strategist writer Karen Iorio Adelson slept on this mattress and noted that the foam felt like it “was rising up to meet me and fill in the spaces where I need some extra padding,” like under her knees and the small of her back. For Prime Day, the 12-inch queen-size model is a major deal at under $500.

Our top pick for an extra-large air mattress is currently 41 percent off in the queen size. It has a built-in electric pump and air-filled coil beams to make it feel more like a real mattress and less like a plastic bag of air.

Tempur-Adapt Topper

Made with Tempur-Pedic’s proprietary Tempur material, this more-than-50-percent-off three-inch cooling mattress topper adds an extra layer of body-conforming cushion to your mattress.


If your mattress needs just a little extra squish on top, this two-inch open-cell memory-foam topper from Tuft & Needle is 20 percent off.


The taupe colorway of this frizz-eliminating silk pillowcase — which Strategist contributor and beauty expert Rio Viera-Newton recommends as an affordable dupe for more expensive options — is majorly on sale at 52 percent off, bringing the price down to $19.

Boost the lifespan of your mattress with our top pick for a fully encased waterproof mattress protector. The queen size is 42 percent off for Prime Day, bringing the price down to $16.

SafeRest Mattress Protector - Full
From $32
From $32

If you prefer a mattress protector that is easy to put on and take off as a fitted sheet, Timothy Wong, the technical director of New York City–based ecofriendly pest-management company M&M Pest Control, recommends this one by SafeRest. It’s machine washable, waterproof, and hypoallergenic, and many sizes are on sale for at least 30 percent off for Prime Day. (Also keep an eye out for on-page coupons that you can clip, depending on which size you need, to save a few bucks more.)

Annadaif Khaki Duvet Cover, Queen
From $23
From $23

Design expert Devin Shaffer called this playful duvet cover his “go-to bedding for the past few years.” The soft microfiber material and delicate ties give it a romantic vibe.

Whether you use it as a throw in the name of style or as an extra layer to actually sleep with, this soft and fluffy blanket is a steal at a Prime Day price of just $13.

Can you ever have enough simple white sheets? This on-sale set is just $19 in a king size.

This four-piece brushed-microfiber sheet set includes two pillowcases, a deep-pocket fitted sheet, and a flat sheet and comes in at under 30 bucks for Prime Day.

Bedsure Fleece Blanket Throw

A fuzzy fleece blanket that looks more expensive than its $10 Prime Day price tag.

On sale for 20 percent off, Casper’s weighted blanket is available in ten-, 15-, and 20-pound weights. Strategist contributor Zibby Owens listed it as one of her secret weapons for keeping her kids sound asleep.

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All the Actually Good Prime Day Sleep Deals