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We Found the Best Customizable Pet Merch to Honor Your Dogs and Cats

Photo: West & Willow

Over the past nine months, my dog, Uli, has served as a furry antidepressant. She makes this adorable, weird crying sound while searching for just the right spot to “bury” her Greenie and then she pretends to push dirt over it with her muzzle. She distracts me from bad news by demanding I throw her squeaky flamingo toy across the room. She forces me to go outside even in the worst weather, and if I’m sad or anxious, she climbs on top of me and perches on my neck in her own little dog version of a hug.

She’s an important part of my life — a family member I always want to show off. Clearly, I’m not alone in this desire, because there is an entire industry of customizable pet merchandise out there. The options range from simple engraved jewelry and note cards to Regency-style portraits and miniature stuffed statuettes. Is it a little silly to order magnets with your pet’s face on them? Maybe! But it’s also a fun way to spark a little joy every time you open the fridge. Whether you’re a lifelong animal lover looking to immortalize a new addition to your brood, or a friend of a cat lady looking for a funny and heartfelt gift, we found the best personalized pet merch available, arranged in increasing order of fanaticism.


Turn one of those 10,000 pet photos into a custom rubber stamp so you can add your pet’s stamp of approval to notes, letters, and greeting cards.

Artist Leica Lucien (sister of New York Magazine photo editor Lyne) makes pet portraits you can stick on your laptop, notepad, or scrapbook pages. The customized stickers are vinyl and waterproof and come eight to a sheet.

Surprise your pet co-parent with magnets of your cat’s (or cockatiel’s) face.

Illustrator Samantha Lee creates note cards printed with a watercolor portrait of your dog or dogs. Each order comes with the original four-by-six-inch painting.


Staud collaborated with artist C.Bonz on this series of custom-embroidered pet-portrait sweatshirts that feature both your pet’s image and name.

From $35