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28 Famous People on Their Favorite Lip Balms

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Welcome to our series Famous People On, in which we crowdsource the best stuff to buy by turning to the on-the-record favorites of celebrities. This week, it’s celebrities including Beyoncé, Troye Sivan, and 26 others on their favorite lip balms, including tinted balms with SPF, scented balms, and lip creams (and if you’re looking for more, here are some favorites of our skin-care enthusiasts Rio and Buzz).

$14 for 2

“I love the Rosebud Salve in the blue can. I wear it with my lipstick. I did this trick last summer, when I was on vacation: I used it to prime my lashes before curling. It was like a natural mascara. It made the lashes hold the curl and look shiny. I use it for everything!” — Allure, March 2011

Michael Strahan
“When you’re on TV and talk a lot, the one thing you can’t have is chapped lips — especially with HD TV. Burt’s always feels great and helps your lips to look the way they should.” — The Strategist, November 2017

Troye Sivan
“I know it might not look like it because I constantly bite my lips but I’m obsessed with having moisturized lips. I would like to think that I’m like a connoisseur of sorts of lip balm and after many years of searching I’ve arrived at Vaseline Lip Therapy. It’s just like classic, standard, and lasts for a few hours.” Vogue, October 2018

Brooke Shields
“The consistency of this lip balm is just wonderful because it’s thick enough without being too greasy. There are lip balms that get too lanolin-y or have petroleum and rub off, but this stays on the lips and keeps them moisturized and conditioned. I’ve tried so many other ones and just keep coming back to the Terry because I love the texture.” The Strategist, March 2018

Drew Barrymore
“And I can’t live without Aquaphor. I put it on my lips like it’s going out of style. I have the tiny tube, I have the industrial tube, I have the tub — I have all of it. I love Aquaphor.” Into the Gloss, January 2013

HURRAW! Moon Lip Balm

Glenn Howerton
“Hurraw, which I have in my pocket right now, is a lip balm company that I’ve introduced many people to. They’ve got about 30 different flavors, but the Moon Balm in particular is great because it goes on a little thicker than a regular lip balm. If it’s really cold and dry I’ll put that on right before bed so I don’t wake up with dry, cracked lips. We just got back from snowboarding in Big Bear, and the Moon Balm was a big lifesaver.” — The Strategist, February 2019

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
“Favorite lip balm out at the moment. I’m like a lip balm freak, I love lip balm.” Vogue, March 2018

Hana Yanagihara
“I always have a Fresh Sugar Rose lip balm.” The Cut, September 2017

Lucy Hale
“Lucas’ Papaw Ointment, because it’s amazing.” Forbes, March 2018

Ellen Degeneres
“Pro tip: Always remember to apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet and the tops of your lips. This is for your lips, in case that wasn’t clear.” Walmart, June 2019

Naomi Watts
“I’m a five-minute girl when I can be, but of course, time and place. [I like] products … that are easy — like RMS concealer and Olio e Osso lip balms.” Into the Gloss, February 2018

Gwyneth Paltrow
“We’ll keep it really simple. We’re in the summertime, so I’m just going to end it with some lip balm.” Harper’s BAZAAR, August 2018

Carmex Lip Balm
$7 for 6

Ellie Kemper
“Nothing. Gets. It. Done. Like. Carmex. I should note here that I am NOT a Carmex ambassador. I just love this stuff. I have tried other lip balms in cool, creative containers and fruity scents. I have used oils and moisturizers and crèmes. And then I unscrew that red cap and gently squeeze that yellow tube, and out drifts that sweet menthol, and only then do I know that I am home.” The Strategist, October 2018

Paloma Elsesser
“I’ve tried to not buy it because it’s insane to buy but it’s the absolute best. Moisturizing is the best. The shine is the best. I can’t stop using it.” — Byrdie, September 2017

Nina Dobrev
“Face cream of the lips. This is L’Occitane en Provence, which, if I have to be honest with you, I got in one of those little travel size things on the plane. — Harper’s BAZAAR, April 2019

Dove Cameron
“I wear this Kiehl’s everyday. It’s my favorite thing in the world.” Elle, September 2018

Diane Lane
“I swear by Dr. Bronner’s chapstick.” The New York Times, October 2018

D’Arcy Carden
“For nighttime, this Elizabeth Arden eight-hour cream. I put it all over. I don’t get dry or whatever, but I cannot moisturize enough.” — Into the Gloss, September 2018

Olivia Munn
“My favorite lip balm is Clarks Botanicals’ Ultra Rich Lip Tint … it has a slight shimmer, but it still looks like your real lips.” Byrdie, September 2016

Megan Good
“I’ve used tons of different moisturizers and my lips tend to get dry again very quickly. Vaseline is the only thing that kind of sticks and stays moisturized and hydrated. And when I put lipstick or gloss over it, it holds it without it coming off.” — The Strategist, May 2019

Jennifer Anniston
“I love my Hauschka lip balm.” Marie Claire UK, October 2016

Georgia May Jagger
“Clarins Lip Oil. Always good to have.” Vogue Paris, September 2016

Natasha Lyonne
“I like a good lip balm. I’m very impressed when the makeup artists break out the Elizabeth Arden eight-hour cream … they all [also] love Homeoplasmine — if they’re breaking that out, you know they’re fancy.” Into the Gloss, May 2017

Anna Konkle
“I have — for some reason — chosen to live in the desert known as L.A. It’s so dry here, and since I was young, my hands and lips have always been really, really dry, like a little monster (sexy). I found this and it’s like a shot of Aquaphor, but better. I used to use Aquaphor but then you read all this stuff about how bad petrolatum is for you, so this is probably exactly the same but since it’s in Korean, I can’t read it. It’s meant to be an overnight mask for your lips, but I use it all day everywhere — on my lips and elbows or anywhere dry. It’s really, really sticky, like it’s meant for a car, but it works.” — The Strategist, March 2019

Vivica A. Fox
“I love this lip balm because it’s really moisturizing and on my natural days when I’m just letting that face breathe, it adds a bit of color. I love the way it feels and looks. I used to use the regular clear Burt’s Bees, but then I found this one with the peony shade, and I just knew I needed it. I don’t usually like to do too much. I do a lot of water aerobics, so it doesn’t make sense for me to have a full face all the time. Even in my everyday look, which is a warm-up suit and baseball cap, I’ll put this on and instantly feel done up.” The Strategist, August 2018

Salma Hayek
“I throw a Sisley lip balm in my purse.” The New York Times, August 2017

Candice Swanepoel
“This is my absolute favorite. I don’t go anywhere without this.” Vogue, October 2018

Alessandra Ambrosio
“I love this lip balm from Brazil. It’s pitanga, which is a little fruit that I grew up with … it keeps [lips] hydrated, smells yummy, and reminds me of home.” Vogue, April 2019

[Editor’s note: Ambrosio’s favorite flavor is currently sold out, but the lip balm is available in flavors including guarana, mango, guava, and passion fruit.]

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28 Famous People on Their Favorite Lip Balms