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What Cameron Diaz Can’t Live Without

Illustration: The Strategist. Photo: Avaline

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked Cameron Diaz — co-founder of the wine brand Avaline — about the shoes she says feel like walking on clouds, her dewy highlighter stick, and the salt she packs when she travels.

There comes a time when women have a come-to-God moment: What am I doing to my feet? Am I gonna keep doing this forever, just squeezing my feet into shoes that are crippling? Is that really what I’m gonna do for the rest of my life? And I decided, No, it’s not. I still have a long way to go on these hooves of mine, so I decided to treat them more gently. Years ago, I Googled “most comfortable shoes,” and Hoka came up. I was like, Okay, I’m in. I ordered a pair and have not taken them off since. It’s like when you’re a kid and you’re like, What would it feel like to walk on a cloud? Well, that’s what Hokas feel like.

I like a good exfoliation but not if it’s too harsh or drying. What I like about this is it’s more gentle but still gives me a glow. I either do a quick scrub and wash it right off or slather it on and leave it for a few minutes to really break dirt down. Either way, my skin feels refreshed after.

I’ve known Gucci, the founder of Westman Atelier, for 25 years, and she has always talked about making makeup that wasn’t just great makeup but also benefited your skin. It has ingredients like Ayurvedic oil and a grape extract that are soothing, moisturizing, and firming. As for how it looks on the skin, I like that you don’t really see the highlighter. It’s more of a true glistening of your own skin. The sheen looks like you’re just dewy, not like you’re wearing makeup.

This lipstick and the Westman Atelier highlighter really are the only two makeup products I use. I love a plummy color, so I use berry brown or soft berry day-to-day. Occasionally, I’ll wear the orange-red shade. I have a terrible habit of licking my lipstick off, so nothing ever stays on my lips through the day. Actually, I don’t know any woman who can keep their lipstick on throughout the day. I think that’s folklore. But it makes me feel better that this lipstick is clean since I’m reapplying it so much.

It’s so Drew to think of the aesthetic of the kitchen. She’s always saying that every kitchen appliance is either stainless steel or black, and so she made something beautiful enough to sit on your counter that also functions well. I always wanted an oven the size of an Easy-Bake that actually worked, and now I have it. It’s really great for cooking smaller meals, like a couple pieces of chicken or veggies. I just throw it all together in the air fryer, and it’s done in minutes.

I have a couple of these in black. They’re made from wood pulp, so they’re ecofriendly and super-durable. If I’m making a charcuterie-and-cheese plate, I can cut and serve the cheese on this board. They’re super-lightweight, unlike those heavy, solid-wood boards. I keep multiples in a drawer without having to worry about the weight. They’re less absorbent than solid-wood boards, so they dry very quickly when I wipe them down after washing. This is great because moisture between boards freaks me out. I always let mine dry out completely before I ever let them touch each other or go inside a drawer.

Maldon Salt

Maldon’s salt is special. The flakes are a unique pyramid shape. When you break them up over food, you get that little crunch of salt without overdoing it (unlike table salt). I don’t use it to cook or season. I usually use kosher salt for that and Maldon for finishing. I even bring a stash with me when I travel, just in case. I actually used Maldon this morning on some avocado toast. I’m a salty gal and use it on everything.

I love my Aura knives. They’re from Long Beach, my hometown. They’re just a gorgeous tool, both aesthetically and functionally. The blade itself cuts everything wonderfully. The weight is just right, and the handle is beautifully ergonomic. The balance of the knives are perfect for my hand. I mostly use the Chakra knife, and the ball between the blade and handle is very comfortable for my grip. I have a couple with blue-and-white and turquoise handles — they’re just great to look at.

In 2020, my friend and business partner, Katherine Power, and I were drinking wine and wondering why we don’t feel great having a second glass. We realized wine’s one of the only consumables that doesn’t have to list all ingredients. That was shocking to us. It set off a personal journey to find wines that aligned with our values. We ended up creating Avaline out of that search. It’s organic, and, now, people like ourselves who want to know what’s in their bottle have wines to choose from. It was important for us to create wines that we both enjoy drinking, too. As for reds, I historically love a bolder Cabernet, and Katherine likes a lighter Pinot. We landed on blending a grenache and Syrah for both our tastes. It accommodates both a lighter palate and a heavier palate very easily. I’m not afraid of our red in the summer and actually drink it chilled sometimes.

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What Cameron Diaz Can’t Live Without