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What Kaley Cuoco Can’t Live Without

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for EB, Illustration: Joe McKendry

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked actress Kaley Cuoco — who is an ambassador for wellness brand Olly’s Future Is Female collection — about the foam roller, eye cream, and almond butter she can’t live without.

I fell in love with it after my makeup artist on The Flight Attendant started using it on me as a barrier cream. I ended up ordering a ton. I apply it absolutely everywhere: my hands, lips, neck, elbows, face. Because it’s allergy season now, I’ve actually been putting it in my nose, too. I use it if I have any sort of chafing or irritation. It can really, truly go anywhere.

I started using this a couple years ago. It has completely changed my life. It has these big divots, so I can wiggle around on my side or back or legs and get the spots that are extra tender. I work out and ride horses a lot; my legs get extremely sore from horseback riding, so I basically don’t go a day without using the Rollga. I really enjoy using it after I shower at night. I’ll watch TV and roll around on it for a bit. I sometimes spend more than an hour trying to get my blood moving. One of the best things to do is just sit in it and, without moving, let the roller kind of get into a muscle. It releases tension.

These blankets are heavenly. We have maybe 20 around the house? Even though they’re not something I’ve had my whole life, the blankets remind me of home. They’ve also become my staple gift for people. I literally have some in packages inside a cabinet in case I need a last-minute gift for someone. They’re so comfortable. My skin is very sensitive to materials — I’m allergic to everything — but I can cuddle up in this blanket and put it against my face and nothing will happen. The material is beyond words.

The first thing I eat when I wake up every morning is this on toast. Sometimes I’ll take a spoon to it, or have it with a banana, or put it in smoothies. My sister actually introduced me to the brand. She knows how much I love peanut butter — I don’t really know anyone that doesn’t like nut butters — and she told me I would love this. They have all these amazing flavors. I love the one with honey, which adds a little extra sweetness to the almond butter. It is absolutely delicious.

I drink Nespresso coffee with my almond-butter toast every morning. I’m a caffeine fanatic and am obsessed with this machine. It’s so, so easy to use, but it also makes fantastic coffee. If I travel and the place I’m going doesn’t have this machine, I’ll buy one and have it sent to where I’m staying because I need to have it. At home I have a whole set up. I keep a drawer full of the pods in different flavors — I really enjoy picking out the flavor I’ll have every morning. I prefer the dessert-ier flavors, though, because they add some sweetness to my coffee without any sugar.

I make a lot of gin martinis, but I’ll drink this pretty much straight up because it’s very good on its own. I’m pretty simple and not really experimental with alcohol. I like what I like. I was actually quarantining in Montauk last year, and the day our quarantine ended, we went to Wolffer Estate’s winery. It was so beautiful. I fell in love with this gin because it is pink and light and tastes amazing and the bottle is super stunning. I think I bought out the winery and returned with bottles for the entire crew of The Flight Attendant and myself, of course.

I’ve tried a ton of protein bars, to the point that I kind of got sick of them. Then I found these — they taste better than any others I’ve had. It’s almost like you’re eating a very filling chocolate bar. I wouldn’t call them a meal replacement or anything like that — they’re more of a snack for me. I’ll have one after I work out or if I’m at the barn and I’ve been riding all day. I usually eat half and save the other half for the next day or later on, if I need a little something more.

Dove’s deodorant comes in a million different kinds of textures and scents. I’m not that into scents and I prefer a spray. It’s just so easy and quick. A spray also doesn’t rub off on a shirt if you put one on after you apply.

This remains my No. 1 eye cream after trying every one under the sun because it works. In the morning, when I have those saggy, swollen eyes, the cream really makes a difference. I don’t go anywhere without it. I don’t remember who first told me about it, but I’ve been using it for a very, very long time. It doesn’t have a smell, which I love, and it works on sensitive skin.

Olly’s sleep supplements were my introduction to the brand. When this Miss Mellow product came out, I was excited to try it and curious how it would affect me. It calms me down; I feel a bit lighter after taking one. It’s like a CBD alternative; I’m not a CBD lover — it’s not my thing. Most CBD products are too strong for my very insane senses of smell and taste.

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What Kaley Cuoco Can’t Live Without