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These No-Hands-Required Sneakers Are Ideal for Chasing After My Kids

Photo: Diksha Basu

One of my best friends (hi, Rachael) always seems to know exactly what to recommend to me, so when she sent me a link for Kizik sneakers, I ordered a pair. Rachael and I have a lot in common, but we also have plenty not in common — for instance, Rachael runs marathons, and I think even driving 26.2 miles is too long (I had to Google how long a marathon is). So despite her usually solid recommendations, I was less sure about us wearing the same sneakers, but I was willing to try because a lot of the sneakers were out of stock and it sounded as though returning them would be pretty easy if I needed to. And you just know that when a company makes returns really easy, you’re not likely to need to do a return.

I fell in love with the shoes from first wear. They look good — dare I say, they look cool. They’re incredibly supportive and comfortable (I’m not out running marathons, but I do work out on a hard sidewalk surface outdoors, which can be pretty tiring on the back) and — here’s the most exciting thing — you can slip your feet into them without bending or using your hands, and they don’t lose their shape or fit. There’s a little springy plastic part at the back that allows the shoe to fold and unfold as your foot enters. Amazing. That’s particularly helpful for me and Rachael because we both have two small children, so our hands are often filled with children or backpacks and water bottles and bubble machines and snacks and sunscreen and other odds and ends.

We’re gradually returning to air travel, and these will be great for airplane-bathroom visits (there is little more disgusting to me than people who use airplane bathrooms in socked feet). These shoes would be particularly useful for anyone who doesn’t have the physical ability to bend or use their hands to put on shoes, but really, it’s helpful for everyone — it’s 2022, why do we still have to bend over to tie our laces? The audacity.

The shoes fit exactly to size, so if your feet run wide or you like slightly thick socks, I’d consider buying a half-size up — though I now see there’s also a wide option, so that would probably suffice. The sole is padded to the point that I feel an inch or so taller when I’m wearing these shoes, and that’s always a nice feeling.

Rachael picked well when she got us matching BFF necklaces from Claire’s, and she’s done it again. Thanks, Rachael.

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These No-Hands-Required Sneakers Are Ideal for Travel