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Ask the Strategist: Where Can I Find a Good Cross-body Travel Bag?

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Help me, dear Strategist! I’m going on two very different international trips in the next few months (Nicaragua and Japan) and am looking for a cross-body bag that will work for both and doesn’t scream TRAVEL BAG. I’m looking for a goldilocks size that I can wear with my backpacking pack that will hold a water bottle and small book, along with my wallet and phone. I realize I’m describing the Baggu drawstring you all talk about so much, but I’d love to spend less than $75. Any clues?

While we’ve written about some travel bags before, and of course, all about what people keep in their carry-ons, we’ve yet to enter the world of cross-body travel bags. Let’s dive in.

baggu Canvas Shoulder Bag
Photo: Kabir Fernandez/Kabir Fernandez
Canvas Shoulder Bag

Since you brought up Baggu, we’ll just let you know that they actually have a few options that are more likely to fit your bill. There’s the canvas shoulder bag that can work as a more versatile (and cheaper) cross-body that should fit all of your essentials.

Baggu Duck Bag
Photo: Kabir Fernandez
Duck Bag

Then there’s the Baggu duck bag, which is like a tote, but with an extra extendable strap that can be worn as a cross-body. It may be a bit bigger than what you’re looking for, but has a small pocket for your passport, wallet, and phone — the essentials — and the bigger pocket can fit a lot more of whatever you might want to lug around.

Be Safe Bags Slim Profile Crossbody

Moving right along, this Be Safe bag was designed specifically for travel. An RFID-secure pocket keeps your passport and credit cards safe from data thieves, and the steel-reinforced, adjustable strap guards against slashers. It’s also got seven pockets for all of your stuff.

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Essential Messenger Bag

This more classic-looking messenger bag also has RFID protection and locking compartments. It’s got almost 500 very happy customer reviews on Amazon.

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

This slightly bigger version has a water bottle pocket and is the highest-rated travel bag on Amazon. I also feel like although it’s built for travel, it doesn’t scream “I’m a tourist.”

Sun ‘N’ Sand Nina Crossbody

And here’s a straw bag if you really want to avoid that travel-bag look.

Harveys Seatbelt Bag Mini Bucket

We were in touch with style blogger Karis Renee this week for another story, but decided to send along the question to see if she had any thoughts. Karis Renee did not disappoint. First, she let us know about these seat-belt bucket bags. I’d never seen anything like them before, but they’re supposed to be very durable, and I’m kind of into seat belts as a texture. Very travel.

Noni Crossbody Bag

She also suggested some nicer-looking fake-leather bags that are more on the affordable side, like this Sole Society cross-body from Nordstrom.

Monochrome Bucket Bag

And one from Zara.

Faux Leather Bucket Bag

And one more from Forever 21 that will probably not last you longer than these two trips, but it looks nice, it’ll fit all of your stuff, and it’s only $28.

Tumi Voyageur Capri Crossbody

I think this Tumi one Karis sent us is great, but it’s way out of your budget. If you happen to be intrigued, though, and are looking for more like this, check out Tumi’s Voyageur collection.

Ju-Ju-Be Onyx Collection Helix Messenger Bag

And lastly, Karis left us with a funny tip: diaper bags actually make for the best travel bags. “They make those things tough to last, and now there are so many cute ones.” She sent us the above.

Monki Zip Front Body Bag

And if you’re interested in experimenting with the bum-bag or fanny-pack trend, here’s a cheap and easy way to jump in. More to come on these next week, though.

Update: After this post went live, we heard from some people in the comments. We’ve added those bags below.

Flip & Tumble Cross-Body Travel Bag

Flip & Tumble’s travel cross-body has a side and top zip closure, super lightweight construction, and it’s made of a durable ripstop (that means it’ll never tear) nylon. It also fold into a very small pouch, so it’ll basically disappear when you’re not using it.

Festival Bag II 5L

There’s also Lululemon’s Festival Bag, which they’ll say is for Sunday errands but is actually perfect for travel. It’s got a bunch of pockets, zipper and snap closures, and it’s made of waterproof materials, so bring this one along to the beach without fear. It also comes in seven colors.

Sherpani Jag

Our travel-bag-obsessed commenter didn’t love this one, but we figured you should at least have the option to check it out. It’s got loop-lock zipper pockets, RFID protective material, anti-slash bottoms, and it’s made of a smooth, lightweight material its maker, Sherpani, calls “Liquid Nylon.”

Kasen on the left, Corbin on the right.

And then there’s the Hong Kong–based Hellolulu, which has two bags that fit the bill. First, the Corbin, which is a thin, square, cross-body that’ll still fit a water bottle and all the necessities. The second is the Kasen, which is a bit bigger and more in the vein of the bum packs and waist packs that have become popular once again. Both are well-designed and built to last.

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Ask the Strategist: Where Can I Find Cross-body Travel Bags?