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I Look Like an Adult (As Opposed to a Big Baby) In This $27 Jumpsuit

Photo: courtesy of the retailer

My philosophy for summer fashion is as such: It needs to be easy, and it must be breezy. Jumpsuits are both of those things. I already own an Ilana Kohn jumpsuit, but I needed more color options to work with, and didn’t want to spend a small fortune on an item that is in its essence a glorified adult baby onesie. So I typed in “women linen jumpsuit” into Amazon, and I was delighted to see that Amazon’s linen-jumpsuit game is not only present but strong.

I chose this particular option (I was also tempted by this one and this one) because of its cotton-linen mix, color options (there’s black, an olive green, two shades of khaki), a promised loose fit, side pockets, and most importantly: a stylish wide leg with a slight crop. Two days later, it arrived, and after a quick steam, the verdict was in: This was a winner. The material was breezy thin but durable, it moved nicely with my body without constraining it, the pockets were not just decorative but functional (the perfect size for a work ID, a couple pens, and my iPhone). It should be noted that compared to the Ilana Kohn jumpsuit (which can be worn on its own, and for multiple seasons), this one requires a top underneath, and likely won’t work past October.

The author, debuting her $27 jumpsuit at work.

I debuted my new $27 khaki jumpsuit with a fitted white T-shirt (Everlane Pima Ribbed), a sandal heel (Hopp Studios two-strap sandal in now-discontinued snakeskin), and a chunky necklace. While comfortable, I felt adult. My thighs didn’t chafe. It passed the “is it easy in the bathroom” test. An oil stain from lunch quickly evaporated away after a little water and soap, without leaving a mark. After a few wears I machine-washed and air-dried it because I was slightly nervous about the jumpsuit shrinking in the dryer. With a little de-wrinkling shake, it was ready to go for round two on the town. I plan on buying another in black.

Other Affordable Strategist-Approved Jumpsuits

This is Strategist editor Maxine Builder’s favorite inexpensive and versatile jumpsuit, about which she wrote: “My affection for the piece has reached the point where I actually feel a little lost when I reach for the jumpsuit in the morning, only to remember that it’s in the wash.”