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All the Best at-Home Activities for Adults (That We’ve Written About)

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At first glance, staying entertained indoors doesn’t seem like a huge challenge: Most of us could curl up with a good book or binge reality TV for hours, or even days, on end. But just like working from home or grocery shopping, at-home entertainment has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, with its seemingly never-ending imperative to stay inside. A go-to card game or even Netflix will eventually get dull when you’re trying to keep yourself — and maybe your roommates — entertained at home for the foreseeable future. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our most stimulating and creative at-home activities for adults, including some aesthetically pleasing puzzles, fast-paced board games, and expert-approved supplies for getting into a new craft like knitting, quilting, or origami.

The New Guard of Non-Fusty Puzzles

Photo: Courtesy of Piecework Puzzles

Last year we wrote about how a new class of beautifully curated puzzles are an antidote to our digital age, among which Piecework Puzzle’s jigsaws are the exemplar — including their “hyperdesign-y” Life of the Party puzzle. We’ve “pieced together” an assortment of other non-fusty puzzles to help you pass the time‚ alone or with friends, including a cheese-puff-shaped jigsaw, gradient puzzles, and some that pay homage to artists. Read more here.

I’m a Fashion Stylist With Puzzle Fever and Here Are My Favorites

Stylist Sissy Saint-Marie Chacon always has a jigsaw going on the dining room table — whether it’s this “surreal” 1,000-piece puzzle of Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights, a 500-piece op-art-inspired jigsaw, or a wooden puzzle. She explains that puzzling frees her “from compulsively looking at my phone, gives me quiet time to listen to audio books, and helps me defrag after a stressful project.” Read more here.

A Devoted Puzzler on the Best (1,000-Piece) Puzzles

Writer Alex Beggs is another devoted puzzler, who by her own estimate has spent “hundreds of hours in silent, diligent puzzle prayer,” completing classic, but “non-corny” (“this is a Thomas Kinkade–free zone”) 1,000-piece jigsaws — like this vintage Vanity Fair coverthemed pick from New York Puzzle Company. She also recommends a few map-emblazoned puzzles, and a nature-inspired jigsaw. Read more here.

The Best Two-Player Board Games, According to Experts

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When we asked seven gaming experts about their favorite two-player board game, over half of them named Patchwork, a quilt-building game that is “straightforward” with a “subtle strategy” to keep things interesting. The experts also recommended 16 other games in varying levels of difficulty, from a Cold War–themed strategy-heavy option, to a mushroom foraging game that can be played with kids. Read more here.

The Best Four-Player Board Games, According to Experts

If you’re trying to pass the time indoors with a group of people, the gaming experts who we spoke with agree that Settlers of Catan is one of the most classic and “endlessly adaptive” games to play. The experts also recommend 24 other four-person games that are family-friendly, fast-paced, and even app-compatible. Read more here.

The Best Board Games for Parties, According to Experts

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Party board games are designed to be “quick, punchy, and highly interactive,” so even if your “party” right now is a group of roommates or your family members these expert-approved picks will (help) minimize stir-craziness. There are family-friendly games, trivia games, and this word-association game called Just One, which more than half of the experts we spoke with recommended, and one describes as “simple to play, a breeze to teach, and utterly addictive.” Read more here.

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