cyber monday 2019

All the Best Cyber Monday Deals — So Far

Photo: courtesy of the retailers

Cyber Monday in its most pure and literal and innocent form is the Monday after Thanksgiving (this year, Monday, December 2), when a lot of things — both online and off — either to continue to be on sale, or go on sale anew. (For instance, our coverage of the Dermstore sale, the Glossier sale, the Lululemon sale, the Sephora sale, and the Parachute sale is all still very relevant content.) We’ll also have coverage of Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale, Walmart’s Cyber Monday sale, Macy’s Cyber Monday sale as well as more general Cyber Monday furniture, mattress, and TV deals. Can’t keep track of everything? Who could blame you? It’s insanity. That is where the Strategist comes in: We will be covering Cyber Monday sales across the site, but bookmark this page as your Cyber Monday HQ. It’s where we’ll be rounding up all the best sales — and the specific deals — worth paying attention to. And if you want an even “tighter edit,” as they say, you can see our list of Strategist-approved items on sale here.

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

You can poke around here for all the Cyber Monday deals on Amazon. We rounded up our favorites here, and you can check out some highlights below.