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What Kiernan Shipka Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photos: Retailers

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked actress Kiernan Shipka — who stars opposite Diane Kruger in the new Roku Original series Swimming With Sharks — about the tinned fish she eats on repeat, the shoes she wears thanks to January Jones, and the grape-flavored gum she tricks her friends into trying.

Fishwife makes canned fish that’s so delicious. I love people who have the determination and time to incorporate Fishwife into [meals], but when I’m hungry, something takes over my body and I need food and I need it now, so often the result is me opening up a can, putting some Maldon sea salt and pepper on, and just eating it like that. It makes me feel elegant. It’s everything I want in a little snack. The salmon is my favorite. They also just did a Fly By Jing collaboration using their chili oil, and that one is mind-bogglingly good. I’ve been eating a tin of fish a day for maybe the past two weeks.

I’ve got so many of these lying around, so I’ll just grab whichever one is closest. There’s always one at the bottom of my bag, sometimes even two. The colors are wonderful. It’s lightweight and you can build it up to make the color strong, or you can put it on once and make the tint really light. I line my lips and then put this on. I’ll put a little balm over it, and I’m good to go. That’s my everyday or every night look, even if I’m going out. Honestly, lately I’ve been going to events, and even though a makeup artist will have all sorts of things to use in their tool kit, I’ll still ask if I can just use this tint because I like it so much.

I think everyone finds their gum in life, and the second I had this one, it was love at first bite. I’m a grape girl in general. It’s a great fruit flavor because it doesn’t taste at all like the actual fruit. It’s a flavor unto its own. The flavor is so powerful in this gum. I remember my friend and I trying this at the same time. We locked eyes like, “Oh my God, this is really, really good gum.” Now I buy a ridiculous amount of it. I think it’s more enjoyable than mint. I take great joy in introducing other people to this gum because I don’t feel like it’s talked about a lot. I like to say, “Do you want a piece of gum?” kind of innocently and then give someone a piece and watch it change their lives. I have to limit myself because I will just pound through it.

Flamingo Estate is so lovely. It’s this estate up in the hills of L.A., and they have an orchard and all this really cool stuff. They make so many good products, like candles and food items, but my constant go-to is the Invigorating Body Wash. It smells amazing, and it’s just the right amount of sudsy, which I really appreciate. It doesn’t smell really floral, either. It’s got a masculine sort of energy, which I like in a body wash. It also feels natural — I’ve got to balance out my artificial sugar-free gum with super-natural body wash.

I love everything Biologique makes. I rotate all their stuff because I know I can trust the brand. Occasionally I switch up the cleansers or serums, but the one thing that’s been very constant for me is the VIP O2 mask. I think it’s an underrated product. When it goes on, it doesn’t dry out your face or make you feel like you’re wearing a mask. It doesn’t inhibit you from talking after ten minutes, which is nice. It’s not super-strong, so sometimes I’ll mix it with the Vivant mask if I want more of a powerhouse mask moment. But I feel like I could do the VIP O2 every day if I wanted to. It gives your skin that extra glow, or that extra hug, if you will.

I discovered these at L.A.’s finest, bougiest store, Erehwon. They’re kind of like a peanut-butter cup, but I hesitate to describe them like that because they’re denser. It’s a dessert, in theory, but they’re not super-sweet. I think there’s pea protein in them, and maybe oat flour, so it really feels like your dessert is good for you. Everything is super-thoughtful, and they’re made by a small operation so it feels like so much care goes into them. I like the peanut-butter flavor, but they’re all great. They do a tahini cashew-butter one, as well as a sunflower-seed-butter one and an almond-butter one.

My Vitamix is so powerful, and I like to really challenge it. I put a lot of frozen fruit in there, and time and time again, it makes great smoothies. I don’t like a liquid moment — if that’s the case, I would rather just have a juice. I want to be able to eat my smoothie like it’s ice cream, and the Vitamix can handle frozen bananas and whatever kind of frozen fruit you’re using in a way that makes it fluffy and delicious. I’ve been known to make soup in there, too. I’m typically cooking for one, and soup for one is not something that a lot of people do. I’ll take a bunch of steamed vegetables and some broth and make a little blended soup. I’ll also make hot chocolate in the Vitamix — well, it’s not really hot chocolate. I put in a scoop of vanilla-flavored whey protein powder, whatever kind of hot-chocolate mix I have, hot water, and almond milk. Then you blend it all up and it’s really frothy and fun to drink.

I think Uggs are iconic for a reason. I remember when I was filming Mad Men when I was like six or seven or eight, when January Jones would come to work, she would always wear Uggs. All the ladies on set would wear Uggs with all of the wonderful clothes when their feet weren’t seen. I just remember becoming so obsessed and wanting Uggs and then getting them, and they’ve just stuck with me. They’re as easy as a slide. I wear them on set. I wear them in my everyday life. I think Uggs are back in a big way.

My friend Christian [Coppola] introduced me to this camera. If you look at my Instagram feed, a lot of my photos were taken on this camera. It produces the best photos. Getting film developed is a fun process. I like the lengths that you have to go to. I’m by no means a pro, but I like carrying mine around and capturing moments, just because the end result is always beautiful. It feels more special than an iPhone, which I do like, but this just feels unique to me. It’s also a really pretty camera, so you can wear it on a strap around your neck or just carry it around.

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What Kiernan Shipka Can’t Live Without