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What Reba McEntire Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Clarke Tolton

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked musician and actress Reba McEntire — whose new movie, Reba McEntire’s The Hammer, recently came out — about her favorite games to pass time, a “life-saving” heated vest, and the easy-to-hang picture frames she can’t live without.

Anytime I have downtime, I ask everybody I come in contact with, “Have you played any new games lately?” I’m a very competitive person, so that’s how I like to pass time. My nieces, Calamity, Autumn, and Chisolm, introduced me to two of my favorites several years ago on vacation. These are fast paced, so you can get a game in quickly, and they’re easy to pack. I play them on the road, on flights, in between concerts, or just waiting around on set. When we were filming Big Sky, there was a lightning strike, so the cast had to shut down until we got cleared. We played these games in our trailer. And my family actually just played Skyjo on New Year’s Day.

My son, Shelby, and his wife, Marissa, gave me one of the best gifts ever two Christmases ago. It’s the greatest invention known to man. I guarantee it saved my life several times. We shot a lot of Big Sky up in the mountains, where it would get down to 23 degrees. It was chilly. I filmed in just a shirt, so as soon as they hollered, “Cut,” I’d put this on immediately. You just push this button on your left chest and it heats up around your neck, back, front, and in the pockets. It kept me toasty warm. The charge lasts a long time, but I always tell people to buy the extra battery pack as a backup. There’s nothing worse than being somewhere cold and your battery dies.

I’ve been buying Dr. Kellyann’s bone broth for about a year now. Collagen is really important for a woman my age, and the bone broth helped me lose weight. Then I got on the coffee and creamer. I really love the way the creamer tastes. It’s sweet with a nice vanilla flavor without any added sugar, honey, or stevia and less calories than other creamers. I put it in any coffee I’m drinking. I also like that it comes in individual packets because it’s easy for me to carry while traveling.

I’m kind of a water snob, and this is my favorite. A health-conscious friend of mine in L.A. suggested it to me and said it’s really good for you. I just love it for the taste. Some bottled water has a bad aftertaste, but this doesn’t. It’s not offensive and clean. Plus the bottle’s small enough to fit in my cup holder and purse.

My rider has to have a trash can, Kleenexes, Icelandic water, and this alarm clock. It’s easy to turn on, adjust, and set the time, whether you want military time or standard time. My nieces and nephews or my next-door neighbor’s kids have come over to set up other clocks for me because they’re just too high tech. I don’t like that. This one is very simple. It’s digital and has a night light, so when I walk into the bathroom at night, I know exactly what time it is.

Ask my sisters and brother what their favorite gift is and they will always say those little square pictures Reba sends us. Mixtiles are basically these eight-by-eight high-quality prints in frames that are hung using an adhesive strip. If you don’t like where it’s sitting, you just take it off and stick it somewhere else. It doesn’t tear up your walls. I have them all over my own house. Rex and I were redoing our hall last night to put up more photos of our beloved French bulldog that just passed away. It just helps keep good memories around. I can walk by the pictures and it makes me feel good.

Balsam Hill decorated my house for my recent Christmas movie, and these flameless candles are so beautiful that I kept them all over my house. They’re in my living room, sitting room, TV room, and kitchen. I even have them in my china closet because the overhead lights don’t hit all the way to the floor. These let me display all my fine china. It really adds to the atmosphere, and they’re the easiest thing in the world. I just use the remote control to turn them on and off.

I wear boots all the time. My daddy used to tease me when I’d wear them in the summer, calling them my “snake boots” (high-top boots you wear in the weeds to avoid snake bites). I have over a hundred pairs of “snake boots,” and I wear these the most. I chose to make them with Justin Boots because their boots are comfortable, which is a must for me. These have a full zipper so you can get into them easily, nice arch support, and enough room for your toes to wiggle around. They’re so comfortable that I wear them onstage, and they fit right into my concert look. I even have a black pair and white pair that I’ve gotten “bedazzled,” as Melissa Peterman would say.

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What Reba McEntire Can’t Live Without