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What Tan France Can’t Live Without

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked stylist Tan France of Queer Eye — who recently partnered with Starbucks for its “Stir It Up” Premium Instant coffee campaign — about the boxer briefs , beard trimmer, and speaker he can’t live without.

This is going to make me sound pathetic, but I started using it because Carrie Bradshaw used it. I was obsessed with Sex and the City when I was a teenager. Carrie uses the pat-on one in the show, whereas I use the stick. I’ve tried lots of other lip balms, even a couple of fancy ones, but nothing lasts quite as long. I got this really expensive lip balm that cost, like, $20, and it did not do nearly as well. I didn’t realize Karamo also uses Carmex. I would think that’s something we would’ve known about each other. I’ve seen him dab a balm on his lips with his finger, but I didn’t know it was Carmex!

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If you ever see me in a plain T-shirt, it is probably the J.Crew Broken-in Tee. It comes in an array of colors and feels so much softer than most other T-shirts. I want my clothes to be as comfortable as possible and this is really, truly soft to the touch. Too many other T-shirts I’ve tried feel too box fresh. A small in this tee fits me perfectly, but if I want to French tuck, I’ll wear a medium. Here’s the thing with the French tuck: If the shirt you’re wearing is too fitted, it does not look right. It has to be a bit oversized, so I bought a few mediums specifically for French-tucking.

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I cook at home almost every day and I bake at least a few times a week. Every time I cook, I play Bollywood music — it’s basically always playing in my house. My husband has learned to love it, too. He even has certain song requests when we cook together. Female Bollywood singers have really high-pitched voices, and if you use the wrong speaker, they can get really blown out. The Bose speaker maintains the quality of the vocals. They never sound too shrill, just very lovely. We had another speaker at first and I was like, “This sounds terrible. I can’t stand her voice.” So we did some research and got the Bose.

I tend to wear a lot of tight pants and I don’t want the seam of my boxers to be too far down my leg, so I wear boxer-briefs because they’re shorter. The fabric on these ones from Hanes is breathable, which is especially nice in the summer. They’re the most comfortable boxer briefs I’ve found. I’ve tried expensive designer brands and they’re just not as good to me. It’s bull when people say the more you spend, the better the quality. That’s not always the case