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What Tori Kelly Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Jasper Soloff

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and electric toothbrush. We asked Grammy-winning musician Tori Kelly — who recently released a music video for her latest single, “missin u’”— about her “emotional support water bottle,” high-quality matcha, and sour gummies she learned about on The Masked Singer.

I love having candles with me on tour or picking them up along the way. When I’m traveling in a different city every day, it’s a nice way to make the greenrooms feel homey. I actually discovered this one on TikTok. I found it at Anthropologie pretty soon after and walked out with this giant candle. I became obsessed and was lighting it every day. It has a citrusy, tropical scent that reminds me of summer. I’m a Cali girl, so it makes me happy. After doing some digging, I found that I could get it in different sizes, so this is the one I always have with me.

These are exactly what they sound like — mini-toothbrushes. I have turned so many people on to them. They’re always amazed when I pull one out of my purse. These are great for after a flight or if I need a little pick-me-up. Something about having fresh breath makes me more alert. I’ll even use one before a show as a refresher.

I love iced coffee, but I noticed that the acidity was drying out my vocal cords. I switched over to matcha, and now I have a whole system for making it. I know the exact amount of powder to add, and I always have it iced with oat milk and a little bit of honey. Even at coffee shops, I tell them exactly how I like it. It’s gotten that serious. I’ve tried a bunch of different brands and learned that “ceremonial” grade is the way to go. This is the one I’ve been sticking to, because it tastes very high quality. I’m finishing up a tin right now.

My friends and team know I’m obsessed with my Hydro Flask. I have a running joke and call it my “emotional support water bottle,” because I feel weird without it. I carry it with me everywhere, even though it’s heavy when it’s filled up. The stickers all over it are a whole thing. But it has become a really helpful way for me to track my water intake. I try to drink at least one of these a day, which comes out to about half a gallon. Sometimes, I’ll even double up, but I feel good about just one.

I got into press-ons during the pandemic, when I couldn’t get my nails done and realized how easy it was to do it myself. I like this company in particular, because it makes such beautiful designs — the nails look so real, and they’re really easy to put on. I can get them to last me almost two weeks. Right now, I’m wearing really short ones for playing guitar. I buy a bunch and bring them with me in case anything comes up, so I can be like, Oh, I have nails that can match that outfit.

I’m always experimenting with products for curly hair, and usually, I make a product smoothie with a bunch of different ones to give me the results I want. One day, I was like, I’m going to use this alone and see what it looks like. I absolutely loved it. It brings a lot of life to my natural curls. I put this in and either let it air-dry for a beachy-wave natural look or diffuse it to get a little more volume. Now, it’s my one product I’ll throw in my bag if I’m doing an overnight somewhere and rushing to pack. I know it’s going to get my curls to look good, and it smells great. I don’t even know how to describe the scent, but people always say I smell good when I have this in and not wearing any perfume or anything.

I have tried so many different lip balms and products, and this one stays on the longest. I always forget it’s a sleeping mask, because I use it throughout the day. I have a mini one in my bag at all times as well as a bigger tub. I see it more as a lip gloss and apply it over lip liner or lipsticks for extra moisture. And it doesn’t leave any residue, which is one of my pet peeves.

I wear this year-round, but I really love it in the summertime. I blend it in with bronzing sun drops for some warmth. Sometimes, that’s all I wear. It’s not cakey, gives enough coverage, and blends nicely.

Albanese 12-Flavor Gummi Bears - Sour
$38 for 12
$38 for 12

I’m a sour-candy connoisseur but only found out about these a couple years back. Funny enough, I was turned on to them when I did The Masked Singer. Eric Dawkins, who was the vocal coach for my season, introduced me to them. They’ve become my all-time favorite. I buy them in bulk and have them around the house. I usually eat a couple if I need a little blood-sugar boost. These are much softer and more sour than other candies. And the range of flavors is exciting. They have 12 flavors (like strawberry, mango, pineapple, and grapefruit) instead of just a couple. I knew I loved them when I didn’t mind the grape flavor. Usually, I don’t like anything grape. That’s when I was like, Okay, this is the real deal.

I consider myself somewhat of a gamer. I grew up playing video games, and that has stayed with me as an adult. Like a lot of the world, I was really into Animal Crossing during the pandemic, and I have no shame in saying that. (I still play it and check on my islands.) I’m a big Nintendo Switch fan, because it has a good range of games — I play Spyro, LEGO Harry Potter, Disney Dreamlight Valley, and Mario Kart. And it’s portable, so it’s nice to play on the road.

I’ve had these headphones for more than five years, and they never fail. On planes, it’s become a sort of ritual for me to get on and put on my headphones, even if I’m not listening to music or anything. I sit there with the noise canceling on, because it makes me feel at ease. I’ll go a whole flight and realize I didn’t listen to any music. But when I do, I use these too. I use them if I have a song that’s getting mixed and I need to give notes on the bass or vocals, because it allows me to hear things I wouldn’t be able to pick up on listening to really loud speakers in the car. There are newer models, but I still rock with these.

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What Tori Kelly Can’t Live Without