best bets

From a Hay Light to Cameron Diaz’s Cutting Board

Photo: HAY Design

An all-over-the-place assortment of stood-behind products culled from this very website that appeared in the August 29 issue of New York Magazine.

Best in Class

It Clips Like No Other

Back in 2016, one of our editors discovered a pair of Japanese toenail
clippers at Tokyo’s Narita airport capable of, as he put it, slicing through nails like a santoku through a tomato. Six years later, while refreshing our clipper coverage, Strategist writer Arielle Avila spoke to nearly a dozen dermatologists, nail technicians,
and beauty writers to find out their favorite. Although the consensus was
that a classic $11 Tweezerman is the best around, she wasn’t completely convinced. So she got her hands on the latest version of the Japanese model (the Seki Edge — it has a more ergonomic grip than the original and costs $20 on Amazon), and when she took the Seki and the Tweezerman to her toes, the winner was immediately clear: “The ease and seamlessness while using the Seki made it stand out as truly the best.”

This Thing’s Incredible

A Tube Lamp That Turned Around a Drab Rental Kitchen

From $49
Photo: Author

In 2020, I moved from a glorified closet into a one-bedroom apartment. After getting the essentials, I started chipping away at the less immediately
necessary things that make an apartment feel like home. High on that list was an alternative to the overhead light in the kitchen, which has a greenish, Saw-movie-style cast. Looking for the opposite, I bought Hay’s LED light bar in an egg-yolk yellow. I love this thing. It’s very bright — when I first plugged it in, I felt like I was in a knockoff Queens rental version of a Dan Flavin installation. And it creates a warm, ambient glow that’s closer to restaurant signage than an e-sports setup. —Erin Schwartz

What I Can’t Live Without

“I have a couple of these in black. They’re super-lightweight, unlike those
heavy solid-wood boards. I keep multiples in a drawer without having to worry about the weight. They’re less absorbent than solid-wood boards, so
they dry very quickly when I wipe them down after washing. This is great because moisture between boards freaks me out.”

Ottessa Moshfegh’s Incense

“I bought it for the first time when I was Christmas shopping in Los Feliz in
L.A. I went into some store that was selling really overpriced linen shirts and coffee cups and bath mats. They also had this incense. I think it was the
cheapest thing in the store, so I tried it, and I’ve just been buying it in bulk ever since.”