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54 Surprising, Delightful, and Weird Holiday Gifts Under $50

From an aesthete’s Tums to hyperrealistic ceramic peanuts

Photo: Joe Lingeman/JOE LINGEMAN
Photo: Joe Lingeman/JOE LINGEMAN

Typically, we share recommendations for the best products, period — it doesn’t matter when they came out as long as they are exceptionally useful, beautiful, surprising, or otherwise worth recommending. This year we have gone in a different direction, focusing almost entirely on the world of the new. Here, you’ll find a wide assortment of recently released things for every person on your list, from mood music for a plant owner (a rerelease of a 1976 record that apparently helps monsteras and ZZ’s grow) to a big-dog-specific tote for a pit-bull parent. Plus, of course, hundreds of other ideas, from a vase that grows an avocado (seen above, $45 from to a handful eerily realistic ceramic peanuts to a Lucite cat bed that could easily double as a side table. Don’t miss all of the Strategist’s holiday gift coverage right here, too.

Zooey Deschanel’s Butter Lettuce

Photo: Courtesy of vendor

To be grown in her newly launched self-watering vertical garden.

Downtown Cowboy Hat

Photo: Courtesy of vendor

Appropriate for a rodeo in Mesquite or a shopping day in Chinatown.

Court Cards

Obscure Art Book

Photo: Courtesy of vendor

It documents German-born artist Felix Burrichter’s exhibition at the Swiss Institute, and, to be honest, we really liked the cover.

Streetwear Ken

Photo: Courtesy of vendor

He looks about ready to flex on the corner of Mercer and Howard.

Start-up Stomach Relievers

Photo: Courtesy of vendor

Tums for the Everlane set.

Mood Music for Succulents

Photo: Courtesy of vendor

Mort Garson’s recently rereleased, Moog-heavy 1976 record is meant to help houseplants grow.

Shelf-Worthy Lube

Photo: Courtesy of vendor

The bottle comes with a little easy-grip koozie.

Trompe L’Oeil Cat Toy

Photo: Joe Lingeman

The scales and spots on this stuffed salmon are eerily realistic.

Cartoon Cooler