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The Best Women’s Pajamas on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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We’ve written about women’s pajamas extensively, with deep dives into the best menswear-inspired pajamas, the best silk pajamas, and freelancer-approved work-from-home clothes, but here, we’re zeroing in on the best women’s pajamas on Amazon, according to the reviewers.

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Best-rated women’s pajamas

Angelina COZY Fleece Pajama Set
From $23

Customers like this fleece pajama set for cooler weather, and hundreds call out how soft, warm, and comfortable it is: “It is SO warm that I don’t even turn on my electric blanket anymore. And it feels so soft and wonderful against my skin.” “These pajamas give new meaning to the words ‘soft’. And ‘warm’. Once you have worn these PJs you are simply not satisfied with simple flannel pajamas again,” writes another reviewer. And one more customer describes them as “quite probably the softest, most cuddly thing I have ever worn in my entire life. They are so unbelievably warm and soft, and have just enough stretch to follow your movements without being restricting.”

Best-rated (least expensive) women’s pajamas

Nearly 900 reviewers gave this short sleeve set from Latuza five stars for how soft and comfortable it is. “Love this set. It is so comfortable and soft with just the right amount of stretch,” says one reviewer, who also calls out its cooling qualities, writing that the “fabric feels cool to the touch.” This reviewer and many others agree, saying, “After suffering with menopause night sweats waking up several times a night in a pool of sweat, these PJs were recommended to me. The material instantly cooled my body. At night it pulled the sweat from my body allowing me to have a good rest.” Another customer likes that these PJs are durable: “I am a thirty-something, post-baby lady, and with my crazy hormones paired with living in Arizona, I needed PJs that were cool and comfortable. But I often found that the fabric of other PJs would rapidly get worn, pilled, and rough. These silky soft PJs have been going strong for months now through countless hot flashes and heat waves.” And yet another agrees: “If you are a hot-blooded person and need to cool down, I can’t recommend these PJs enough.”

Best cotton-jersey pajama set

“These pajamas were excellent quality. They were very soft to the touch,” says a reviewer. Others agree, calling out the soft cotton jersey and the quality of the fabric. “They are soft and well made,” says a reviewer. “They are extremely soft, fit perfectly,” says another. “Great fit, good fabric,” echoes another. “These pajamas exceeded my expectations! Love them: well-made, good sizing, nice looking, lovely colors (I got blue and then lavender), and soft, thick cotton [that’s] warm and comfortable.” They’re also great for warmth without being too hot, as one reviewer explains, “The pajamas are warm enough without being too warm. I did not want a heavy flannel since my body temperature fluctuates. The jersey fabric is very breathable without being too thin.” Another agrees: “I love the weight and feel of these pajamas. Not too heavy like flannel or fleece, but a warm enough jersey knit for colder weather.”

Best long-sleeve button-down women’s pajama set

“Absolute favorite pajamas,” says one repeat shopper – “I’ve been wearing this brand for more than 20 years” – who, like dozens of reviewers, is a loyal Karen Neuburger pajama fan. “I have at least a dozen of Karen’s pajamas…always perfect,” one writes, while another says, “They last for years, always keep their shape and color.” Another selling point for these pajamas is the fit and feel with more of a quarter of reviewers describing them as soft. One even says “ The material is super soft and launders without shrinkage.”

Best viscose pajama set

From $30
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Here’s another classic set, this time made of a viscose that customers love for its softness and comfort. “These PJs are super comfortable: cozy and soft against the skin. The fabric quality seems solid. They’ve been washed a few times and [are] still holding up very well,” writes one satisfied customer. “Wow. These PJs are fabulous. I love the slinky, soft, medium weight fabric. When you slip them on, you will go ahhhhhh, they feel THAT good against the skin,” agrees yet another. As does this one: “They are silky-smooth and so cozy. They are so soft and oh so ‘sleepable.’” This reviewer agrees that the silky material makes the PJs great for sleeping: “These pajamas exceeded my expectations by a mile. They’re made out of the most cool, heavenly knit material that is just slinky enough. They drape beautifully on my body and don’t bind me whatsoever. These are the only pajamas I can sleep in without waking up in the middle of the night and tearing off because I’m bound or otherwise bothered by the bunching of fabric.” Another satisfied customer agrees and finds that they look quite stylish, too: “The fabric is so soft, the drape is elegant, and the cut and detailing make the set look quite smart.”

Best flannel pajama set

“These pajamas are so pretty and comfortable. I sleep so soundly when I wear them on a cold night. VERY NICE,” says a reviewer. Others agree, saying that they love the 100 percent cotton flannel for its warmth and softness. “All that I hoped for,” another reviewer says, calling it “a nice flannel that will stand the test of time, neatly trimmed with coordinated satin, quality stitching, and soft warm comfort for chilly nights … all for a price that doesn’t break the bank.” This reviewer agrees: “The flannel itself is in a great, modern design so I don’t have to feel old-fashioned in my favorite, toasty fabric. And the price is just right.” Customers also call out the cute designs that the set comes in: “These PJs are beautiful and so comfy. The cardinals are brilliant red and really stand out against the blue background.” “Loved the designs, material, fit,” says another. They’re also durable: “Perfect winter jammies. These are so comfy and cozy. They’ve been washed a few times already and are holding up well, no fading like I’ve seen with other brands.”

Best thermal pajama set