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For My Second Kid, I Found Diapers Just Like Honest Company’s (Only 10 Cents Less Each)

Photo: Kristin John

When our son was born, my wife and I looked around for the best diapers we could find. We wanted to make sure they were  free of chemicals like chlorine or phthalates, and that they didn’t have synthetic latex or added fragrance, in addition to being comfortable, secure, and of course, absorbent.

This was back in 2013, for reference, and the brand we chose was the then-two-year-old Honest Company. The company, famously co-founded by actress Jessica Alba, was among the first brands to offer chemical-free, ecofriendly, and actually effective diapers at a relatively affordable price point. And for years, Honest were the only diapers we used, because why go looking for a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist?

Then, last year, we had our second kid. The return of diaper days prompted some new research, and we tried out multiple brands of diaper, searching for options as effective, safe, and environmentally friendly as those made by Honest, but at a better price. The search ended with the new Cloud Island line from Target, which costs about ten cents less per diaper. (This can add up to hundreds of dollars over the course of a year of diapering.)

Cloud Island diapers feel and (mostly) look just like Honest Company diapers, and they have proven to be every bit as reliable, absorbing plenty of fluid overnight and containing even the largest, messiest … situations. Like Honest Company diapers, Cloud Island diapers feature an absorbent fluff made from sustainably-sourced wood pulp. Both brands offer a diaper that is soft and flexible and with a secure elastic waistband and snug leg bands; both stay in place all night long and during days filled with activity.

So why would anyone go with the Honest Company option? Comfort, for one thing — for the parents. There’s a level of trust that Honest has built up fairly and absolutely deserves. Breaking with an established brand is always a fraught experience, especially when we’re talking about stuff you’re putting on your children. Also, there is a charm factor. Honest Company diapers are celebrated for their many bright, playful prints, while with Cloud Island there are, at present, only two prints available — a gray-and-white print featuring a subtle cloud motif and one with colorful arrows. And you can’t even choose between those two — they simply alternate in the package.

But then, speaking of the package, here’s something great about Cloud Island: In the smaller sizes, they come folded down into compact little squares; this means they take up minimal space and are perfect for travel. I’d say five Cloud Island diapers can be packed into a space that would be filled by three Honest diapers. And when you’re trying to travel light, every square inch counts.

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