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What Gus Kenworthy Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images; Illustration: Joe McKendry

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked Gus Kenworthy — who recently partnered with cannabis-infused beverage company Cann — about the sunglasses that got him compliments at Coachella, the treats his dogs love, and the ice cream he can’t live without.

We have two dogs. Frank is a terrier mix who’s white and scruffy. And then Birdie is a Jindo mix who came from a dog-meat farm in Korea. I adopted her when I was there for the Olympics, and she’s a big, beautiful orange thing. These are their favorite treats. If I touch the Nulo treats, they’re in the kitchen immediately (and they don’t move as fast for other treats). They’ll sit and spin around and put out their paws without being prompted because they want one so bad. I also like Nulo because they make a good product without a bunch of added crap. But mostly it’s just that the dogs love them, and they’re finicky.

Since I’ve spent a lot of time in ski boots, I’ve always been pretty particular about my socks. I hate when I can feel the seams underneath my toes or heel. Stance’s are seamless. They’re well-made, don’t lose their elasticity, and fit really nicely. The sizing can be weird in other socks, but these have a lot of stretch while being snug. And a lot of the time, socks are either so boring or over the top in a way I would never actually wear. The Stance ones just look nice. My go-to outfit is gym shorts, a T-shirt, and tube socks — my socks are always on display.

I definitely like to rotate through glasses, but these are a departure from the more traditional frames I normally gravitate to. I like how aviators look on my face, but obviously, as a skier, I also like the fuller-framed ski goggles. These are in-between and look like glacier glasses you’d wear while ski touring and are pretty flattering. They also have great polarization. When I wore them to my first Coachella this year, not only did I get so many compliments, but people were asking me what brand they were and where they could buy them. It’s fun seeing this style getting popular again.

I have the massive 42-ounce candle that basically comes in a cement planter in my living room and den. We light them when we’re entertaining. It’s obnoxious how expensive they are, and I kind of hate that I bought them. But they do smell so good and last a really long time. It smells earthy with a hint of tobacco that’s not overpowering, like hay.

I just remodeled a new home and went to Park Studio, a lighting studio that I used for my last apartment. Their lights are no fuss and easy to install. Neither my boyfriend or I installed our lights, but I remember the electricians noted how seamless it was. I love these flat-black fixtures because they’re chic. I have them on both sides of my fireplace in my living room.

I actually looked for these for a while because Urban Outfitters Home and other retailers have similar hanging chairs, but they weren’t rattan. In fine print somewhere they’d say, “Not intended for outdoor use.” I think that’s nice and cozy for someone’s living room, but I wanted something rated for outdoor use. These are 100 percent waterproof. It really just put a bow on my backyard. They’re also so comfy. It’s one of my favorite places in the house to sit and read or look at my phone.

I unfortunately have an insane, insatiable sweet tooth, especially at night. I have to work extra hard in the gym every day ’cause I’m like, Oh, I had ice cream last night, and I’m probably going to again tonight. My two favorites are Cherry Garcia and Mint Oreo. They just do the toppings right. It’s also a brand that I’m aligned with politically. It’s quite cool to see them speak out on issues.

My boyfriend thinks this is genuinely disgusting, but I think it’s so good. We both are cereal people. I like it in the morning, and next to ice cream, it’s my special treat. Usually, if I’m eating cereal, I want Captain Crunch or Trix or something with lots of sugar. That is until I found this Kashi cereal. I decided to try it since it has protein and barely any sugar, and I ended up really liking it. I’ve actually switched to just eating this cereal because it tastes good and it’s better for me. Despite my ice-cream addiction, I try not to eat too much sugar, and it’s really hard for me. If I can cut it out where I can, it’s very helpful.

We love having people over for game nights, dinner, pool days, or movie nights. Cann is a great social-setting alternative to drinking. The buzz is mild, almost like a microdose. Drinking one won’t do a whole lot to you, especially if you’re someone that consumes or smokes marijuana normally. It’s not like an edible where you eat it, feel fine, and half an hour later you’re crawling on the floor. I do feel a little sparkle after drinking it, and it’s released in a really smooth way. Even though it’s meant to replace alcohol, I will say it works really, really well as a mixer. I think their flavor profiles are really elevated compared to other cannabis drinks or hard seltzers since each is basically a fruit juice with an accent flavor: lemon and lavender or grapefruit and rosemary. My favorite is blood orange and cardamom. The taste never gets old.

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What Gus Kenworthy Can’t Live Without