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What Lisa Brennan-Jobs Can’t Live Without

Photo: Brigitte Lacombe

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the hand sanitizer and the electric toothbrush. We asked author Lisa Brennan-Jobs, whose book Small Fry comes out in paperback on Tuesday, about the lamp, fountain pen, and lash extender she can’t live without.

A poet friend and I were trying to figure out how we could protect ourselves from our phones while we were trying to work. If you’re working and your phone is available and you hit a snag in your work, you’ll go to see if someone’s texted you. It’s the equivalent serotonin rush you’d get from five days of productivity. Then my friend figured out they have these food-addiction lock boxes that you can set for a few minutes or a few days — they have a countdown timer on them so you can see your phone but you can’t interact with it. (They even sell replacement bottoms for the boxes because sometimes people break into them to get their cookies.) I haven’t had to resort to that yet, but I do have to say when I lock my phone I get an immense sense of freedom and relief. When you’re working, everything feels like an emergency even when it’s not. Now I’ll leave it locked for as long as I can. For a few hours it can feel like the ’90s. And even if it’s just for 20 minutes it feels good.

These pens elevate the to-do list. I like the plastic colored versions more than the other ones — I like the minty one and the red one and the hunger green — just because they’re lighter weight. I also just like writing with a fountain pen because they give you that good feeling, even though I don’t like the formality associated with a fountain pen. These make it light and easy and fun.

When the sun comes in in the morning, it hits the solar panel and it turns so that there are rainbows all over the kitchen. You have to use it in direct sunlight, but it’s wonderful. In the winter, you might get 30 minutes a day, but it’s worth it. It’s worth looking like a hippie for a half hour of sun. I remember when our son was super tiny and how he reacted to it. I’ve loved them for years.

I went through a period when I got allergic to eye makeup! I’d been wearing the same brand of contacts since I was thirteen and two years ago my eyes swelled up, and the eye makeup was making it worse so I tried to find something as natural as possible. I actually don’t know if this is natural at all, but when I was on book tour, the makeup woman told me that usually mascaras with primer are horrible, but this one was good. It gave my lashes some length, and it didn’t cause any reaction.

Lumio Mini Lumio +

I give these lamps out as gifts to people who have babies. We used it in the hospital right after our son was born so I could be able to see enough to nurse. The hospital has this horrible on/off brash lighting, so instead we used this cozy sweet light. The thing you can’t tell from the pictures is that you can adjust the opening. If you open it just a little you get a little bit of light, but if open it a lot, you get a lot. It’s basically just a dimmable cozy portable light source. And it’s really enchanting. I got them for my stepdaughters and they were over the moon because they charge their phones with them.

I’m actually an anxious person, and this stuff helps me sleep. I take it before bed, and it fizzes in the water — it’s actually not terrible tasting in the original flavor. Sometimes I think part of the reason you can’t sleep is because you think you can’t sleep, so this will help with that. I’ve also heard that after you have a child you have a harder time sleeping, which makes no sense because you’re so sleep-deprived. I don’t know any moms who are able to sleep when the baby sleeps. It’s the best advice that no one could ever follow.