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What Meghann Fahy Can’t Live Without

Photo: The Strategist

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and electric toothbrush. We asked actress Meghann Fahy — who recently partnered with over-the-counter allergy treatment Astepro and is set to star in Netflix’s upcoming show The Perfect Couple — about the “smoothing” serum she gives away to friends, boots that were “soft and supportive” right out of the box, and the condiment she always requests on set.

I love that this brand is totally clean. Henry Rose’s perfumes don’t have parabens and are hypoallergenic. I’ve always been attracted to scents that are a bit masculine and could be unisex. This fragrance line is that. It’s actually by Michelle Pfeiffer, and I read an interview where she said she used to love the smell of her dad’s cologne or his Old Spice. This was her homage to that, and I love it. I’m very seasonally driven, so I have different scents for warm and cold weather. Windows Down is my summer scent and, probably, my favorite from Henry Rose. My cold-weather fragrance is Jake’s House.

I’ve used a lot of different brow gels through the years. Then I started using this and was like, Oh my gosh, I’m never going back. It’s kind of waxy but not sticky. It keeps everything in place, but it doesn’t make your eyebrows stiff. I like that it’s soft but keeps the hairs where you want them to be.

This is $6, which is ridiculous. It’s really rare to find beauty products that work and are that affordable. A friend introduced me to it originally. I put it on after I cleanse and before I put on my SPF in the morning or my lotion at night. It helps with unevenness and smoothing the texture of my skin. I was totally shocked by how well it worked when I first started using it a couple of years ago. It’s definitely a go-to now. I was even giving out bottles of it to friends. I was like, “This stuff is gonna change your skin.”

I just love Docs. I can’t stop buying them. I’ve been wearing them since high school. Back then, I had this black pair I always wore. Now, I have these brown-leather ones with a bit of a heel that are basically my everyday shoe. Sometimes, Dr. Martens are tricky to break in, but these were immediately soft and supportive. The sole is really cushiony. Two of my best friends have bought these shoes, because I talk about them all the time.

I love Reformation, because its clothes are sustainable and I don’t feel guilty shopping there. The quality is so good. Even though it’s on the more expensive side, the clothes really last. It feels like a healthy investment for my wardrobe and the environment. The jeans never stretch out too much or lose their shape. I can wear them with a white tee and boots or dress them up with a nice jacket and different shoes. They’re very versatile. If I could only pack two pairs of pants, it’d be these jeans and maybe a pair of black ones.

Hell yeah. I love ranch. I just moved into a rental house for this new Netflix show, and they asked me what I wanted in my fridge when I got there. I said, “A bottle of ranch and frozen pizzas.” It’s my top condiment. I’ve tried several, including vegan ones, but I’m a Hidden Valley girl. The brand kind of has a monopoly in the ranch space, but it’s just so good.

My dear friend Tom turned me on to this hot sauce. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s really good. Some hot sauces are just spicy and lack true flavor. Zab’s is dynamic. If you tasted it on your pinky finger alone, you’d get spice and an interesting taste. It’s my special treat. I have to be honest with you, I put it on everything — eggs, pizza, I’ve done salad before. Sometimes, I mix it with ranch to make a spicy dip. It definitely makes an appearance for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

I love the Calm app. I fall asleep every night to a white noise called Ocean Surf. Sometimes I switch it up, depending on how I feel, but that’s usually my go-to. Then in the morning, I do a ten-minute meditation. That’s a big part of my routine. It sets my day off right and reminds me of what’s important: to slow down in any moment I can. Sometimes, I’ll incorporate a meditation in my workday during lunch or if I need a break.

I have suffered from seasonal allergies for as long as I can remember. Most of the allergy medicine out there takes 24 hours to work, and even then, it has to build up in your system. This is the first nasal spray that works in 30 minutes — huge news for anyone with allergies. It’s steroid-free, which is so exciting to me. I keep it in my bag, but I usually just use it in the morning. A lot of the show I’m shooting right now is outdoors, and this has been a total lifesaver. It’s stressful when I’m on set, my eyes are watery, and I’m sneezing or using tissues that mess up my makeup. It’s a whole thing. I just use this, and I don’t have to stress about any of that. I’m able to focus on the work.

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What Meghann Fahy Can’t Live Without