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What Paulina Alexis Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Getty

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked actress Paulina Alexis, who co-stars in Hulu’s Reservation Dogs (whose season three debuted yesterday), about the seasoning she uses for at-home hot pot, the shampoo and conditioner that “resurrected” her hair, and slides that made the cut in Reservation Dogs.

I’m not really someone who drinks pop at home. If I ever go to the store and get a drink, it’s always this. Blue Gatorade is the best. I like the taste and would always drink it growing up after my hockey games. I’m actually drinking one right now.

Coconut water keeps me hydrated. It keeps my skin looking younger. I drink it every day. I like having it on set with me when I’m feeling extra dehydrated. The flavor is addictive. It’s funny because I don’t even like eating coconuts — I hate the texture, but I love drinking coconut water and using coconut oil.

I used to have bad acne in high school because I was always playing sports and sweating. Then my sister recommended I start using coconut oil instead of regular face moisturizer. It took a couple of months for my skin to get used to it, but once it did, all of my acne cleared up and my acne scars faded away. After I wash my face, this is all I use now. I always have a big jar of coconut oil with me wherever I go.

A couple of years ago, my hair was fried. It was around the time I had blonde hair at the Emmys in 2021. My hair was so dry, and every shampoo was just making my hair even drier. One of the hairstylists on the set of Reservation Dogs recommended Olaplex to me and gave me a bottle, so I started using it. It was the only thing that made my hair feel nice, and it finally started growing back. It took about a year, but this resurrected my hair. I still use it today, and my hair’s more full, hydrated, and healthier.

This helps with my digestion and keeps me feeling good and fresh all day. Sometimes I’ll be feeling like a sack of spuds, and after drinking this, I have more energy. The mango flavor is the best. I drink this with sea moss, chlorophyll, and mango all in one go every day, and it just makes me feel good.

When I need actual lotion instead of just coconut oil, this is what I use. It makes my skin so soft and moisturized, but I mostly like it for the scent. It smells like my shampoo I used as a kid — a mix of fruity, flowery, and fresh.

These fit my feet perfectly, so I do everything in them: I play hockey in them, horse-race in them (if I’m not riding barefoot, I’m in my Puma socks), and wear them as everyday socks. Even though I don’t match mine all the time, they always look nice.

These are my everyday shoes. They’re comfortable, durable, and easy to slide on and off any time I want. I even wear them in the middle of winter in the snow. If I’m running to the store, I just slap on my slides. I wore mine to a fitting for Reservation Dogs, and the costume department even suggested I wear them for some of my scenes. I personally like the regular black-and-white ones because they go with anything.

Spicy soup keeps me going. I started eating it back when I got COVID. It helped me through the sickness and brought my taste back. Ever since then, I eat it as much as I can. I make hot pot at home at least two times a week. I use Szechuan seasoning, this hot-pot mix, chicken broth, some pepper, and a bunch of veggies, rice, and beef. I have a high spice tolerance because of how much spicy soup I eat. You know that show Hot Ones? I feel like I could take those wings down now.

I’ve been playing hockey since I was 4, so it’s about 18 or 19 years now. All of my brothers played, and I just grew up playing. I’ve been using this brand since then because I like lighter sticks. It allows me to stickhandle, perform better, and I like the look. Each year I’ve filmed, I was able to bring my sticks and hockey equipment with me. I was actually in a league in Tulsa while I was working and played in a couple of games.

This interview was completed prior to the union strikes.

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What Paulina Alexis Can’t Live Without