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The Holiday Toys to Buy Before They Sell Out, According to Toy Experts

Photo: Courtesy of vendors

For the fourth year in a row, we’ve asked toy-trend experts for their opinions on which of this year’s holiday toys will rise above the rest. (Hint: As opposed to last year’s pooping unicorn, this year’s hottest toy is a pooping flamingo.) Instead of endlessly scrolling sold-out links along with the other parents, we want you to have a head start on finding the dancing sloths, tiny collectible dolls, and ride-on recycling trucks that kids will be clamoring for.

Getting your hands on these coveted toys could be trickier than ever, thanks to shipping delays caused by the pandemic and more people than ever doing a majority of their holiday shopping online. But it’s worth it. With many of us forgoing travel and big family gatherings this holiday season, there will be more time for families to play together at home. Or maybe you just want to surprise your niece or nephew and cement your status as the coolest aunt or uncle alive. Whatever your reasons, we are here to help.

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Editor’s note: As we approach the holidays, these toys are, in fact, starting to sell out. We’ve tried to find in-stock options wherever possible, and we’ll continue to update prices and availability as they change.

Who is it for?
Baby Yoda toys are popular with both kids and adult collectors, so you’ll be competing with a lot more shoppers to get one. According to Chris Byrne, also known as the Toy Guy, this one will lead the pack because “it really feels like it’s come to life.”

What does it do?
Touch the top of Baby Yoda’s head to make it coo, babble, and wiggle its ears. Touch it again and it will close its eyes and stick out one hand to activate the Force. Lay it down so it can take a “Force nap” to recharge. You can preorder yours now to get it in time for the holidays.

Editor’s note: This little guy is going fast and Walmart still has a few for in-person pickup, only.