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What Jane Pratt Can’t Live Without

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the hand sanitizer and the electric toothbrush. We asked Jane Pratt, founder of Sassy, Jane, and xoJane, which items she can’t live without.

I order tons and tons of vitamins and herbal supplements online every month. The one I’ve bought consistently over the longest period of time (the one I really can’t live without) is MyoCalm. I have this amazing chiropractor in Los Angeles who I’ve been going to for 20 years, since my Sassy days, and she always finds me the best vitamin and herbal supplements. Because it has magnesium in it, it relaxes your muscles subtly. I take two of them three times a day with meals and have been doing it for all these years. Before then, I had a lot of tension in my shoulders, but now it’s gone. I think magnesium is underutilized in the States compared to Europe, where it’s kind of their version of vitamin B or C. It’s really essential. I used to not be able to live without the Thorne Research brand of krill oil, but now all the krill is too polluted. Sad on many levels, the least of which is that we can’t get the beautiful glowing-skin benefits of those krill-oil capsules anymore.

So my daughter found these socks, and they have all kinds of crazy and fun prints on them. I’ve gotten her pizza and bubblegum and jelly beans. One pair she wanted was this blue-green pair with cactuses — I guess they’re cacti — on them, and they were so cute that I got them for myself, too. I wear them with a men’s brogue, and it just adds a bit of fun.

It’s the only product that, when I use it, people will think I’ve had work done. Or they think I’ve gotten a facial. I use all of them together in succession, and it makes my skin so clean. I don’t wear makeup most days, but I still look moist and really fresh. As If I’ve had a lot of sleep. I get these online because their PR will never fucking give me freebies, even as much as I write about them and promote them.

A friend of mine named Eric recommended this online shop to me and said, “You’d really like these.” I just thought it was such a cute shirt with a goat on it — plus it was local — and I just really trust my friend, so when he said that, I just got it. (I like this New York Goat sweatshirt, too.) I like to mix stuff together when I’m dressing, so I’ll wear this with a designer skirt.

I have a whole cabinet of teas because I think of them as medicinal. I have different teas for different needs — some for when I’m getting sick, others for when I need to get calm. I like the Muscle Recovery tea, which I’ll put in a brew with five different teabags (there’s a whole bunch of other teas I’ll put in it depending on how I’m feeling) to drink every morning. It’s got turmeric in it and ginger, which can help get out the lactic acid after you exercise. I drink Get Charged because it really gets you charged. I don’t drink this one every day, but if I do need a burst of energy (if I’m going to take a spin class or if I have a big meeting), Get Charged just really gets me a boost of energy. The only thing is when I drink it some people think i’m moving too quickly. If I’m at spin class, I’ll be like a beat ahead. It’s funny, I take the Myocalm to calm down and then the Get Charged to speed up. I’m like a drug addict. I need the upper and then my downer. The white mulberry tea I love for blood sugar regulation. I do it once or twice a day and now i don’t have sugar crashes, which is important because I can really get into eating sugary candy.