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The Best Australian Things You Can Buy on Amazon (According to Two Australians)

Henry Roberts and Giles Russell are two Australian expats behind Two Hands, an Australian café and restaurant in Tribeca.

Photo: Josephine Rozman

Everyone knows how far away Australia is. It’s so far away, you need to take at least two flights from New York. Which means having little reminders of Australia here at home makes it feel just that little bit closer. Below, our favorite Australian things you can buy on Amazon.

Imagine the buzz you get when you drink coffee, but now that buzz is all over your skin. It’s super invigorating and leaves us feeling so clean and so alive. It’s not an Australian thing to use coffee as a bath scrub, but Frank is the best.

Working in a café or restaurant environment, we need footwear that’s both comfortable, tough, and looks great. These Blundstone Boots hit the mark on all three. They mold to your feet and look better after each wear. They literally don’t leave our feet.

We obviously drink our fair share of to-go coffee, so it’s really important to us that we’re thinking about our environmental impact. We sell custom Two Hands Keep cups that you’ll soon be able to buy on our website.

Vegemite, Pack of 2

Every Australian has a secret little stash of this spread. Nothing beats a hot coffee in the morning paired with a piece of toast with butter and Vegemite. Just delicious.

Whether it’s sweet or savory, everything from the Bourke Street Bakeries in Australia goes down a treat. Now that we’re in New York, we had to get our fix somehow, so we got their cookbook and we cook up their baked goods at home. We love the flourless chocolate cake.

Australia’s pride and joy. There’s nothing we miss more from home (other than our moms) than Tim Tams. They just melt in your mouth. If you buy a packet of these, they’ll most likely be all gone within minutes of opening them; to say they’re addictive is a massive understatement.

Volley is Australia’s classic tennis shoe. They’ve always been affordable, comfortable, and if you wear them with the right outfit, fashionable.

If you live on a farm in Australia you own an Akubra, and if you’re going for an outback look, you definitely need one to finish it off.