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The Best Hands-Free Pumping Bras on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Whether you’re pumping at work or at home (or while working from home), a hands-free pumping bra can help make the process a lot more comfortable. While we’ve written about lots of things to help new moms with breastfeeding — like this massager that helps clear milk ducts and discreet electric breast pumps — here, we rounded up eight comfortable, easy, and hands-free pumping bras for work or home. And while you’re in the market for things that make life easier, we also have choices for baby monitors, nursing bras, and baby sound machines.

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Best-rated (and least-expensive) hands-free pumping bra

Momcozy Hands-Free Pumping Bra

With over 14,500 five-star reviews, reviewers call this pumping bra — complete with convertible straps and a detachable clip design — a “lifesaver.” One reviewer says their daughter “came three weeks early and had latch issues, so I started pumping in the hospital, which was quite unexpected.” The first pumping bra they tried was strapless, but they now prefer this one, “because when you’re pumping six to eight times a day, even something as simple as changing into a strapless bra to pump gets annoying.” They go on: “I love that I can wear this throughout the day and don’t have to change when it’s time to pump. I’ve been wearing it every day for like 2.5 months straight.” And while it’s designed for pumping, dozens of reviewers point out that it can double as a nursing bra. “I wish I had invested in something like this with my firstborn. I am a J cup while breastfeeding, and while it’s not the most flattering bra for my breast size, I’m super-impressed it fit,” they write. “The fact that it actually has straps AND doubles [as] a nursing bra is a no-brainer.”

Best hands-free pumping bralette


Because this stretchy (yet supportive) pumping bralette looks and feels like a regular bra, it can stay on before and after pumping. “I am a full-time working mom, and I primarily pump. I LOVE that I do not have to change bras or add on a pumping bra when I pump,” writes one reviewer who calls the bra a “game changer,” explaining, “I just had baby No. 3 and wish I would have had this bra when I had my other kids.” Another purchased the bra after returning to work post-baby, because they “didn’t want to change my bra every time I went to pump.” They go on: “If I wore a traditional pumping bra, I don’t believe it would be as supportive, and my breasts might poke out of the pumping holes. Neither is a problem here.” They call it “very supportive,” “incredibly convenient,” and a “lifesaver for returning to work.”

Best zippered, strapless hands-free pumping bra


“Life-altering” and “lifesaver” are other terms reviewers have used to describe the convenience of this strapless, zippered pumping bra. “I can’t believe I went two months without this hands-free pumping bra! I was able to successfully change my baby’s diaper and lay him down for a nap while simultaneously pumping. Amazing,” one reviewer writes. It’s comfortable, too: “The material is stretchy and easy to zip up. I like that it is strapless, so I can quickly strap on without having to remove my shirt.” The stretchy fabric also “makes great suction power” and provides “strong compression,” writes another reviewer. And even though it is strapless, it “fits perfectly for my large breasts, [and] it is comfortable enough I sleep in it! It is also the easiest to put on/zip up of the ones I’ve tried.”

Best velcro strapless hands-free pumping bra

Pump Strap Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra

Hundreds of reviewers agree that this hands-free pumping bra is “easy and effective” and “super easy to get on and off.” One reviewer writes, “No silly bells and whistles. Just a velcro strap with slits for breast shields and another strap to put around your neck.” And another explains, “What makes this SO easy is that it has velcro, so all you have to do is put it around your waist, attach the ends of the strap so it’s tight enough, put the flanges through, and pull it up over to where they are supposed to fit.” Customers also like the neoprene material, which one describes as being “strong and secure and really holds the pump very well especially if you are very large-chested.” “I love the material,” writes another. “The outside seems to have a slight moisture barrier to prevent any leaks from soaking right in. It’s comfortable, and most importantly, it holds everything in place better than any other pump bra I’ve used.”

Some reviewers even found that the snug fit provides good compression. According to this reviewer, “I find that the compression not only grants me hands free use, but also helps me to get closer to fully ‘emptying’ each pump session without having to pump as long.” This customer agrees, saying that “I respond better to pressure/compression while pumping, and I like that I can make this bra really tight — I couldn’t get any of the other bras I tried tight enough.” As this reviewer concludes: “Definitely get this if you’re looking for a true hands-free pumping bra! I tried others, but this is the only one that worked. Plus, the openings for the flanges are nice and long, so your nipple doesn’t have to be in EXACTLY the right spot for them to fit (another problem I had with other bras).”

Best clip-on hands-free pumping bra