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39 Nice-Looking Things to Put Plants on (Including Some Actual Plant Stands)

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist

Traditional plant stands seem to come in two styles: those mid-century-modern ones that stay low to the ground and fit just one big pot, and the more bookshelf-style bamboo units with a few shelves that can hold a bunch of smaller plants. Both styles can be good-looking and super-functional, but they’re also a bit limiting. Thankfully, a plant stand can really be any object you can place a plant on, and one sweep of the internet will reveal that you can put plants on lots of things.

If you have a medium-size plant teetering off the edge of your windowsill, why not put it on top of a stool instead, or a bar cart, or floating shelves? If you’re a bit of a plant hoarder, with every square inch of floor and table surfaces covered, you can use rolling utility carts, shoe benches, or bookcases to better organize your collection. No matter what kind of “stand” you choose, though, you’ll want something that has an open design to let in light and that can support a decent amount of weight and hold up to the occasional water spill. Below, we rounded up some plant stands we like — along with a few bookshelves, end tables, step stools, art-supply carts, wooden crates, and more things you can also definitely put plants on.

Actual plant stands

GDLF 5 Tier Metal Plant Stand
From $110
From $110

Make your plants the centerpiece of your home with this dramatic plant archway. Between the different-size shelves and the hooks for hanging, you’ll find a spot for every plant in your collection with this stand.

With a bottom shelf that’s only 12.6 inches square and progressively narrower middle and top shelves, this plant stand has a small footprint but can still hold a few medium-size plants. The top shelf would be great for a pothos or another hanging plant.

This style is everywhere for good reason. Mkono’s 12-inch wooden stand unfortunately does not come with the white pot shown here, but it will work with any pot that’s 10 to 12 inches in diameter. You can also flip the stand over to switch between two height options.

Photo: retailer

This gold version is the same concept and will accommodate the same size plants, but it will suit your space better if your accents are more brass than wood.

This three-tier foldable plant stand could easily fit a dozen small or medium-size plants. It’s 27.6 inches wide, with shelves that get progressively less deep. Plus its naturally water-resistant bamboo material would work well indoors or out.

Sometimes there’s only one corner that gets just the right amount of light. Or maybe a tight corner has the only floor space you can spare. Either way, this smartly designed plant stand lets you use your free corner space as plant storage. And with six shelves, all at different heights, you can experiment with various arrangements.


This is an equally dynamic shelf but it’s on wheels, which means you can easily move all your plants at the same time — whether it’s for better sunlight or to take them outside for a mess-free repotting day.

If the wooden multitiered stands are too boho for your taste, this metal one will fit right in with your modern decor. Each ledge can hold up to an eight-inch pot.

Pedestals that could be plant stands

A clear acrylic sculpture-display pedestal for a very special plant. It’s just shy of three feet tall and has a 12-inch-square footprint, so it won’t take up much space.

This set of two plant pedestals might take up more room, but the open design will still make them feel light in your space.

Utility carts that could be plant stands

Metal utility carts make great plant stands because they’re durable and the multiple shelves provide plenty of space. You could even hang a watering can or mister off the side with a hook. The attached wheels mean you can move the carts around for easy watering by the sink or to find the best light. The shelves on this model get slightly smaller as they go up, but each is roughly 16 inches by 11.5 inches, and hold 44 pounds each. Plus two of its wheels have locking casters, so it won’t roll away when you aren’t looking.

Photo: retailer

As seen in our roundup of the very best kitchen carts, this small-space-friendly rolling countertop would be just as functional as a plant stand. The racks can also be lowered or raised depending on how much underneath storage you need.

We named this four-tier utility cart the best less-expensive kitchen cart for small spaces. The wire mesh is rust-resistant, so if you spill while watering, there’s no fuss.

Stools that could be plant stands

If you’re into the stool-as-plant-stand thing but prefer a more minimalist aesthetic, here’s a set of simple wooden ones you can use the same way as those above.

Made from 100 percent recycled wood material, this rustic pedestal comes in rectangular and circular styles. It’s mini, though, so be sure your plant is on the petite side.

These stools come in two different heights so you can stagger your plant display. The 19-inch version is great if you have a succulent like string of pearls that you don’t want dragging on the floor.

This ceramic stool is particularly efficient for those who have limited patio space and live in a harsh climate. It’s compact so you can easily bring it indoors during the winter, though the matte finish is designed to withstand the elements.

Fluted Stool
From $179
From $179

If you’re partial to a traditional terra-cotta look, this molded and hand-glazed ceramic side table would not look out of place in a garden shop. Like the option above, it will transition seamlessly from indoors to outdoors.

A two-step stool like this is a great base for creating an interesting two-tiered display.

This step stool is ideal for that plant sitting in a heavy concrete planter. It may not look like it, but this little stool can support up to 350 pounds.


Opposite of the clean-cut wooden stools above is this live-edge one. It’s made from reclaimed cedar and will add a rustic vibe and complement your plant sanctuary.

This stepladder is almost too nice for everyday chores, but perfect for a plant stand. Set up in a corner, it becomes the room’s new focal point. We think a vine-y plant like a philodendron would feel right at home on top with its leaves wrapped around the upper handle.

Placed under a big window, this bench (we’re considering it one long stool) is the perfect multifunctional plant stand. You can cluster your plants on one end, leaving room for a seat on the opposite side and creating a peaceful reading nook.

End tables that could be plant stands

Your anthurium can sit on top, while the bottom basket serves as discreet and easy storage for plant-parent supplies like soil, a watering can, and snippers.

If you keep them nested together, you can use these tables to display three plants in descending sizes, or you can separate them and spread them out to act more like pedestals.

If you have one of those needy plants that requires a grow light, this end table has a built-in outlet for easy electricity.

This 20-inch-tall end table has an all-metal construction and removable tray, making it super-easy to clean.

We’re very into Japanese brand Yamazaki Home’s wall ladder, and this end table has that same clean design. Unlike most of the options on the list, this one is long and narrow — 17 inches by 7 inches — so it’s probably best for a row of small pots or maybe a single orchid. You could use the bottom shelf to store supplies.

Although it’s a bit bigger than an end table, a console table like this will provide tons of space for your collection of succulents. Each of the four shelves is nearly a foot deep, so there is plenty of room for plants of all sizes. Anything with some height will have to go on top, but between the shelves you still get nearly a foot of vertical space. And don’t worry about how heavy that monstera is, because each shelf can hold 51 pounds.

Storage units that could be plant stands

For a really uniform look, place one plant in the middle of each cubby for a clean and sophisticated display.

With strictly function in mind, this metal shelving unit has a lot to offer. It has five shelves, each of which can hold 200 pounds. The entire unit is 72 inches tall, but the space between the shelves is adjustable, so you can make it work for a variety of plants. And while it’s not a looker on its own, covered in lush greens it definitely won’t be an eyesore.

Shoe benches can make good plant stands. This one is designed to support a seated person, so it should be sturdy enough for even the heaviest pots. At 44.1 inches long and 17.7 inches high, it’s wide and low, so you could put a taller plant on the shorter shelf and a few medium-size plants along the top and still use the bottom shelves to store your shoes or other stuff.

If you don’t love the look of bamboo, this unit is a great alternative. The glass shelves look a little more sophisticated, and having four of them provides plenty of space for medium-size plants — along with books, candles, and other trinkets for an Instagram-worthy display.

This industrial-chic bookshelf has a unique A-frame shape that will work well for a bunch of medium-size plants. If you don’t have enough pots to fill it at first, you can store extra soil or your watering can on the lower shelves.

This ladder shelf will save you a little floor space without requiring you to sacrifice any room for the plants.

More things that could be plant stands

A stack of books is always a cute place to put a plant, but if you don’t want to risk water damage to any first editions you might have, this set of fake books will fool everyone.

BAYKA Floating Shelves

When you run out of floor space or your windowsill is at full capacity, a hanging shelf is a great alternative. This set of three will make for an interesting greenscape on your new garden wall.

Flip these over and you have an effortless matching set of three natural-wood plant stands. The set includes large, medium, and small crates, so there’s something for every plant.

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39 Things to Put Plants on (Including Some Plant Stands)