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30 Nice-Looking Things to Put Plants On (Including Some Actual Plant Stands)

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Traditional plant stands seem to come in two styles: those mid-century-modern ones that stay low to the ground and fit just one big pot and the more bookshelf-style bamboo units with a few shelves that can hold a bunch of smaller plants. Both styles can be good-looking and super-functional, but they’re also a bit limiting. Thankfully, a plant stand can really be any object you can place a plant on, and one sweep of the internet will reveal that you can put plants on lots of things.

If you have a medium-size plant teetering off the edge of your windowsill, why not put it on top of a stool instead, or a bar cart, or floating shelves? If you’re a bit of a plant hoarder, with every square inch of floor and table surfaces covered, you can use rolling utility carts, shoe benches, or bookcases to better organize your collection. No matter what kind of “stand” you choose, though, you’ll want something that has an open design to let in light and that can support a decent amount of weight and hold up to the occasional water spill. Below, we rounded up some plant stands we like — along with some end tables, step stools, art-supply carts, wooden crates, and more things you can also definitely put plants on.

Actual plant stands

With a bottom shelf that’s only 12.6 inches square and progressively narrower middle and top shelves, this plant stand has a small footprint but can still hold a few medium-size plants. The top shelf would be great for a pothos or another hanging plant.

This style is everywhere for good reason. Mkono’s 12-inch wooden stand unfortunately does not come with the white pot shown here, but it will work with any pot that’s 10 to 12 inches in diameter. You can also flip the stand over to switch between two height options.

This three-tier foldable plant stand could easily fit a dozen small or medium-size plants. It’s 27.6 inches wide, with shelves that get progressively less deep. Plus its naturally water-resistant bamboo material would work well indoors or out.


Sometimes there’s only one corner that gets just the right amount of light. Or maybe a tight corner has the only floor space you can spare. Either way, this smartly designed plant stand lets you use your free corner space as plant storage. And with six shelves, all at different heights, you can experiment with various arrangements.


This is an equally dynamic shelf but it’s on wheels, which means you can easily move all your plants at the same time — whether it’s for better sunlight or to take them outside for a mess-free repotting day.

Pedestals that could be plant stands

A clear acrylic sculpture-display pedestal for a very special plant. It’s just shy of three feet tall and has a 12-inch-square footprint, so it won’t take up much space.

If you’re looking for a pop of color, this hand-painted perch is perfect for giving your plant that little oomph that it needs — and an extra boost (six inches) to put it up in the sun.

Utility carts that could be plant stands

Metal utility carts make great plant stands because they’re durable and the multiple shelves provide plenty of space. You could even hang a watering can or mister off the side with a hook. The attached wheels mean you can move the carts around for easy watering by the sink or to find the best light. The shelves on this model get slightly smaller as they go up, but each is roughly 16 inches by 11.5 inches, and hold 44 pounds each. Plus two of its wheels have locking casters, so it won’t roll away when you aren’t looking.

A similar idea but in a fun turquoise finish. The shelves on this cart are all the same size — 16 inches by 12 inches — and it has two locking wheels.

The adjustable shelves on this rolling cart will ensure that all of your plants get access to sunlight no matter which level they are on. You can also set it so that all three shelves are at the same height, so you don’t have to bend down to water them.

A great option for a less industrial look, this bar cart is stylish on its own but would look great with an eclectic mix of potted plants on top. It can hold 66 pounds’ worth of booze or greenery, and the wheels lock in place, so it won’t roll away.

Stools that could be plant stands

We’ve written about this set of bright, kid-and-adult-friendly stacking stools before. Beyond being great to have on hand for extra, easy-to-store seating, each stool (or all) would nicely double as a more unexpected plant stand.

If you’re into the stool-as-plant-stand thing but prefer a more minimalist aesthetic, here’s a set of simple wooden ones you can use the same way as those above.

A two-step stool like this is a great base for creating an interesting two-tiered display.

This step stool is ideal for that plant sitting in a heavy concrete planter. It may not look like it, but this little stool can support up to 350 pounds.