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Everything You Need to Trim Your Beard, According to Barbers and Grooming Experts

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The best beards are free of dirt, tidy, and conditioned and keeping them that way requires regular maintenance in between trips to the barber. Mike DeBroeck, head barber at Movember & Co. Barbershop says that monthly barber visits will help define your beard’s shape and direct the hair follicles to grow in the right direction. But at home DeBroeck suggests trimming your beard “every two weeks to keep the hair styled and looking healthy.” To keep your beard looking tip-top all the time, we talked to DeBroeck and seven other barbers and grooming experts about the best tools to keep in your beard-trimming toolbox.

Best Overall Beard Trimmer

Five of our eight beard experts recommended Wahl brand clippers and trimmers. Three of them — Roderic Hampton a barber at Miracles Barbershop in Brooklyn, Luca Blandi a stylist at Blandi Salon, and Laura Leverty owner of Paper Hair Salon in Minneapolis — recommended this beard trimmer because it’s professional-grade but the lack of a cord makes it easy to maneuver at home. Blandi told us the main thing to look for in a trimmer is that it comes with “at least four guards” so you can fade your beard into your sideburns and for “options of different lengths.”

Best Multiuse Beard Trimmer

Miles Wood Smith, a barber at Murdock London, also recommends a Wahl trimmer but says he prefers the Aqua Blade wet/dry trimmer which comes with a ton of accessories (including 12 guards) for many different uses and types of facial hair. “It cuts super close and is versatile for trimming, shaving, and refining edges, and causes minimal irritation in the process.” Wood Smith says the versatile Aqua Blade works for practically any facial hair need, including guys with full “lumberjack” style beards all the way to men looking to stylishly “maintain stubble.”