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What Kathryn Garcia Can’t Live Without

Photo: courtesy kathryn garcia

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked Kathryn Garcia — a Democratic candidate running to be New York City’s next mayor — about the cookbook, sunscreen, and ice-cube trays she can’t live without.

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My copy is stained because it has been on the counter too many times. As a kid, my mom and dad used it. Mine is not a hand-me-down — my mom was not giving me her Joy of Cooking. I love the recipe for seven-minute icing. It’s less sweet than buttercream and will keep a cake fresh: The icing acts like cement when you put it on. It’s sugar, cream of tartar, and egg whites. I cooked more often when my kids lived at home; they’re 25 and 22 now. These days, I do most cooking on the weekend. I prepare meals like soups or chilis and freeze them to have during the week.

I do have other water bottles, but this one keeps water super, super cold all day. I tried to fill it with coffee once, but the bottle kept it so hot that I burned myself. Mine has a sort of marbled look.

Photo: retailer

I use these to make skinny ice cubes to put in the S’well bottle because the mouth isn’t big enough for regular ice cubes. I prefer water with ice because I like it very chilly.