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What Linda Rodin Can’t Live Without

For our celebrity shopping feature this week, we spoke with skin-care founder Linda Rodin, whose new fragrance, Rodin 3 Eau de Toilette, is now available. When she agreed to a video tour of her Chelsea apartment, we knew we’d be arriving at the home of someone with extraordinary taste. We didn’t know just …how many tasteful things she’d accumulated. Here, a special edition — you might call it an extended cut — of all the things Linda Rodin can’t live without.

Lucite was really big in the ’70s, and that was really an inspiration for me. If you know our products, we use Lucite for our lipstick and lip balm. I love that it just disappears — you don’t see anything of the table but the stuff on it.

So many things around the apartment are John Derian — this big Indian cabinet I have in the kitchen, or this poodle plate I just bought (doesn’t it remind you of Winky?). I’ve just been going there for years, and I always manage to find something that I’ll love and want to bring back.

My fridge came from a store that no longer exists that used to be on 18th Street. It actually just sold refrigerators. They had all their stock outside; and one day I was walking outside, I saw the color of the fridge, and I said, “I want that one.”

I used to buy any candy that was funny, so I bought these gummy burgers. I’ve had candy teeth, hot dogs, everything.

This couch was a floor model I think. I just walked in and walked out with it. We call it the Blue Couch [editor’s note: The exact shade of blue can be customized in-store], and even did a series on it for Instagram. I like to come here in the afternoon when the light comes in and it’s really beautiful. My dog, Winky, has peed all over it, but it’s still super comfortable.

My friend Soraya Silchenstedt makes jewelry. She’s a very dear friend; I met her by accident in a ladies’ room at Pier 59. I said, “I love your necklace,” and that was it. That was probably ten years ago.

This is the latest and the greatest. It’s made by a company called Full Circle, and it’s so you don’t have to use Ziploc bags that you end up throwing out. You can wash these out, and they keep produce fresh. I sound like I’m on a TV commercial.

I got that bag because it’s the perfect size. It fits everything. You can shove it under the airplane seat in front of you and it’s fine, too. It’s good for newspapers and magazines, and your phone and toiletries. I use it when I travel.