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What Linda Rodin Can’t Live Without

For our celebrity shopping feature this week, we spoke with skin-care founder Linda Rodin, whose new fragrance, Rodin 3 Eau de Toilette, is now available. When she agreed to a video tour of her Chelsea apartment, we knew we’d be arriving at the home of someone with extraordinary taste. We didn’t know just …how many tasteful things she’d accumulated. Here, a special edition — you might call it an extended cut — of all the things Linda Rodin can’t live without.

Lucite was really big in the ’70s, and that was really an inspiration for me. If you know our products, we use Lucite for our lipstick and lip balm. I love that it just disappears — you don’t see anything of the table but the stuff on it.

So many things around the apartment are John Derian — this big Indian cabinet I have in the kitchen, or this poodle plate I just bought (doesn’t it remind you of Winky?). I’ve just been going there for years, and I always manage to find something that I’ll love and want to bring back.

My fridge came from a store that no longer exists that used to be on 18th Street. It actually just sold refrigerators. They had all their stock outside; and one day I was walking outside, I saw the color of the fridge, and I said, “I want that one.”

I used to buy any candy that was funny, so I bought these gummy burgers. I’ve had candy teeth, hot dogs, everything.

This couch was a floor model I think. I just walked in and walked out with it. We call it the Blue Couch [editor’s note: The exact shade of blue can be customized in-store], and even did a series on it for Instagram. I like to come here in the afternoon when the light comes in and it’s really beautiful. My dog, Winky, has peed all over it, but it’s still super comfortable.

My friend Soraya Silchenstedt makes jewelry. She’s a very dear friend; I met her by accident in a ladies’ room at Pier 59. I said, “I love your necklace,” and that was it. That was probably ten years ago.

This is the latest and the greatest. It’s made by a company called Full Circle, and it’s so you don’t have to use Ziploc bags that you end up throwing out. You can wash these out, and they keep produce fresh. I sound like I’m on a TV commercial.

I got that bag because it’s the perfect size. It fits everything. You can shove it under the airplane seat in front of you and it’s fine, too. It’s good for newspapers and magazines, and your phone and toiletries. I use it when I travel.

Another candy I’ve bought — I keep it in the fridge.

I take this for my skin, hair, and nails. Those are pretty much the only pills I take all day.

My oven doesn’t work very well, but I like to make toast, so I got myself this Breville. It’s a cute one.

I feel very comfortable in these pants, though they wrinkle easily. I have an affinity for plants and flowers, if you can’t tell.

I discovered these at Il Buco Alimentari, which I just love; they have almost everything I want. These are crackers, but they’re like cake somehow. They’re savory and sweet at the same time. They have a mealy texture to them. I eat them plain — no jam or anything.

I have a bunch of cheapo flip flops that I wear when I get back from having a manicure because I like to walk home with my toes free. You don’t want to ruin your toenails.

The magic honey, I call it. It’s from New Zealand — I was there this past summer, but I’ve been eating it for years. It’s very, very expensive and is basically medicine. I put it on a spoon and just swallow it. It’s very good.

I had a really bad back for a while, and I was seeing a doctor who told me what bed to buy, and she was completely right. It’s made all the difference.

I hate to say it, but I love to say it — all I use are my own products. So I have the face oil, body oil, hair oil, a cleanser, lipstick, and perfume. We have a new perfume launching at Barneys that I’m very excited about right now. I’m proud of it.

They make great tape now! There’s really such beautiful tape out there. I get it from gift shops and random places. If I see it, I’ll buy it.

I take a bath every night and Winky sits by my side. Sometimes, he throws his dirty toys in — which is not good — and he just lets me relax, so I really just stare into space. I think taking a bath is the most relaxing, and for me, necessary. I don’t like to shower. I got this bath brush [editor’s note: Rodin’s exact brush is unavailable Stateside] at Tokyu Hands and use it every day. It’s a real rub-a-dub-dub situation.

These flower pillows are on my bed and on the sofa in my living room — again, I like flowers, and these are a nice way of incorporating them into the décor. I have them in blue and red, too.

Winky, my poodle, eats Royal Canin potato-venison dog food. He actually eats both the dry and the wet. He has a finicky little stomach, and this is what agrees with him.

Lindt Chocolate Bunny

I have a bunny collection. It’s not really even a collection because I’m not working that hard at completing it — it’s just stuff I find. These come out every Easter, and I think they’re cute. I never eat them.


It wakes me up and is simple. I keep one next to my bed and in the bathroom, too. I must have bought them for nothing at some store around the corner.

I’m not a big candle person, but I’ll use my own and this one from D.S. & Durga (they make my perfumes, too). It’s fresh and heavenly. I keep it in my bedroom.

I do have a watch occasionally. I’ll always bring my Timex with me on a plane, so I know what time it is — I like to keep it in my pocket. I don’t really wear it. It’s like a pocket watch to me. I have an Hermès and other nicer watches, but I don’t bring those along because I’d be too upset if anything happened to them.

I buy lots and lots of things from Westwind Orchard. They have the best organic eggs — I’m an egg addict— and the most divine raspberry chocolate. I love this raw honey so much, and they make great jams, too.

They’re French, plastic tortoise pins that really grip your hair. They’re long enough to keep my hair up (I have it up all the time), and really work for getting it to stay up.

Jack started the Actors Studio in Los Angeles and was an acting coach for James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, and he was doing a seminar that I went to. Now, we’re dear friends. It’s actually a brilliant book whether you’re acting or not because you get the history of his life, which is fascinating.

I wear sneakers most of the time. I’m never really in heels. They have to be flats.

I don’t like towels that are too plush. I don’t think they dry as well as something thinner. I have a few that I bought at the Dress Shoppe in the East Village, and I also like these I get from Bed Bath & Beyond.

This is what I was wearing when you guys visited. It fits perfectly — you wouldn’t know what brand it is just by looking at it. Nice basics at that store.

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What Linda Rodin Can’t Live Without