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These Diapers From Target Are a Coterie Dupe

Photo: Retailer

Between my 3.5-year-old and almost-6-month-old boys, I’ve tried a lot of diapers. With my older son, Augie, Pampers Pure was my go-to because I wanted something that was reliable; free of chlorine, parabens, latex, and scent, with a non-cheesy design; and available everywhere.

Then, when Augie was about 1.5 years old and on the cusp of beginning potty training, I was offered a sample of Coterie diapers and promptly fell in love with them. As I’ve written, they were incredibly plush and soft to the touch — as soft as cashmere, which, incidentally, is what the brand was after when designing the diaper. They also looked quite elevated for something meant to catch pee and poop: an all-white design with only a tasteful logo and wetness indicator, plus oversize leg-opening frills that make your kid look straight out of a vintage ad. And most important, they kept the baby dry and comfortable.

A side by side, with Millie Moon on the left and Coterie on the right. Photo: Lauren Ro

But they were expensive. Ridiculously so. I couldn’t justify spending $100 on a one-month supply of Coterie when Pampers Pure cost half that — and Pure is the priciest option the brand has. I could only bring myself to spend my own money on one more box.

In preparing for the arrival of my second child, Solomon, this spring, I was back to thinking about diapers. Enter Millie Moon. When I was pregnant, a very discerning friend texted me about the brand. “They’re the best cheap diapers by far,” she wrote. “They’re so padded, like luxury diapers.” And she had tried Coterie, too. Naturally, I had to buy some.

First, they’re actually cheap. Depending on the size and quantity, each diaper costs between $0.23 and $0.27. For comparison, Pampers Pure costs between $0.34 and $0.40 for the smaller sizes (newborn-to-3), Pampers Swaddlers (the cheaper line) between $0.27 and $0.33, Honest about $0.37, and Coterie the most expensive at $0.51 per diaper.

Millie Moons are soft, thick, and just feel really nice, as if they’re actually made of fabric — just like Coterie but for half the price. They’re supposedly made of an “enhanced fiber blend” with a “high-GSM” top sheet (GSM stands for grams of fabric per square meter and measures absorbency), but all I know is that they are fluffy and cloudlike to the touch. And, of course, super-absorbent as well, keeping baby dry overnight, too. The diapers are designed with a higher waistband and meant to fit more snugly than other brands, but I honestly can’t say I’ve noticed a difference. (We still get frequent up-the-back blowouts, but I don’t blame the diapers for that.) I also appreciate how sweet the branding is, with a muted pattern of owls (that’s Millie Moon), butterflies, and florals that a mom-fluencer type wouldn’t mind posting. (We did a 5-month photo shoot of Solomon in just his Millies and put them on my Instagram Story.)

They’re also pH balanced; Oeko-Tex certified (which means they’ve been tested for harmful chemicals); free of fragrance, lotions, and latex; dermatologist approved; and sustainably sourced, all of which is common with more premium brands, which makes their affordability that much more impressive. When I put a pair of Coterie and Millie Moon side by side and open them up, I can barely see or feel the difference between them. They both have a cushiony, quiltlike core that looks more or less identical. As much as I love Coterie, I have to say that Millie Moon gives its diapers a run for their much higher price. Plus, many premium brands only sell through their websites, often on a subscription basis, an extra step that I can’t be bothered to take. Millie Moon is available at Target exclusively, which makes them so much easier to pick up as I’m grabbing a tub of Vanicream and Augie’s nighttime pull-ups.

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These Diapers From Target Are a Coterie Dupe