mother's day 2019

38 Nice-Smelling Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms With Discerning Noses

Photo: Courtesy of the retailers

You could consider it going the extra mile to gift something that’s useful and awakens the senses, so if you haven’t already picked up a Mother’s Day gift, might we suggest a few things that smell wonderful, many of which we’ve touted on the site before. Note: We’ve actually smelled these things with our own noses and can vouch for their lovely odors.

If your mom’s looking for a new signature scent, you might want to treat her to this rose-scented perfume that Strategist beauty writer Rio Viera-Newton says is “classic without smelling old lady–ish, and always makes me feel fresh and elegant.” And it’s not too much for sensitive noses.

For on-the-go moms, this solid perfume is totally shatterproof and, according to writer Kaitlin Phillips, rubbing a little on your wrist in public “is as innocuous as quickly applying hand lotion.”

As a stressed-out new mom, this aromatherapy stick was the only thing that helped writer Sara Gaynes Levy get some sleep. She calls it “Ambien without the side effects.”

Make sure you let mom know this woodsy-smelling incense has “reached ubiquitous-in-Brooklyn status,” according to Strategist associate editor Katy Schneider.

For the mom who’s all about keeping her home fresh, gift this all-natural cleaning spray beloved by Claire Mazur, co-founder of Of a Kind. It “just smells phenomenal,” she says. “It’s got this citrus scent because of the neroli, and it doesn’t even smell like a cleaner.”

And for the mom who loves to cook, try this plant-derived soap with coconut extract and vitamin E that the staff at Bowery Kitchen Supplies say they “can’t keep it in stock,” because it smells so good.

If mom’s style icon is Linda Rodin, she’ll be thrilled to know that Rodin keeps this candle in her bedroom and calls it “fresh and heavenly.”

Hippie moms will appreciate this earthy candle that actress Abby Elliott says “doesn’t necessarily smell like pot, but it’s nice and smoky.”

Another one of Elliott’s picks, this “perfect floral” scent feels just right for spring.

Carole Radziwill loves these long-lasting, “fresh laundry”–smelling candles. “You wake up and smell it, and think, It’s going to be a good day,” she says.

Make sure mom’s ahead of the trends with these candles that “smell really good in unassuming ways,” and are our pick for the next status candles.

We’re also fans of these all-natural candles with “scent profiles [that] are more evocative of experiences than of objects,” like “Wood Cabin” or “Hot Springs.”

These exfoliating sugar cubes have made a fan of the Into the Gloss’ Ashley Weatherford because “they leave skin soft and smooth without depositing an oily residue, and come in a range of fruity scents,” though she prefers this muted, nutty coconut one.

This velvety body cream — made from candlenuts found in Bali — was praised by Kathleen Hou as “one of the best-smelling body lotions, period,” if you want to smell like a tropical combination of “powdered vanilla pudding, coconut, and white tropical flowers in the humid sun.”

We have this Apa Lip Loofah and can tell you that it is the answer to messy sugar-lip scrubs. It goes on smooth and light without littering chunky granules all over your lips, and has a delicious, sweet almond smell that’s not too cloying.

An indulgently smooth and rich mask that smells like a chocolate soufflé o