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What Tailor Rich Fresh Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Getty

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked celebrity tailor Rich Fresh about the nice-fitting boxer briefs, hard-to-find peanuts, and glow-inducing moisturizer he can’t live without.

I checked Uniqlo out on a whim. They have the coolest basics. The quality is really nice. The T-shirts fit well, the underwear fit great. It’s also really simple, it didn’t have branding all over it. I’m really committed to wearing my brand so I don’t like wearing other people’s brands. I don’t want Calvin Klein all in my underwear so this is my go-to. I like the black ones. I know the fit is going to be good and the quality is going to be consistent. I can pair it with my RichFresh pieces and it works perfectly.

I don’t like toothpaste with fluoride in it, and this doesn’t have any of that. I’d used Dr. Bronner’s soap before, so I know the ingredients are solid and figured I’d try the toothpaste. It’s great. I hate cinnamon-flavored anything but the toothpaste is so good, it’s my favorite. It makes your teeth feel real clean. And shiny, too.

My go-to snack is always peanuts. I’m a peanut fanatic. I’d stopped to get peanuts one day and noticed Beer Nuts. I had never seen it before, but it looked interesting. They were so good, it blew my mind. After that, whenever I see them I just buy all the inventory. The other day I bought six bags.

My girlfriend put me on to this moisturizer. I’m a packaging person and I liked how cute the container is. It’s a certain shade of blue, and when she pushed down on it lotion would come out the top. She convinced me to put it on my face one day, and it felt great. I was like, “Shit!” I was hooked. I’ve been using it for three months, and my skin is glowing.

I only drink water. I stopped drinking alcohol four years ago. I really wanted to commit to get healthy. I’m vegan, I drink water all day, and I smoke a lot of weed. I’m big on alkaline water. Mountain Valley makes a really great water. I like their still water but their sparkling water is amazing. It’s crisp and they have really great flavors. The blackberry-pomegranate is by far my favorite. I probably drink six bottles a day.

I’ve got a collection of funky shades. I travel a lot, and wherever I travel I try to get some type of trucker hat, sunglasses, and a ring or necklace. I have really crazy ones I wear once or twice a year, but the ones I go to all the time are my Garrett Leights. I had a client that worked for the brand and I saw them one day and said I had to have them. They’re so clean and simple but I feel like they elevate all my outfits. Most importantly, they make me look effortlessly cool.

I’m a trucker-hat guy. I’m from Memphis, and we’re country. Ed Hardy was a big thing at one point. It hit Memphis like a storm. I loved those hats and thought they were so cool. You could pair this cool trucker hat with a button down and some jeans, and it became a conversation piece. I came across a trucker hat and I threw it on with my suit and it took me back to a place of ultrafree creativity. The trucker hat gave it a cool, Skateboard P vibe. So then I just started collecting trucker hats wherever I go. I like these because I love the brand’s use of color. They’re some of my favorites.

I only wear my clothes, I don’t wear any other designer because I think my clothes are the best. The tracksuits are so comfortable. It’s made out of a neoprene fabric that moves with you. I’m moving a lot and sitting a lot, and I hate having to pull on myself or being uncomfortable. It’s almost like wearing pajamas all day but they look so structured and tailored. It’s my everyday wear. Four out of six days a week I’m wearing a tracksuit.

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What Tailor Rich Fresh Can’t Live Without