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What Tabitha Simmons Can’t Live Without

Photo: Tabitha Simmons

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the hand sanitizer and the electric toothbrush. We asked London-based shoe designer Tabitha Simmons about the sunglasses, perfume, and foundation she can’t live without.

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The first time I used this was with my son for when he got out of the bath. And then with my daughter, who has really sensitive skin. It doesn’t break her out or give her baby rashes or anything like that. It’s also good for adults. I’ll apply it after the shower, or if I’ve been in the sun a bit and my skin’s dry. The smell is quite unique, it’s a bit honey-esque. It’s just really good and has been around for years. My son is now 15 and my daughter is 1, so it’s stood the test of time.

I tend to break out, but I love how this product almost tightens your skin. It just gives skin a really good even smoothness to it. I traveled a lot over the summer, and would put it on on the plane, and then put it on again just as I was about to get off. It’s my new favorite product.

I discovered these in a ski store a couple years ago — I had never heard of the brand. I just got another pair because I tend to lose sunglasses all the time. But with these, I’m like, I am not losing these because they just look great! I like the lens because it’s slightly graduated, and they have a little cat-eye — I really like that shape on my face. And they’re not too dark, so you can still see when it’s a bit overcast out.

I stick one of these in the bottom of my bag because some of the paper straws tend to fall apart when they’re in a drink. Then when I get a coffee, I’ll try not to use a plastic cup; I’ve just been more conscious of that. About six months ago, I watched a documentary called War on Plastic about a street in England and how much single-use plastic there was from each household. Then they multiplied it by what was going on in the UK. It made me really think about how I could make small changes, and how if everyone makes small changes it makes a big difference.

I have them in many different styles — I have brass, I have big ones, I have little ones, I have thick ones. They’ve just been a real staple. They’re a good weight, they don’t hurt my ears, and they’re a sort of all-year-round jewelry. During the day I might wear the much smaller ones, and then I go with the bigger ones at night.

I use this generally after a very, very stressful day at the office, or if I’m jet-lagged. It’s a great way to wind down. It smells quite herbal, and it just makes your skin feel really nice afterward. I discovered it in the Goop store in Brentwood, and I’ve used it ever since. I’ll put in about two or three scoops, and that pack lasts about a month or so, depending on how stressed I am.

I can’t live without a jean, but I’ve been wearing skinny jeans for the longest time. I just had this moment of really wanting to change it up — so I’m getting into this high-waisted, longer length, really dark denim. I’ve just been in that frayed-jean, ripped-jean look for so many years.

Photo: Retailer

I love Aerin scents, I just think they are so feminine. I’ve switched between her Rose Collection and her Private Collection. Rose is my favorite, it’s such a great fresh smell. This is the one I wear most of the time.

I found this on set. The makeup artist at the time said, you should try this, and I absolutely loved it and started buying it. I’m generally a person who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, and this gives you a very even surface without feeling like you have a ton of makeup on. It doesn’t go into creases or look heavy.

Photo: Retailer

I have a very busy life — I have three children, I run my own shoe brand, and I do styling at the same time — and so I wanted a flat that you could wear for 12 hours a day, that looks good with everything, and is really comfortable. I’ve stood for hours and hours and hours in the them, I’ve walked around cities in them, I’ve got on and off planes in them. They’re also timeless. It’s not like it’s going to go out of fashion next season.

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What Designer Tabitha Simmons Can’t Live Without