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The 7 Very Best Bikini Trimmers

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Removing hair from your bikini line can be painful and inconvenient, but it doesn’t have to be — trimming provides a gentler option than waxing and doesn’t involve the nicks, bumps, and redness commonly associated with shaving. “Some women experience irritation from a razor that can lead to blemishes or discomfort in their bikini area,” says Katelyn Liston, associate scientist for Gillette Venus. “Trimming does not cut hair below the skin’s surface, helping you to avoid ingrown hairs; using a comb attachment with a trimmer can prevent the blades from touching the skin altogether.”

So whether you’re looking to do some light landscaping or a complete overhaul around your nether regions, you’ll need the right tool. To help you find the right trimmer, we consulted a panel of experts, including dermatologists and a lifelong surfer.

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What we’re looking for

Waterproof: Trimming the bikini area requires adequate prep, as the hair there is typically thicker and curlier, says Dr. Sheila Farhang, a board-certified dermatologist at Avant Dermatology and Aesthetics. For this reason, board-certified dermatologist Tiffany Clay recommends using a trimmer post-shower when “the skin is softer and easier to trim without nicks,” she says. “I also suggest using a mirror so you don’t accidentally cut your skin.” Below, we’ve noted whether each tool is waterproof.

Power Source: Some trimmers require cords, while others run on batteries — personal preference is key here. A battery-powered option is great for those on the move, while a rechargeable option means you don’t have to track down a pair of AAs.

Blades: Dr. Susan Binder, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Binder Dermatology, emphasizes the importance of using a “sharp, good-quality blade” that won’t tug or irritate your skin. Blade length also matters — with an adjustable trimmer or multiple trimmer heads, you can cut the hair in a variety of lengths to your liking. Meanwhile, a fixed trimmer means there’s only one length option. We’ve noted the blade type of each trimmer.

Best overall bikini trimmer

Waterproof | Battery-Powered | Fixed Trimmer 

This was one of the most recommended trimmers of the bunch, with four of our experts including it on their lists. “It’s designed to tackle even the thickest hair, and the fins on the sides protect the skin from nicks,” says Dr. Hadley King, a board-certified dermatologist and clinical instructor of dermatology at Cornell University. “The trimming comb is a few millimeters from the skin, which helps further protect from irritation and cuts,” Dr. Fahrang says. Both Dr. King and Dr. Geeta Yadav, board-certified dermatologist and founder of FACET Dermatology, note the retractable head for easy cleaning.

Whittney Anela Soares, a certified personal trainer and lifelong surfer based in Hawaii, swears by this trimmer to keep her bottom half bikini-ready. Her preferred method of hair removal is sugaring, but she likes to use this as a gentler hair-removal method when she has a few strays.

Best (less-expensive) bikini trimmer

Not Waterproof | Battery-Powered | Adjustable Trimmer 

During the beginning of the pandemic, TikTok influenced me to purchase a number of unexpected beauty products, and this viral and affordable tool is one of the few items I don’t regret. After seeing TikTok user @diamondk247’s video on this $10 bikini trimmer, I was sold. When used without guards, this trimmer gives a smooth finish, and it doesn’t tug on strands. And even though waxing appointments are back, I still use this palm-size device to extend the time between salon visits. The only downsides are that this tool isn’t waterproof and the motor hums like a mini–lawn mower when on.

Best razor and trimmer in one

Waterproof | Battery-Powered | Adjustable Trimmer 

This option delivers the benefits of a trimmer and a razor in one convenient tool. Dr. Karan Lal, a board-certified and fellowship-trained pediatric dermatologist, likes this because it delivers a smooth result. Thanks to the dual-ended design, you can choose between the trimmer, which clips hair above the skin’s surface for a convenient buzz cut, and the razor side for when you want to shave any areas. Dr. Jamie DeRosa, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and founder and lead facial plastic surgeon of DeRosa Center Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Boston and Palm Beach, also appreciates that you don’t have to spend time swapping out heads. Instead, you just flip the tool over to the side you want to use.

With more than 4,000 positive reviews on Amazon, this waterproof multitasker is also a user favorite. In a previous version of this story, reviewers praised it for its safety features that “do a very detailed job without injuries.” One buyer who works as a lifeguard even said they rely on it every summer, while another highlighted the silky strip across the razor that helps prevent cuts and bumps.

Best bikini trimmer for travel

Waterproof | Battery-Powered | Fixed Trimmer 

Many trimmers have bulky designs that take up precious space in your luggage. That’s why Dr. Tiffany Libby, a board-certified dermatologist and MOHS surgeon and assistant professor of dermatology at Brown, loves this travel-friendly pick’s compact design (it has the thinnest profile on this list). “It doesn’t even need to be charged, which makes it great for stashing in your beauty bag,” Dr. Libby adds.

I gave this tool a try on a recent weekend trip. Not only did it fit neatly alongside my skin-care products, but it also cleaned up my bikini line without any tugging. Also, it comes with a tiny brush to swipe away any stray clippings.

Best bikini trimmer for a close shave

Water-Resistant | Battery-Powered | Adjustable Trimmer 

Yes, this trimmer comes with a hefty price tag, but all the features make it worth the cost. It includes four shaving lengths, a standout characteristic for Dr. Yadav, so you can customize how you want your bikini line to look. And much like the Schick Hydro Silk, this tool offers you both a shave and a trim — but with multiple length options.

Dr. DeRosa is a fan of the entire Fur line for all things bikini care, but the trimmer sticks out to her for its rounded blades that gently cut hair without snipping the skin and the LED light that makes it easy to see your handiwork. The convenient stand also means you can keep it on your sink top instead of stashing away after each use.

Best bikini trimmer for touch-ups

Waterproof | Battery-Powered | Adjustable Trimmer

Dr. DeRosa loves this tool for its hypoallergenic stainless-steel blades and the five length options, while Dr. Yadav appreciates the travel-friendly design and cord-free capability on top of the super-precise angled tip that “simplifies the trimming process.” For Dr. Libby, the gentle-yet-powerful blades are the real star. Unlike many other options on this list, this trimmer has an angled head that helps you achieve a close and more precise finish, even in hard-to-reach areas, she says.

Best bikini trimmer for a dry shave

Waterproof | Rechargeable | Adjustable Trimmer 

Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing option on our list, this tool earned a spot on our list for more than looks. Though dry shaving is not usually the best idea, it’s sometimes necessary, like when you’re pressed for time or don’t have access to your own bathroom. For those moments, Dr. Clay recommends looking for a trimmer with a detachable guard so you have an extra layer of protection while clipping. In addition, it’s cordless and waterproof, like the Panasonic and Philips above. Dr. DeRosa also notes the extra-long battery life (up to five hours), so you can count on it to last.

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Our experts

• Dr. Tiffany Clay, board-certified dermatologist
• Dr. Jamie DeRosa, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and founder and lead facial plastic surgeon of DeRosa Center Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Boston and Palm Beach
• Dr. Sheila Farhang, board-certified dermatologist at Avant Dermatology and Aesthetics
• Dr. Hadley King, board-certified dermatologist
• Dr. Karan Lal, board-certified and fellowship-trained pediatric dermatologist
• Dr. Tiffany Libby, board-certified dermatologist and MOHS surgeon and assistant professor of dermatology at Brown
• Katelyn Liston, associate scientist for Gillette Venus
• Whittney Anela Soares, certified personal trainer and surfer
• Dr. Geeta Yadav, board-certified dermatologist and founder of FACET Dermatology

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The 7 Very Best Bikini Trimmers