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The 7 Very Best Bikini Trimmers

Photo: The Strategist

Removing hair from your bikini line can be painful and inconvenient, but it doesn’t have to be — trimming provides a gentler option than waxing and doesn’t involve the nicks, bumps, and redness commonly associated with shaving. “Some women experience irritation from a razor that can lead to blemishes or discomfort in their bikini area,” says Katelyn Liston, associate scientist for Gillette Venus. “Trimming does not cut hair below the skin’s surface, helping you to avoid ingrown hairs; using a comb attachment with a trimmer can prevent the blades from touching the skin altogether.”

So whether you’re looking to do some light landscaping or a complete overhaul around your nether regions, you’ll need the right tool. To help you find the right trimmer, we consulted a panel of experts, including dermatologists and a lifelong surfer.