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The Very Best Skin-Care Products

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No matter what your beauty or makeup routine, a good skin-care routine is the foundation you want to be working with. Whether you’re looking for smooth heels, a poreless T-zone, or remedies for your under-eye circles, we’ve compiled the best skin-care products the Strategist has ever highlighted in one convenient spot.

The Best Skin-Care Products for Glowing Skin

Rio Viera-Newton is not a professional skin expert, but she is admittedly crazy about what she puts on her face. What began as a culty Google doc is now one of the Strategist’s most popular stories containing the 16 products she uses to get glowy skin.

The Best French-Drugstore Beauty Products

It’s well-known by now that some of the best skin-care and beauty products come from French pharmacies, and now you don’t even have to book a flight (or plead with a traveling friend) to get your hands on some. We rounded up the best drugstore products from France right here.

The Best Korean Beauty Products

If you’re looking to get started on Korean beauty, this is the place — Cut beauty director Kathleen Hou compiled the most popular K-beauty products endorsed by models, makeup artists, and Reddit and put them all in one shoppable place.

The Best Japanese Beauty Products

Japanese skin care is another booming industry, and Hou spoke with makeup artists to get the lowdown on the top beauty and skin-care products from Japan to buy for flawless skin.

The Best Thai-Drugstore Beauty Products

Writer Ashlea Halpern moved to Bangkok months ago and discovered an entire new world of Thai-drugstore products that have transformed her skin, from blacker-than-black mascara to cooling powder for muggy days.

The Best Skin-Care Products According to Redditors

Writer Sara Spruch-Feiner dove into the archives of Reddit’s Skincare Addiction Sub and came back with five of these skin-care obsessives’ most-discussed favorite products.

The Best Eye Products for Puffiness and Dark Circles

Viera-Newton and her family members all seem to suffer from the same affliction: dark circles and puffy under-eyes. Tasked with a mission to find the best remedies, she went and found the 14 best eye products for under-eye bags and dark circles.

The Best Face Masks

Viera-Newton is also a fan of face masks, which help nourish the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation. These are the 13 she keeps in her medicine cabinet at all times.