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We Turned Rio Viera-Newton’s Low(ish)-Maintenance Winter Hydration Routine Into a Buyable Bundle

Best Eye Patches Skyn Iceland
I may have found my new favorite eye patches. Photo: Courtesy of Rio Viera-Newton

This season, we’ve teamed up with Dermstore to put together a winter skin-care collection, enlisting the help of (crazy) resident beauty writer Rio Viera-Newton. Here, she’s selected just her most essential cold-weather skin-care products: the best eye stuff, serum, and moisturizer to revitalize and nourish dull skin. Read her review of her three favorites below, and head to Dermstore to get the $118 bundle for the beauty fiend in your life.

Keeping your skin nice and hydrated throughout the winter can certainly be a challenge — especially when your skin is as dry and sensitive as mine. If you know anything about me, you know that my winter routine can include a baker’s dozen of steps, but sometimes you don’t have the time! The most important thing you can do to combat cold-inflicted irritation, flakiness, and redness is carve out time each morning and evening to do something (and, of course, drink a lot of water), so to help you face the cold even if you’re rushing out the door, I’ve put together a three-fer of my favorite products, all of which provide the moisture, vitamins, and soothing properties your skin is begging for during winter months. Note: When you buy the bundle, you get 20 percent off, but not if you get the products individually!

Buy ‘em all at once, and they’ll arrive in their own giftable, 20-percent-off bundle.

Editor’s Note: While the bundle is now sold out, you can still buy the products separately down below.

For a girl who’s tried a whole lot of eye treatments, it means a lot when I say I’m really, really into these eye patches. Since the consistency of most eye patches, including my beloved Gold Snail patches, is this kind of slippery gelatin, they tend to slide around, and I find myself having to readjust them every few minutes. However, these patches from Skyn Iceland are more of a stickerlike texture. So when you put them on, they stay put. I didn’t realize just how frustrated I was before until I tried this guys out. It’s seriously changed the game for me — instead of having to do the mannequin challenge every time I put on eye patches so that they don’t move around, I can now roam free in my apartment. The patches also have a cooling effect — meaning that they feel chilled without even having to put them in the fridge. These are amazing for mornings after drinking, flights, or days when you need a little boost of energy.

Photo: Greg Marino/©2015 Greg Marino, all rights reserved

I’m a huge fan of First Aid Beauty, especially because they make products especially for super-dry and eczema-prone skin. I love this serum for days when my skin feels particularly flaky and itchy — all too common during these winter months. This essentially acts as a shot of hydration, giving your skin a nice boost of moisture on days when just your moisturizer isn’t enough. I like to use this in the mornings so that my skin feels prepared to withstand the weather.

You guys know I’m addicted to the Tatcha Recovery Cream, but it is, admittedly, very thick. On days when I don’t want to look super shiny, I sub in the Tula Day and Night Cream. It absorbs super quickly and makes your skin look nice and quenched without appearing greasy. I’m personally skeptical of trying out new moisturizers because I have a history of them breaking me out — but this one didn’t! It’s actually really nice, effective but light, and doesn’t clog my pores. On days when I want to amp up the intensity of it, I throw in a shot of the Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum, mixing it together in my hands, then massaging it into my skin.

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We Bundled Rio Viera-Newton’s Low(ish)-Maintenance Routine