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I Gave the Cultish Summer Fridays ‘Jet Lag Mask’ a Whirl

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask — The Strategist reviews it
The mask in question. Photo: Rio Viera-Newton

If you’re even remotely tapped into the beauty industry, chances are you’ve seen or heard of the Jet Leg Mask, the inaugural product from Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gore’s new brand Summer Fridays. It only just launched in March, but this product has endorsements from practically everyone, from hair stylist and Ouai founder Jen Atkin to Kim Kardashian West, who posted on Instagram about how she used this mask to prep her skin for her KKW x Mario launch party. By now, I can’t go anywhere without someone telling me I simply have to get it. The obedient beauty consumer that I am, it didn’t take me long to indulge.

So what exactly does this mask do? Apparently, it’s packed with vitamins, ceramides, and antioxidants that smooth out uneven skin texture, brighten your overall complexion, hydrate, and exfoliate with a whisper-light touch. It’s also a leave-on mask — meaning you needn’t wash it off unless you want to (the directions recommend leaving it on for at least ten minutes). People are especially excited because it’s relatively unnoticeable once applied, making it the perfect travel mask for anyone who doesn’t want to scare fellow passengers on a plane with their sheet mask (not an issue I personally have, but one I can understand). The mask can also be used as a primer, meaning you can rub it into your skin, leave it for a bit, then begin applying your makeup.

The first time I used the mask, I mistakenly used it with a couple of other products I’d never tried before. I woke up the next morning with a spot and could not, for the life of me, figure out which product had done the damage. After that, the Jet Lag Mask sat untouched on my bathroom sink until I decided that it was my professional duty to figure out if it was the culprit, or if it was as great as everyone says. The second time, I was more careful: I applied it right after I washed my face with my (gentle) cleanser, but by itself, without any of my regular serums, exfoliants, or essences. I slept. The next morning, I finally understood the hype. My skin was very hydrated, plump, and as they say, “dewy.” My skin had been extremely dry the day before, and my moisture levels felt bumped up quite a bit. And, thankfully, there were no breakouts.

I saw the mask’s true strength, though, after I applied my makeup. The morning after I slept in the mask, my tinted moisturizer glided onto my skin, and even after the pigment of the foundation set in, my skin continued to glow. It was as if I had used an ultra-illuminating primer or doused my skin in highlighter. I’ve since found that this is particularly effective for underneath my eyes, and now use it to hydrate and prime for under-eye concealer every other day. I like to mix some highlighter into my under-eye concealers, for extra-dark-circle days, but this mask achieves that same effect.

As for the caveats, since the perfect product does not exist: I probably wouldn’t use this mask when I’m dealing with serious breakouts or redness. For that, I would gravitate toward my complexion-buster Masque Vivant or a snail sheet mask. In terms of brightening and texture, I wouldn’t say it did insane things for my hyperpigmentation and roughness. But for a big night out, days where your skin feels dry and lifeless, or when your under eyes are telling everyone how late you stayed up, this is the perfect skin-quenching and radiance-boosting mask. I will also definitely pack this mask in my in-flight beauty kit — even if I don’t care about terrifying my seatmates.

My original hesitation with trying sleeping packs came from my anxiety over breakouts — sometimes deep-penetrating hydration treatments trigger spots. The thing I love the most about Cosrx is that its products specifically target acne-prone skin, so I can almost guarantee their stuff won’t make me break out. This sleeping pack is best suited for people with dry and blemish-prone skin, as it contains “skin enhancing nutrients” for parched skin, as well as bee propolis, which promises to get rid of “deep seeded dirt and bacteria.” This is really incredible for texture.

Hydrating masks often leave you with a sticky, dewy look, but when I woke up the morning after trying this one, I was floored by my soft, smooth, and velvety complexion. This is the mask to do the night before a big event.

Snail, snail, snail. Blah, blah, blah. You guys know the drill. Another amazing sleeping pack for moisturizing, cell renewal, and retexturization.

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I Gave the Cultish Summer Fridays ‘Jet Lag Mask’ a Whirl