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What Lenny Kravitz Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We spoke with Lenny Kravitz — who recently partnered with oral-wellness company Twice — about his “grounding” incense set, the beard trimmer he’s used since junior high, and the soap he uses on his dog and himself.

I’m really simple when it comes to body products. I like natural ingredients. For me, it’s like if I can’t eat it, I don’t want to rub it on my skin. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer, but I use it for so many things. I cook with it and use it for oil pulling in the mornings (I swish it in my mouth for 15 minutes and spit it out). It’s just clean, versatile, and simple.

If I have my coconut oil and this on me, then I’m good. I can go anywhere. I can go into the jungle or into the city. It doesn’t matter if I have those two things. I use this to wash my body, my clothes, and my dog who travels with me. You could even put a little bit of it on your finger and wash your mouth out. I love the almond scent. All of Dr. Bronner’s scents smell good, but this is by far my favorite.

My skin is too sensitive to shave with a razor, but this has never irritated me. It keeps my facial hair together. It’s been my trimmer since junior high, and I’ve become a surgeon with these things. I can shave with them and look like I got a real close shave like I used a razor. But I don’t go clean too often. Usually I’ll put on one of the guards to keep a bit of hair on my face.

From $99

I got introduced to this from a friend who came out to the Bahamas during Christmas. Now, I take it almost every day before training. It gives me energy before my bike rides or weight training and makes me feel good for the rest of the day. It tastes earthy but pleasant. It’s nice getting those vitamins and minerals in abundance that you can’t always get from just food. And it’s really easy to carry. It comes in these little single-use packets that don’t have to be refrigerated.

I like to get my cardio in every day. Jumping rope burns a lot of calories and fat, if you know how to jump efficiently, and it’s convenient. I just find that little bit of space and jump for 30 minutes. It has the same effect as meditation. It clears my head, allowing me to come up with creative ideas and music. It keeps me open. I carry this jump rope in my bag because it’s light and has a nice swivel on the handle.

I don’t always have access to a gym. With my jump rope and two 15-pound dumbbells, I can do everything I need. I’m not trying to put on bulk, I’m trying to tighten up. So it’s not about the heaviness but repetition. I do sets of 50 or 75. With this, I can do all of my upper body exercises – curls, overheads, birds to the side – and lower body exercises – lunges, squats, all that. It’s not so hard to carry around; sure, it’s 30 pounds in my bag, but I’m good with that. I don’t feel like I’m missing any workouts.

During the pandemic when I was in the Bahamas for two years recording music, I had one of these. When I was out of the studio, I’d check my mixes with this. I learned the sound of this speaker and its frequencies, which helped me understand the truth of my own sound. (You can listen to your music on different systems and get different sounds.) I trust this portable speaker. It’s loud, strong, and clean, and it’s got a really great bass response. And it’s easy to carry around and looks sleek. It covers all the bases for me. Now it’s become my travel companion for monitoring my music.

Taste and aroma set my environment and mood. This helps me feel grounded and at home wherever I am. It comes with a little holder, so it’s easy to travel with, and I light them first thing when I get to a hotel. It instantly drops me into a mood and I feel at peace. It has this organic, woodsy Japanese smell.

I tend to get very creative at night and sometimes need a little help relaxing. This dose of magnesium starts to wind me down. And it comes in a gummy form, so it’s like I’m just eating candy. I have a ritual that involves turning off all my devices, taking a bath, eating some of these gummies, and then, hopefully, falling asleep easier.

I love photography. I’ll go out on the street, stay incognito, and just take pictures of people in interesting environments. I only shoot with Leicas. If I’m running around and can bring only one camera, it’s this. It’s light, small, and easy to use. I don’t have to bring other lenses, since it’s a fixed point-and-shoot, but the quality is still great.

That’s my main lady right there. I always have to have a guitar on me, and the Gibson Les Paul is my favorite. I’ve been playing it for so many years. It has a great, classic sound, and what can I say? It’s the closest thing to me. I’m in L.A. right now at a friend’s, and just yesterday, I picked this up and wrote a song with it. It’s very signature for me. I use it to write, just to sit on the couch and noodle with, or I’ll go do a session in the studio with it. If I have it with me, I can do what I need to do.

All of Twice’s products are specific to my taste and needs. The toothpaste has all of the essential ingredients a toothpaste should have and the flavors are perfect. The mint doesn’t burn your mouth, but you still get that flavor. The rinse provides long-lasting freshness. When I was filming Shotgun Wedding with J.Lo, I’d use it throughout the day. It kept my breath fresh and the pH in my mouth right, and it left a nice flavor. And I use the pen in between my every-six-months whitenings. The whole kit takes care of your mouth, which also takes care of your health, since a lot of health issues — whether it’s an infection or inflammation — can start there.

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What Lenny Kravitz Can’t Live Without