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What Casey Wilson Can’t Live Without

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the hand sanitizer and the electric toothbrush. We asked actress Casey Wilson, who also co-hosts the Bitch Sesh podcast, which items she can’t live without.

I think they’re really flattering, and I get lots of compliments on them. And I’m not normally someone who gets compliments on jeans. They’re really comfortable, too. I wore them for a bunch of my pregnancy — but even nonpregnant, they look great. I’m coming to terms with certain stores I’m too old to shop in, and so right now, Madewell is doing it for me.

I’m obsessed with this. I like beauty products that you can conceivably eat. I’m a very quick-routine person, but this feels like a very luxurious moment in a crazy day. I’ll use it in the shower and bath, and I feel amazing after. I turn myself on basically. You can write that, but say I’m just kidding.

This is my entire worldview and universe. It’s my religion. I love this above any item on this list. I have turned every friend onto them. They’re a comforter over your eyes. It’s not a janky mask where light comes in from every corner, and you’re like, “Why do I use this?” This blocks out all light, and is so decadent. I have one in every purse and wear it on airplanes, or really just anywhere I want to fall asleep in five seconds. I’m never without one. I have a lot of panic if I don’t have them. If I go on vacation, I need to bring two. If you’re in a bad hotel with lights that peek through the curtains, it’s pitch-black. You’re only alone with your thoughts, which is maybe not a good thing.

I have an addiction to stationery, even though my handwriting is like a toddler’s. I love journaling, and these are sophisticated but almost quirky. I love everything — the wrapping paper, the cards — and I am someone who has a weird wooden box full of cards for every occasion, like sorry your aunt died. The cards are usually blank, but sometimes I wish they weren’t because I always have to write a P.S. apology at the bottom for how bad my handwriting is.

This is from my dermatologist, Dr. Christie Kidd. She gave it to me, and it’s a life changer. I have rosacea, and I’m obviously an actress, and my first concern is that my face is my fortune. So I’m obsessive about sunscreen, and it’s about the only healthy habit I keep. It’s a great price and doesn’t feel like anything, and it’s a moisturizer, too, so it’s a real two for one.

Photo: Courtesy of Wet Brush

I just saw my hairstylist, and I have very plush, thick hair. I’m blessed (you can put in parentheses that I’m looking for a low-level campaign), but the Wet Brush — I feel like it gets through your hair and doesn’t hurt. It’s great for combing through thick hair, and my son loves it, too. So if you’re needing a brush that you can share with your toddler.

Clare V. has a shop in Silver Lake, where I live, and I wander in there all the time to the point where it’s a little sad. The salesgirls are like, “Good to see you again.” The clutches are so cute, especially if you’re not wearing anything fun; you grab one and you look cool. She has fantastic style. You can transition from day to night, which I’ve heard people say about style.

This exact clutch is sold out, but here and here are more options.

I’m a very lazy person by nature, and this is a great way to moisturize while in the shower. You put it on in the shower and hop out, and you’re already moisturized. Who has three minutes to put on lotion? No, thank you. It’s not greasy at all, and doesn’t get on your clothes or anything.

The name is insane. And you need to know that when you purchase it. I wore this at my wedding on my toes. I always got crazy polishes, like purple, and one of my friends said, “Can we class it up with just a nude?” And I found this. Some nudes can make you look like a corpse, but this is beautiful. Despite its name.

Hot Tamales

I have a love affair with candy that I’ve tried to break off, but I love a Hot Tamale. I can’t say why. I thought it was because it was so spicy, you couldn’t eat many, but I’ve pushed past that social barrier. It’s a battle with myself: no Hot Tamales today.

This feels very French and chic. It’s a lipstick and blush in one, and it goes on with a dewy finish. It’s very tiny (the size of a floss), and you swipe it on your lips or cheeks, so it gives you a heightened version of your lip color and blush. It’s natural, but way better than what God gave you.

I actually smelled this on my girlfriend Whitney Cummings, and I ripped it off her shamelessly. It’s beautiful and springy and fresh, but not too much. A heavy perfume puts me off, but this feels really fun, and I’ve gotten many, many compliments.

These I love because you can get them in so many cute colors, and they work with everything, like my jeans. I’m not a woman of immense style, but I’m not going to go wrong with these. They just look classic and casual.

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What Casey Wilson Can’t Live Without