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What Ashley Benson Can’t Live Without

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked Ashley Benson — who recently debuted her fragrance line ASH — about the incense she burns in her home, comfortable heeled boots, and “presentable” heart-shaped dog bowls.

I ice my face every morning. When I have early call times for hair and makeup, it’s the only thing that can wake me up. It’s like a cup of coffee. But it also just gets rid of puffiness. I have a whole morning routine with face masks and eye patches, and I use this on top of the face masks. It helps to really seal in all those ingredients. Then, after I take the masks off, I use it again. I probably ice my face for about a half-hour every day. It leaves my skin super-fresh, and the cold feels like it tightens my skin. It even helps how makeup sits on my face. When I skip it, I do kind of notice a difference.

I hate having dry lips, so I have this lip mask right by my bedside to use at night. I also have it in my purse at all times. It keeps my lips nourished, even here in New York where the winters are crazy. I mainly use the original, but I also have the Sweet Candy and Vanilla ones, too. I’ve been a very big fan of theirs for a long time.

I love kitschy things in my house, so I had to get this coffee because of the name. And it’s actually a really nice roast. It blends well in the drinks I make, and it’s not too acidic. I brag about being a barista, but really I can only make a couple of things. One is that Starbucks iced shaken brown-sugar drink (it’s literally just iced coffee with oat milk). And then during the pandemic, I mastered espresso martinis. I even bought a real coffee-maker that grinds the beans and everything, just so I could learn how to professionally make a coffee. Now, I find it really satisfying to make a nice-looking cup in the mornings.

My whole house smells like this. You know how most incense smells the same? This is totally different and like nothing I’ve ever smelled before. It’s a much more elevated scent that reminds me of Paris, because it’s musky with a hint of tobacco. To me, it’s like a mix between a perfume and cologne. I always have it burning in my bedroom and family room in these cute, girly L’Objet incense holders.

I have two little dogs — Walter and Olive — and they’re my little angels. I’m like that weird dog mom because I don’t have kids. I definitely spoil them. I started cooking my dogs’ food because they have so many allergies. I have these heart-shaped bowls in the corner of my kitchen on their little place mat. They look cute in my house and so much more presentable than other dog bowls.

Saint Laurent’s one of my favorite brands. I have all their boots, but these in particular are great because the little strap and buckle on the side add some flair versus just a regular black heeled boot. I hate wearing heels, but these are very comfortable. I’ve walked miles in them here in New York, and my feet have been totally fine. Also, they make me five-foot-ten, so anytime I wear them, I’m like, Oh, I feel like a model.

I have a growing collection of Jordans, and I’m constantly on StockX checking to see if rare ones are on the market. They’re so comfortable and so stylish. I love that I can wear a different pair every day with the same outfit and look like I’m wearing something completely different. I always, always get compliments when I wear Jordans. I actually just got my sister her first pair too because she’s been admiring mine. I have this pair of yellow, white, and black ones that are kind of inspired by the Lakers. Being from Los Angeles, they’re one of my favorite pairs.


I just got my first Roley six months ago. I’ve always dreamed of having a gold Rolex, but it was always way too expensive. Finally, I decided to gift myself one in my 30s to celebrate some of my accomplishments and things going on in my life. It’s timeless and just something I’ll have forever. I didn’t want to go to the Rolex store and pick one out. I wanted one I could have more of a connection to, which I know is kind of weird since it’s a watch. Mine’s vintage, and I got it through my friend Cameron in Los Angeles. He goes all over the world to find antique watch faces and rare old watches. He found mine in Paris, and it’s just so special to me. I never take it off.

I fly a lot. When I’m on a plane, I have to have a hoodie on me. I don’t like touching the seats. It grosses me out, so this is a necessity. They’re also great for layering since I love baggier clothing. These are so comfortable, and just an affordable staple in my wardrobe. I have mine in black since it’s my favorite color and it goes with everything.

I’ve always been obsessed with fragrance, even making my own little concoctions over the years. So when I got the call to do a fragrance line, I jumped right on it. This has been two years in the making. We went through like 60 rounds of testing to find the perfect scent, and I wanted to be in every meeting so I wasn’t creating something half-assed. This one’s obviously inspired by New York. It has notes of cedar, roses, and orange. It’s a bit more masculine than the Eighth, the other fragrance in my line. I personally like to layer them together, but they work separately well, too. New York’s special to me, because it was always my goal to move here. I finally did it at 26, and it’s changed my life for the better. I became more confident, found out who I was going into my 30s, and learned a lot about myself. I wanted to dedicate a fragrance to that.

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What Ashley Benson Can’t Live Without