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The 56 Best Cyber Monday Mattress Deals

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Retailer

Cyber Monday is here, and thankfully for last-minute shoppers, lots of Strategist-approved brands are still offering steep savings on mattresses, bedding, pillows, and mattress protectors. If you’re looking to upgrade your sleep setup — or to fancy up a spare bedroom (or a corner of your home office) before holiday guests arrive — we suggest checking out our updated list of the very best mattresses you can buy online, all of which have been personally tested by the Strategist team to determine which style is the best fit for you. Then scroll through the sales, below; we’ve rounded up the best deals on some of our favorite all-foam, hybrid, latex, cooling, and ecofriendly mattresses, and listed which ones include extra goodies, like free sheets or pillows, with any mattress purchase.

But even if you aren’t shopping for a whole new mattress, the list is worth browsing, as many brands are offering stand-alone discounts on bedding and pillows as well. Below, we rounded up all the best Cyber Monday deals on mattresses, pillows, and mattress protectors. (Note that all the mattress prices listed are for queen-size mattresses unless otherwise noted — but every discount is available on other sizes, too.) Most of the sales are the same as they were on Black Friday, but some items sold out over the weekend, and nearly all of these sales end this month, so don’t sleep on them. And to shop like a pro this holiday season no matter what you’re looking for, be sure to sign up for the Strategist newsletter to receive all our best gift ideas and expertly curated deals straight to your inbox.

Aviya is taking $200 off its signature mattress with code STRAT200.

Aviya Mattress - Queen

Former Strategist writer Lori Keong tested the Luxury Firm version of this hybrid and was immediately taken by how plush and bouncy it was. “The innersprings are a big plus, but they’re buried far beneath the layers of foam,” Keong says. “I was amazed at just how propped-up and aligned my body felt while supine, yet how comfortably I slept thanks to the padding of the quilted-foam top.”

$1,049 at Aviya Mattress
with code: STRAT200

Avocado, which uses organic and recycled materials in its mattresses, is giving Strat readers 10 percent off sitewide with code STRAT10.

Strategist senior writer Liza Corsillo felt “incredibly well supported” by her pillow-top latex mattress and appreciated its “naturally antimicrobial, more breathable, and dust-mite resistant” properties.

From $109

“From the organic latex and kapok filling to the organic jersey lining to the machine-washable organic cotton cover, this pillow checks all of the organic boxes (it’s vegan too),” explains Strategist writer Latifah Miles in our guide to the best bed pillows.

Miles also named Avocado’s protector the best organic mattress protector, citing its two layers of naturally hypoallergenic organic cotton wrapped around an extra-thin layer of polyurethane.

At Bear, Strategist shoppers can get 35 percent off sitewide with code STRATEGIST35. Bear is also including two free down-alternative Cloud pillows, a sheet set, and a mattress protector with every mattress purchase.

Bear Original Mattress
Photo: Courtesy of the vendor

Former Strategist senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson, an avid runner, found the all-foam Bear Mattress to be a great pick for athletes.

$649 at Bear Mattress
with code: STRAT35

For even more support, you could try the Bear Pro mattress, which is also all foam but two inches thicker.


And according to Strategist contributor Steven John, the brand’s top-of-the-line Bear Hybrid — a foam-and-spring mattress — makes him “fall asleep faster than I have on just about any other mattress I’ve ever tried.”

Using the code STRAT400, Birch is offering $400 off any of its mattresses, which are made with ecofriendly materials. Birch is also throwing in two free Eco-Rest pillows with any mattress purchase.

Strategist editor Maxine Builder called the Birch Natural “supportive yet plush,” describing it as “a dream for a stomach sleeper like me, who tosses and turns throughout the night.”

Brentwood Home is offering Strategist readers 10 percent off sitewide with code STRAT10.

The brand’s Oceano hybrid mattress is constructed with nearly 2,700 coils for premium support.

Or snag yourself an expert-recommended Therapeutic Wedge Pillow.

Brooklyn Bedding is having a sitewide Cyber Monday sale with a special discount for Strategist readers. Everything, including mattresses, is 30 percent off with code STRATBFRIDAY30.


The brand’s Aurora Luxe hybrid mattress comes in three firmness levels and is equipped with an array of cooling features, including copper-infused foam.

The brand’s Talalay latex pillow comes in two different lofts — low and high — “and the low-loft version is flat enough for you to sleep on your belly with a neutral spine to avoid nursing a strained neck all day,” Miles reports, which is why she named it one of the best pillows for stomach sleepers.

Casper is taking up to 25 percent off mattresses, and up to 30 percent off everything else on its site, with code BFCM22-B.

Several Strategist staffers have tested the brand’s all-foam original mattress and say it’s great for just about everyone — except hot sleepers.

We’ve also found the luxurious Wave Hybrid mattress to be “a souped-up, premium version of the original Casper,” thanks to its contoured foam and dome-shaped gel pods, which are designed to provide targeted ergonomic support.

Another Casper offering, the Nova Hybrid mattress, swaps those gel pods for a layer of so-called puff fabric for a softer feel; we slept on it and found it to be a truly “plush mattress that still delivers a decent amount of support.”

According to Miles, Casper’s down pillow strikes just the right balance between cushiony and supportive.

Sealy is offering 35 percent off sitewide throughout November. You’ll also get two free pillows and a sheet set with any mattress purchase.

We like the brand’s Cocoon Chill mattress, which Strategist senior editor Simone Kitchens says banished her “usual roll-out-of-bed lower-back creakiness.”

Eight Sleep’s temperature-regulating sleep system will warm or cool itself throughout the night to keep you comfortable. It also comes with sleep tracking via its phone app. You can currently take $500 off the price of the mattress system, no code required. Or you can take $250 off the brand’s smart covers, which transform any mattress into a smart mattress, and $150 off a bundle of “sleep essentials” that includes two pillows, a sheet set, and a mattress protector.

The full Eight Sleep mattress system includes the brand’s temperature-regulating cover, along with a five-layer mattress designed to offer back support and pressure-point relief.

When Strategist writer and “human space heater” Dominique Pariso tested an earlier model of the Pod 3 cover on her existing all-foam mattress, she not only stopped sweating through her sheets but got the best sleep of her life.

The Emma mattress is currently up to 50 percent off, with two free pillows thrown in as well. Plus, with code STRATEGIST, readers can snag an extra 5 percent discount.

The brand’s signature mattress is made of all foam and has a cooling layer on top, which Strategist associate editor Louis Cheslaw says is “a solid choice for side-sleepers who get hot easily and like an all-foam mattress that skews soft.”

[Editor’s note: The queen-size mattress is sold out, so the price shown here is for a full-size.]

Helix is offering its best-ever discounts sitewide, and how much you spend will determine how much you save. Through November 28, spend $600 or more and use code CYBERMON150 to get $150 off; spend $1,249 or more and use CYBERMON250 to get $250 off; spend $1,700 or more and use CYBERMON300 to get $300 off; spend $2,550 or more and use CYBERMON350 to get $350 off; spend $2,700 or more and use CYBERMON400 to get $400 off; or spend $2,950 or more and use CYBERMON450 to get $450 off. No matter which tier of savings your purchase falls into, you’ll get two free pillows too.


Designed to offer pressure-point relief, the Helix Midnight mattress is especially well-suited for side sleepers or those who toss and turn at night.

Photo: retailer

The Helix Dawn is one of our favorite hybrid mattresses, with Strategist associate editor Louis Cheslaw calling it “an affordable and firm hybrid mattress that avoids that sinking feeling, thanks to its balanced combination of springs and foam.” After testing it out, he said he “never woke up feeling hot, sweaty, or achy in the morning.”

$999 at Helix
with code: STRAT25

Layla is offering $150 off any memory-foam mattress purchase and $200 off any hybrid-mattress purchase with no codes required — and it’ll throw in two free pillows with any mattress order. The brand is also taking $110 off its weighted blankets, $50 off its memory-foam topper, and $70 off its bamboo sheets in any size.

Layla Hybrid Mattress

Layla’s Hybrid mattress is the best flippable hybrid mattress, according to Strategist writer Tembe Denton-Hurst. She and her partner have “slept on both sides, firm and soft, and each proved supportive,” she says, adding that “while there are cheaper hybrid mattresses, the ability to simply flip this one should you want a softer or firmer feel makes it worth the investment, especially if you’re sharing a mattress with someone who prefers a different feel.”

“Both supportive and pillowy soft, this copper-gel-bead-infused memory foam topper by Layla is designed to pull heat away from your body while you sleep,” Miles write in our guide to best cooling mattress toppers. “The copper infusion keeps your body cool and creates an antimicrobial sleeping surface.”

Leesa’s Cyber Monday sale will save you up to $820 on a new mattress, plus you’ll get two free pillows (worth $120) with any mattress purchase.


You can get up to $200 off the brand’s Original mattress, a ten-inch-thick, all-foam model that Builder says “offers excellent pressure relief” and “should suit all kinds of sleepers.”

You can also get up to $300 off the Leesa Hybrid (foam with one layer of springs) and up to $500 off the Leesa Legend (foam with two layers of springs).

Molecule is taking up to 40 percent off sitewide with code BFCM22. And if you’re in the market for a complete bedding set, the brand is also taking up to 25 percent off its toppers, comforters, and sheet sets.

The brand’s Molecule 1 Mattress, now 25 percent off, has three layers of proprietary memory foam, including one that’s gel-infused, and is topped with a cooling cover — ideal for even the sweatiest of sleepers.

Ben Trapskin, founder of the Sleep Sherpa, recommends these cooling sheets from Molecule. The sheets are made of a Tencel-cotton blend, which, thanks to the cotton, “will give the sheets a more familiar feel.”

Nectar is offering 33 percent off all mattresses through December 5.

We recommend the Nectar Memory-Foam Mattress, which is “surprisingly enveloping” and has “just the right amount of give.”

Nest Bedding is taking up to 50 percent off select mattresses. You’ll also receive two free pillows with your purchase.

This top-rated latex-hybrid model is now 25 percent off and available in three levels of firmness: plush, medium, or firm.

Now 30 percent off, this weighted blanket is available in three different sizes — 15 pounds (twin), 18 pounds (queen), or 25 pounds (king).

Over at Nolah, the brand is offering up to $700 off its mattresses and including two free pillows with every mattress purchase. Plus Strat readers can use code STRAT50OFF to get an extra $50 off the already-on-sale price.


We found the Nolah Original to be the best option for side sleepers who “move around and skew hot.”

$942 at Nolah Mattress
with code: 50STRAT

The brand is also taking up to $700 off its new 15-inch hybrid mattress …


… and up to $300 off its 12-inch signature mattress.

PlushBeds is offering up to $1,250 off its all-natural latex mattresses and giving customers a free sheet set, pillows, and mattress protector with every mattress purchase. Additionally, Strat readers can save an extra $50 on mattresses with code STRAT100. The brand is also taking 25 percent off toppers, pillows, and bedding.

“Before sleeping on the Natural Bliss, I slept on a spring-and-foam mattress and would occasionally wake up with tension in my muscles,” says former Strategist writer Hillary Reid. “But I never woke up tense after a night on the latex Natural Bliss; in fact, I often woke with my muscles feeling noticeably relaxed.”

This natural latex mattress topper is both Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and GREENGUARD Gold certified.

Purple is taking $100 off its original mattress; $200 off its Purple Plus and Hybrid mattresses; and $300 off its Hybrid Premier 3 and Hybrid Premier 4 mattresses. Plus you can snag 25 percent off bedding and bundles.

Purple Mattress - Queen

We found Purple’s baseline mattress “well suited to those who sleep hot and hate foam,” thanks to its breathable gel grid.

For folks who are looking for even more support, Purple’s Hybrid option adds individually wrapped stainless-steel coils beneath the gel grid.

Back sleepers will love the brand’s Harmony pillow, which is made from the same grid construction as its mattresses. When Miles tested it out, she says she slept noticeably cooler.

Saatva — which makes our top pick for the best overall mattress — is also running a tiered savings promotion. Spend up to $2,200 and get $225 off; spend up to $3,000 and get $250 off; spend up to $3,500 and get $300 off; spend up to $4,000 and get $350 off; spend up to $4,500 and get $400 off; and spend more than $4,500 and get $525 off.


Saatva’s classic mattress is our pick for the best overall mattress, thanks to its combo of inner springs, memory foam, and a pillow top that comes in three different firmness levels, providing options for all sorts of sleepers. Senior editor Simone Kitchens, who suffers from back pain, found that “the supported feeling of this bed kept my lower back from collapsing in, making my spine feel more aligned overall.”

When Miles tested this pillow, she found that the weighty latex fill was “uniquely supportive and buoyant,” adding that “it keeps its shape throughout the night, even when I’m using it as a body pillow to support my torso, knees, and hips.”

Former Strategist writer Chloe Anello crowned Saatva’s down alternative comforter the best organic comforter. “The hypoallergenic cotton shell ensures proper airflow, and the 3-D down-alternative fibers blended with Lyocell regulate your temperature,” Anello says.

Through November 30, Sealy is offering discounts on multiple mattress models. And for purchases made between Friday and Monday throughout November, it’ll throw in free pillows and a sheet set with any mattress.

You can currently take 20 percent off Sealy’s most popular model, the Posturepedic.

You can also snag $500 off the Sealy Naturals mattress, made with organic cotton, 100 percent natural latex, hemp fibers, and an ethically sourced wool blend.

Serta’s mattresses are designed to keep even the hottest of sleepers cool — and you can save up to $800 during the brand’s sale.

You can take $400 off the brand’s Arctic mattress, which features three layers of cooling technology and heat-absorbing gel memory foam.

You can also save up to $200 on the brand’s Perfect Sleeper mattresses, which are designed to offer superior pressure relief.

Through November 30, you can save up to $600 on mattresses at Stearns and Foster, a luxury-mattress label owned by the same company as Tempur-Pedic and Sealy. And for purchases made between Thursday and Monday throughout November, you’ll also receive free bonus accessories worth $300.

This Estate Collection mattress was developed by sleep scientists at Tempur-Pedic and is available in gel memory foam and standard memory foam.

Depending on the model, Tempur-Pedic is taking up to 40 percent off its proprietary foam mattresses.

The Tempur-Cloud is a medium-soft, all-foam style, now 30 percent off.

You can also save $200 on the brand’s Adapt model, which, true to its name, is designed to adapt to your weight, shape, and body temperature.

Tuft & Needle is offering up to $750 off its mattresses, with 20 percent off its new Original Refresh model, 25 percent off its Mint Refresh model, and 30 percent off its Hybrid model. You can also take 25 percent off sleep accessories like pillows and toppers.

Strategist writer (and back sleeper) Lauren Ro says the Tuft & Needle Original mattress made her feel both “supported and cocooned at the same time.”

Tuft & Needle’s topper is made of open-cell foam that is designed to respond to your body’s movement and offer pressure relief while allowing air to circulate.

The brand’s five-inch-tall foam pillow is considered “high-loft,” which makes it good for side sleepers and folks with broad shoulders who need a taller pillow to keep their neck, head, and spine in alignment.

WinkBed’s Cyber Monday sale includes $300 off any WinkBed mattress, including the foam-and-spring WinkBed Mattress, which comes in four firmness levels.

WinkBed Mattress

Strategist senior editor Katy Schneider found that the “luxury firm” version of the WinkBeds mattress is supportive enough to reduce back pain and minimize the feeling of any movement, if you sleep with someone who tends to toss and turn. (In terms of firmness levels, luxury firm falls between “soft” and “firmer.”)

Yogasleep, the maker of our favorite white-noise machine, also makes mattresses. With code STRAT20, Strategist readers can get 20 percent off sitewide. The code will also get you savings on sound machines, sheet sets, and mattress protectors as well.

The brand’s best-selling gel-foam mattress has a removable, machine-washable cover for easy cleaning.

Yogasleep’s weighted blanket also features a removable Minky cover to make it extra cuddly and comforting.

New York deputy editor Alexis Swerdloff is an avowed fan of Yogasleep’s Dohm white-noise machine, writing that “It’s what puts me (and now my husband) to sleep every night, like a warm cup of milk.”

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56 Best Cyber Monday Mattress Deals