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What Singer Jhené Aiko Can’t Live Without

Illustration: Joe McKendry, Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Kat Von D Beauty

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hairspray and the electric toothbrush. We asked singer Jhené Aiko — who was recently named the face of KVD Vegan Beauty’s True Portrait Foundation — about the bodywash, toothpaste, and candles she can’t live without.

I use it as a bodywash. I use it as a bath soap. I’ve washed my hair with it. I’ve washed dishes with it. I’ve washed my crystals in it, too. I don’t think I’ve done all 18 things that are listed on it, but I’ve definitely used it a bunch. That’s what I love about it. I don’t use this to wash my dishes every day, but I have after running out of the dish soap that I usually use. It’s like, Oh, I can just use the Dr. Bronner’s. It’s super gentle, but it’s also effective.

I have a lot of peach fuzz, and although my skin is mostly oily, sometimes it does get really dry. This isn’t something that I use every day or even every week — probably once every two weeks, when I start to see the hair grow back on my face, or see my complexion get a little dull. It’s kind of like a resurfacer. I put it on the highest setting so it vibrates faster, and I don’t have to apply as much pressure. It sort of does the work for me. I got it from my former makeup artist — her name’s Felicia. I had gotten dermaplaning during a facial, and she was doing my makeup at the time and said she saw such a difference. Then, one day, she gifted me a Dermaflash.

I have so many crystals. I don’t know how many — I probably have 20 big ones? And when I say big, I mean the size of a watermelon or a coconut. But I also have every size in between and all different kinds. Sometimes I’ll leave them certain places or I’ll give them to people. Or I’ll lose them. Rose quartz is one of my favorites — it’s the pinkish one. I definitely am not an expert on crystals. I buy them based on whatever attracts my eye. I have a little book that breaks down the properties of a crystal and what they’re good for and what they’re made of, but I pick mine by sight. Different ones definitely bring up different feelings for me. Rose quartz is supposed to balance out your heart and bring love into your life. I have a heart-shaped rose quartz that I put to my heart sometimes, like if my heart is beating fast I’ll put it there. It could just be me making this up, but I believe it calms my heart. I start breathing slower. And it’s beautiful to look at.

I love something you can use for a lot of things, and coconut oil has multiple uses. I tend to use it more for my skin — if I use it at night, I feel like when I wake up, my skin is more supple. I love lotion, too, but if I was going to a deserted island and was asked if I wanted to bring body lotion or coconut oil, I would bring the coconut oil because I can use it for other things. In quarantine, I haven’t been straightening my hair, and my hair is pretty dry when it’s curly. So I put a little bit of oil in my curls just to give them a little moisture.

I use this spray as a toner before I put on serums and lotions. I also use it on my whole body. Right when I get out of the shower, I’ll dry off, then I’ll spray my face, and then I’ll spray my body. My skin can get pretty oily, so I don’t necessarily need it throughout the day unless it’s hot — but then, it wouldn’t be for my complexion, just like a cool-me-off type of thing. I also enjoy the aromatherapy element too; because of the rose, it’s very soothing.

Vital Body CBD Epsom Soak

When I feel overwhelmed and stressed out, I love a bath — depending on my stress level, I’ll take one three to four times a week. I love to soak. I’m actually in the bath right now. Baths are relaxing even if they’re only just water, but I love smells, and this bath stuff smells really good. I’m sure the CBD is also relaxing me, too. I started using more CBD products to wean myself off pills for aches and pains. I used to automatically want a prescription, but then I would have to deal with the side effects once I stopped taking those medicines. It was really hard for me. After I had my daughter, I had a lot of back pain. Nothing is the same; like if I’m sitting down too long, something will ache. I was also in a bad car accident in 2013. I broke my wrist, busted my chin open, and I’m pretty sure I had some whiplash. Even now, my neck will hurt. So now, as far as treating things like headaches and other aches and pains, I’ve been using CBD stuff. I would kind of equate it to like a cup of chamomile tea; I feel calm. Chamomile tea doesn’t make me sleepy; it makes me feel calm, and I like that feeling.

I like to try different blotting papers. I’ll see some I’ve never had and I’ll be like, “Ooh, I’ve got to get those.” I just got some from Erewhon; I don’t even know the brand. I also use these ones from Boscia. I have a couple packs — they’re probably the ones that I use the most consistently. I usually blot oily areas right away after I put on products. Sometimes I’ll be immediately shiny on my T-zone, so I blot and keep blotting papers on me throughout the day.