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The Best Boot Liners and Warm Insoles on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have ​People’s Choice​, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item ​here​.) 

And while we’ve written about lots of cold-weather gear — including what your dog needs to stay warm, the best gloves for women, and the famous Amazon coat — here, we’ve rounded up the best boot liners and warm insoles, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon. 

Best-rated boot insoles

While these sheepskin insoles could be stuffed into any shoe, about a quarter of five-star reviewers mention boots in their reviews. About 10 percent compare these to sheepskin-lined Uggs, saying that these soles are perfect for replacing a worn down pair, or making a knockoff feel like the real deal. “I cut away all of the sheepskin fur on the bottom of the inside of the shoe and placed these inside,” one reviewer writes. “It was just like wearing a new pair of Uggs for a hell of a lot less.” Another customer calls these “the real deal,” and they love that these are constructed out of “a piece of lamb hide with leather on the bottom and fleece on top.” That means if the fur ever wears down, “I will be walking on soft leather, which isn’t bad.” However many reviewers note that these hold up pretty well. “They have held up through near daily wear in NYC for the past 4 months, so lots of walking and they haven’t gotten matted or stinky yet,” one customer writes. As for the fit, reviewers say it’s true to size.

Best-rated (less expensive) boot insole

“These insoles are everything that is advertised,” one reviewer writes. “Turned my 800 gram insulated hunting boots into what I would consider ‘arctic’ boots. Never once this winter did I feel any cold radiating up through the soles as I’ve felt many times before.” Another customer thinks they are “Worth every penny” since they “kept my feet very warm in my hiking boots in weather down to the mid-20’s during the day and night with a single pair of good merino wool socks.” One reviewer who has frost bite even says, “so far so good,” adding, “I’ve worn them in -4 weather and my feet didn’t freeze.” While a few reviewers point out that this doesn’t have any arch support or add any comfort to your boots, a few mention using this in conjunction with another supportive liner. Many also recommend buying a larger size and trimming as needed. One even says “make sure to order 2 sizes up and trim as needed.”

And now for some micro-picks of every type of boot liner or insole you might be looking for.

Best boot liners for all-weather boots

Hunter Women’s Boot Socks
From $38
From $38

Like one user says this liner, “really puts the ‘all’ in ‘all-weather’ boot,” many others praise these boot socks for turning their Hunter rain boots into footwear suitable or the snow. “My feet stay dry, and the socks help because without them my feet would be too cold,” one reviewer from Ohio writes. “As for the blizzard this past week,” another customer writes, these boot liners “kept my feet toasty and dry.” One reviewer says these fleece work with non-Hunter rain boots, too, writing, “Bought the cream socks to pair with a pink pair of rain boots, non-Hunter and it looks great.” These liners are machine washable, which at least one reviewer says they hold up well to: “The material is soft and after going through the washer and dryer multiple times, still look perfect.”

Best boot liners for rain boots

“I really liked my purple Jileons when I bought them, but I didn’t fall in LOVE with them until I got these liners,” one reviewer writes. “They are so comfy cozy, and the foldover top gives the boots an awesome “just got in from hiking in the Poconos” look, even when you’re just out running errands.” They’re just one of more than 25 percent of reviewers who bought these liners to go with their rain boots. “Not only do they fit perfect but they really make the boots cozier,” one customer notes. “Rubber boots can make you sweat and can even rub you raw on your skin these amazing babies are a match made in heaven.” Another reviewer, who puts these on multiple times a day to walk their dog, even says they slip-on easily: “I just pop off whatever I’m wearing at the time in the house, usually slippers and slide on my boots with these liners already inside.”

Best boot liners for short rain boots

Hunter Women’s Short Boot Socks

“Perfect” is used in nearly a third of the five-star reviews, and many praise how well these boot liners fit. “These boot socks feel as if they are custom-made,” one writes. “The foot shape is sewn in so you get a close fit. The fleece fabric gives warmth with half the bulk of heavy socks.” Another says, “They’re super soft and warm plus they fit perfectly in my short Hunter rain boots.” Users also love that “They are warm and comfy and extend the use of my boots well into late fall and early spring,” and that they, “Make my new boots so much easier to take off,” according to one reviewer. Beyond Hunter brand boots however, one customer says they “adapt to less expensive boots, fit the boot and the wearer very comfortably.” One even say they work beyond boots all together: “ You don’t need to wear with boots — with clogs it just appears to be a slouchy knee sock.”

Best rain boot insoles

“These are seriously amazing they make Hunter boots wearable without socks and there so soft and added a ton of warmth,” one reviewer writes. For reviewers who don’t like the sock feel of rain boot liners these insoles are the perfect solution. “I’m not a big fan of chunky socks and this eliminates needing wool socks,” one says. Another explains. “I love my Hunter boots but have been frustrated when wearing them with hosiery and socks because my feet constantly slide on the slick interior surface.” They say, “These fantastic shearling liners instantly fixed the problem, allowing me to wear my boots with complete confidence.” Others say it brings the same feel to non-Hunter boots as well. “I bought these inserts for a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Chelsea rain boots and they’re great,” one writes,” while another says, “Works great for both my Hunter and Chooka rain boots.” If you are someone who likes to wear socks, one reviewer says, “Caution though, wearing both these and boot socks made my boots fit a little snug, I might have bought a size up had I known this.”

Best sheepskin insoles

The consensus among reviewers is these sheepskin insoles have just the right amount of fluff. “Beautifully made and high quality, nice to find a warm but thinner set of insoles that weren’t too heavy, since a heavy insole won’t work for all boots/shoes,” one writes, while another says “ Not too thin and not so fluffy that my foot bulges out.” Even though they are thinner than other options reviewers don’t seem to feel a difference in warmth. “I used them with my snow boots in Iceland in January and my feet stayed very warm throughout the trip,” one says, while another notes, “I’ve worn the boots everyday and even though it’s below zero my feet stay nice and warm.”

Best sheepskin insoles for men

Nearly 90 percent of reviewers give these insoles five stars for basically giving them a new pair of shoes. “Thought my husband’s Uggs were wearing out….bought these, Uggs feel like new again!” one reviewer writes. One even used them in a pair of “14-year-old leather Uggs and says ”they fit perfectly and are very comfortable. No gaps or sliding movement. Boots feel like new again.” Beyond boots, one reviewer who bought them for their son says, “It pretty much fit any of his shoes so don’t worry.” Another agrees saying, “They are comfortable and versatile enough to fit several different types of shoes, whether you’ll be standing on your feet all day or going for a brisk walk.” As for the install, one reviewer says follow this pro tip and “push to front of slipper, arch it to fit in heel and press down in middle to seal it in slipper.”

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The Best Boot Liners and Warm Insoles on Amazon