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The Best Freezers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve covered the best mini-fridges, here we’re covering the best upright and chest freezers, reviewed on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best chest freezers


“This mighty and surprisingly roomy freezer has been a game changer for us. We’ve had this freezer for more than six months now, ahead of the demanding holidays when we always need additional freezer space. We were surprised by how much this freezer holds, how easy it was to install — just plug it into a ‘regular’ socket in our somewhat ‘older’ basement, and it was ready to go. Now we don’t know how we ever lived without it and wonder what took us so long. This unit is also quiet, which, even though it’s tucked away, is not a bad thing when we do go downstairs for laundry and other errands. We’re hoping it continues to be as reliable and effective as it is right now, and are so pleased by the great price and the huge difference it’s made for us.”

“I absolutely love my new freezer!!! And talk about quiet … I was about to panic when I did not hear it running, and I actually got down on the floor and put my ear up to it because I didn’t hear it at all and still did not hear it running then. I started it out on high when I first filled it up and the walls became frosted up pretty quick. The next day I cut it down to maybe a quarter of the way and everything is staying perfectly frozen. Oh, and let me tell you about the seal, it is amazing. In fact it is too good. When you get something out of it and close the door, you will not be able to open it back up for maybe ten minutes. We are perfectly happy with it and the price was fantastic as well. I will definitely be recommending this seller to all our social-media friends as well!!!!”


“This freezer is perfect for a family of one or two. It holds all the extras, and so far I have not had to defrost it or see any signs of ice accumulating at all, none whatsoever. That was my concern, but I am glad I bought it. I bought extra baskets to go inside and that works well in separating the food. I recommend it. It doesn’t take up much space either.”

Best upright freezers


“Very pleased with my new freezer! Not a scratch or dent was found. Very easy to get out of the packaging and very easy to level and set up. Perfect process all the way! It’s now almost full of yummies! The freezer over the refrigerator just wasn’t cutting it! I can now cook all sorts of goodies and not have to worry about throwing excess away. Loving my new freezer!”

“The freezer is GREAT. It worked super fast and froze solid all the items I loaded into it by the following morning. Some of these were containers of stew that were still warm when I put them in. The freezer is NOISELESS except of course for the hum of the compressor. The door seals tight, as evidenced by the sound made closing it after getting something out. You know that it is sealed and little loss of ‘cold’. A wonderful freezer! As for the size, imagine a big top-mount freezer that is on a refrigerator, only turned sideways! (Or upright!)”

“Fantastic little freezer. It’s in my RV right next to the TV. So quiet I wasn’t sure it was working; I think the key is to level it very well. Door swing switch is easy, there’s very little frost buildup, and it uses very little electricity. I have it on a 15-amp circuit with my whole entertainment center and it hasn’t tripped the breaker even when I plug the vacuum into the same circuit. Holds a lot more than you might think and doesn’t have to kick on very often once the temperature settles. I think I have about two whole deer crammed in there.”

“Don’t be deceived by the small size. This freezer can hold a lot. I use it to store whatever doesn’t fit in my regular freezer, and at holiday times, it has made the difference between ‘Can’t fit anything!’ and ‘Take a deep breath, I can store all my frozen stuff.’ It has some deep shelves. I use it with the Anti-Frost Freezer Mat, and I only need to defrost it rarely, like when something was sticking out and we didn’t realize the door didn’t close due to that. It keeps everything frozen nicely.”

“As a truck driver, it’s really depressing to either use a thermoelectric cooler that keeps food 40 degrees below the temperature of the surrounding area. That means that the inside temp can and will fluctuate dramatically, depending on how warm my cab is. Coolers filled with ice wind up being coolers filled with water and waterlogged food. That’s why I bought this freezer. PERFECT size for a few single-serving-size packs of meat; six to eight bottles of water that, once frozen, replace ice that just melts and has to be dumped out; AND for the first time in my trucking career, ICE CREAM! The freezer works WONDERFULLY, takes up minimal space, and has made me happier than a loud air horn!”

Best convertible refrigerator-freezer

“It’s exactly as promised: A mini-fridge that you can turn into a freezer by turning the dial. The dial is inside, so none of that stupid controls at the back like some of the other units on the market. Has a reversible door and it’s lockable. Worked great when I needed to ice an injury and I could freeze the cold packs during the 48 hours needed. Afterward, I just turned it back to a fridge for normal use. If you are going to have a mini-fridge, why not get the option of using it as a freezer when needed?”

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The Best Freezer Chests on Amazon, According to Reviewers