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The Best Home Décor and Accessories

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We’re a little finicky over here at the Strategist — we want to surround ourselves with things that look good (exciting, different, expensive) but we don’t want any of it to cost too much. So when we sniff out, say, a great-looking side table that’s under $50, or bathroom accessories that cost as much as a Sweetgreen salad, we just have to tell you about it. Here, we’ve compiled all the home décor stories we’ve done in one handy post, whether you’re moving into a dorm room, decorating a spare bedroom, or furnishing a first (or fifth) apartment.

The Best Colorful Home Décor

If you’re getting tired of that minimalist Scandinavian look, we found colorful, affordable décor items to zhuzh up your space.

The Best Cheap But Expensive-Looking Décor Items

Simple things you can buy on Amazon (many of them under $20) that give your space a design-y upgrade.

The Best Cheap But Expensive-Looking Dining-Room Décor

Continuing our dedication to cheap things that look expensive, we went and dug up the best sneakily affordable dining-room items on Amazon.

The Best Cheap But Expensive-Looking Bedroom Décor

Even more cheap but expensive-looking décor items, this time for your bedroom.

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The Best Affordable But Expensive-Looking Staging Furniture

These affordable furniture picks from celebrity designer and founder of Interior Market Group Cheryl Eisen look just as good at an open house for a penthouse apartment as they do in a starter apartment.

The Best Décor for Your First Apartment

Ming Thompson, an architect and principal at the San Francisco– and New Haven–based design firm Atelier Cho Thompson, rounded up 20 investment-worthy pieces for your first apartment that’ll last long after you move.

The Best Bathroom Accents on Amazon

The best bathroom accessories needn’t be pricey. We found some upgrades from brands like Umbra and Pendleton that are way cheaper than they appear.

The Best Kids’ Décor for Adults

We’re going to let you in on a little secret — some of the best décor pieces for adult apartments come from the kids’ section, especially if we’re talking about brands like Land of Nod and PB Kids.

The Best Side Tables on Amazon

There’s more to decorating your apartment than wall art or rugs — a side table (or end table or cocktail table) can be surprisingly special and affordable.

The Best Duvet Covers According to Design Experts

Looking for an unboring duvet cover? We found a dozen and a half experts to tell us their favorites.

The Best Bath Mats

Lest you forget to decorate the bathroom floor, we found the best (arty, minimalist, or spa-like) bath mats for transforming your shower space.

The Best Placemats, According to Interior Designers

These placemats, selected by interior designers, can make your old Ikea flatware look new again.

The Best Wall Ladder

If you need extra closet room but also want some tasteful décor, the wall ladder is an ingenious small-space hack.

The Best Danish Décor Items on Amazon

Remember last winter when all anyone could talk about was hygge (the Danish concept of coziness)? We went and found all the best Danish design items to be had on Amazon.

The Best Ladder

From $127

Writer Jinnie Lee swears by the utility and aesthetics of this award-winning Japanese ladder.

The Best Full-length Mirrors on Amazon

We rounded up the best full-length mirrors on Amazon, including one with hidden storage and several options under $100.

The Best Affordable Scented Candle

Why should a scented candle have to cost $80 or more? This French-sounding one smells just as good and costs just $30-something.

The Best Memphis-Inspired Décor Items

The ‘80s design movement is having a moment (an exhibition currently runs at the Met Breuer), and we found some of the best Memphis-inspired design you can buy online.

The Best Design-y Ashtrays

You don’t have to be a smoker to appreciate a beautiful ashtray, which can be the perfect vessel for keys, knick knacks, or even plants.

The Best Vases

Even if you’re just buying bodega flowers, these vases are sophisticated enough to make them look ten times more expensive.

The Best Ikea Stuff on Amazon