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27 Strategist-Approved Techy Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

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Everyone, no matter their age, will appreciate finding some sort of useful gadget at the bottom of their stocking. So to help you find winning and affordable alternatives to the commonplace chocolate bars, lip balms, and tiny soaps, we sifted through our archive of tech and tech-adjacent products. Here are the 29 best techy stocking stuffers we’ve recommended, all of which will run you $30 bucks or less.

If they’re always losing their wallet

Tile Mate

With the help of an app, this little gadget will chime to let its owner know where it is. Steph Curry has told us he keeps one in his wallet and one on his key chain to save him time searching for them in his house.

If they can’t shower without a podcast

A cheap and waterproof Bluetooth speaker is much better than a phone when it comes to listening to The Daily while showering. This one was voted best-rated (less expensive) Bluetooth speaker in our article about portable speakers on Amazon, according to enthusiastic reviewers.

If old tech is new to them …

Disposable cameras are hot with the university set right now, but they’re also a fun stocking stuffer that you can share with the whole family.

… And they’d like a low-maintenance pet

If they FaceTime with friends for hours

If their calls are starting to drain their phone’s battery life, they’ll probably love this David Pogue–approved phone stand–Bluetooth charger combo.

If their apartment or dorm has only one outlet (and it’s in an incredibly inconvenient location)

This extra-long charger is a college-kid favorite because of dorm-room limitations, but it’d also work wonders for tiny houses, studio apartments, and cramped cubicles.

If they’re not always careful with their laptop (or their drink)

If they’re too clumsy for AirPods

These headphones are harder to drop or lose than AirPods — and less expensive to replace if they do go missing.

If they’re constantly out of juice

If they’ve always wanted a mixtape made by a loved one

This clever trompe l’oeil cassette tape is actually a USB drive that you can load up with sappy love songs.

If they’ve always wanted a mixtape made by an algorithm

If a mixtape is too much work you can always follow Jonathan Van Ness’s lead and get Spotify to build them a playlist.

If they’re always late

This sleek forest-green watch is so cheap you could put one in everyone’s stocking. It’s also available in red, teal, all black, and black with a white face.

If they bike at night

Keep your loved ones safe with a highly rated set of bike lights

If they run at night

Or if, like writer Alice Gregory, they want their partner to be able fall asleep even while they’re catching up on some reading.

If they’re scared of the dark

As writer Kayla Levy found out during a power outage, these night-lights also function as flashlights and phone chargers! This multipack means you can stuff three people’s stockings.

If they worry about the effects of their screen time

The problem with blue-light-blocking glasses is that most of them are ugly. These, and a bunch of others we found on Amazon, however are actually pretty nice-looking.

If they worry about their screens

These bumber phone cases helped tech writer David Pogue protect his phone when he dropped it over 50 times.

If they want more out of Alexa

Perfect for smart-home newbies, these plugs communicate with Alexa so that she can turn your otherwise unsmart lights, TV, fan, or other appliances on and off for you.

If they’re a tiny fan of death metal

These foldable headphones that we wrote about a while back came recommended by pediatric ear experts so you can stop worrying about the damaging volume of their favorite tunes.

If they’re a kid into coding

Once they’ve finished building this paper robot, kids can program it to do different things via a free phone app.

If they’re into at-home beauty treatments

This LED lamp will speed up drying time and help prevent chips and cracks.

If they live in a dry climate or a hot apartment

Folks looking to rehydrate winter skin will enjoy the satisfying stream of cool mist that comes out of this facial mister we tested back in August.

If they’re an amateur handyman

Like writer James Schadewald, they may not know they need a volt pen — a tool that checks the electrical current around outlets and appliances — until it’s too late.

If they have sore joints

These sleek pads cushion tired wrists and elbows, something that with long-term use can lessen joint pain.

If they’re a year-round outdoorsman

Perhaps the earliest tech, fire starting is an important skill to have if you’re camping in the off-season.

If they have an Instant Pot

Real Instant Pot fanatics will always appreciate another accessory. This one makes steaming veggies a snap.

If they love paper and don’t want to waste it

Writer Steven John calls this nifty notebook that turns handwritten notes and doodles into archivable digital files the coolest notebook he’s ever used. If a self-described professional gadget person likes it, odds are so will your dad, or sister, or uncle.

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27 Strategist-Approved Techy Stocking Stuffers