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49 Non-Boring Stocking Stuffers Under $25 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

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Stocking stuffers can be a tricky prompt — they should be thoughtful, useful, and just a little cheeky, plus small enough to fit in a holiday-themed novelty sock. They’re also supposed to be cheap, but you don’t want them to feel cheap. We did the hard work for you and rounded up Strategist favorites (and some deep cuts from our archive), many of which we’ve tested and loved ourselves. There’s something for anyone on your list, from kids to pet parents — and all these stocking stuffers under $25 are available on Amazon and will all arrive before Christmas, as of December 21. But make sure to act fast — as in, buy today — since shipping deadlines are rapidly approaching. (If expedited shipping is too expensive, we’ve rounded up dozens of gift cards that make great last-minute presents.) And if you need even more holiday inspiration, we have guides for everyone on your list, from your hard-to-shop-for husband to teen boys to new homeowners.

Self-care and beauty

For the father-in-law who nurses dry hands all winter

Help him heal cracked knuckles with this top-rated cream that can soften the toughest, most calloused hands.

For the sister-in-law who’s about to go on vacation


Supergoop makes dermatologist-approved, Strategist-favorite sunscreens — Sylvan Esso’s Amelia Meath calls their products “‘science sunscreen’ because they melt into your face in a really weird way that usually shocks people I share them with” — and this SPF 50 glow stick provides an extra shimmer for a midwinter getaway.

For the sibling already planning their next vacation

This small folding toothbrush is “the platonic ideal of a travel toothbrush,” according to former Strategist writer Lauren Levy. It folds down into thirds, with a chamber that protects the bristles from debris without trapping moisture.

For the sister who can’t resist popping a zit

Lala Kent of Vanderpump Rules told us about this drying lotion, which she bought after she heard that Lisa Vanderpump uses it. “This drying lotion completely saved me,” she says. “It just zaps the blemish. I’m completely obsessed.”

For the grandma with glowing skin

Weleda Skin Food Original

Weleda’s Skin Food moisturizer has been recommended frequently by celebrities and makeup artists alike as a multipurpose, superrich staple. Actor Hari Nef says “it’s like your face is having a meal,” and Sweetbitter author Stephanie Danler says she’s used it “to heal scrapes and burns while camping; to calm frizzy hair; and to spot-treat cuticles, elbows, and heels.”

For the best friend with a multistep evening skin-care routine

This glossy, berry-scented lip mask contains vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to plump and heal lips. It’s intended to be used as an overnight treatment, but some fans — including actor Storm Reid and Strategist writer Tembe Denton-Hurst — wear it as a lip gloss.

[Editor’s note: This product will arrive by Christmas from Sephora with same-day delivery, which is available from $6.95 in certain areas.]

For the friend with a minimal skin-care routine

Meena Harris, the CEO of Phenomenal and Reductress, is “extremely particular about lip products.” This Jack Black lip balm meets her criteria: “It feels natural, is pretty much unscented, and so moisturizing. It gets the job done and is very effective.”

For the sister-in-law obsessed with French-girl skin care

If you want French pharmacy products, you don’t have to go far: Amazon is full of them. Glossier brand strategist Emily Ferber tipped us to it in our guide to the best face mists. It’s “excellent for keeping cool and refreshing, particularly if you’re not looking to add more product to your face,” she says.

For the college student flying in after finals week

From $19

This gel roller takes the cooling, calming joy of the classic jade roller to the next level. Cool the head in the freezer and roll under puffy eyes and irritated skin — bonus: It’s big enough to treat sore muscles, too.

For the mom who’s finally giving her flat iron a rest

If they’ve been rocking their natural wavy or curly hair lately, this brush is what Denton-Hurst uses to detangle — preferring it over combs or Denman brushes. “It detangles without ripping and helps curls clump together, which is ideal for defining and stretching my curls,” she writes in our guide to newly natural hair-care essentials.

For the boyfriend who won’t stop futzing with his hair

Hasan Minhaj uses this pomade for his perfect pouf — he was first introduced to it by the makeup team for The Daily Show.

For the brother whose quarantine beard is now part of his personality

From the maker of our best-in-class beard oil, this product has a “solid but simple list of ingredients” that includes jojoba and argan oils.

For the teen growing out their hair

This set of semi-sheer crêpe scrunchies — a favorite brand of Sex in the City author Candace Bushnell — will complement their ’90s fits.

For the friend who wants that Christmas-tree smell all year

Arts and crafts

For the grandma who’s a pro scrapbooker

Photo: Retailer

This handy little dispenser contains 200 double-sided, removable glue dots beloved by scrapbookers and obsessive gift wrappers.

For the grandpa who always helps you DIY

Handy people can always use an extra pocketknife. This one by French company Opinel comes recommended by fourth-generation butcher Cara Nicoletti — she’s owned hers for over nine years and says it’s “the cutest knife I own.”

For the artist in the family

These brightly colored pencils “write on everything,” says artist Peter Shire. “They really come in handy when I’m making stuff — like if I’m working on glazed ceramic or glass or marking metals for cutting.”

For the uncle who never forgets to send a (handwritten) birthday card

This classic pen came in second in the fountain-pen category in our 100-pen ranking (it was closely beaten out by one over six times its price).

For the college student getting into calligraphy

The Pentel Arts Sign is “a calligraphy brush dressed up as a pen,” according to Strategist editor Margaret Rhodes. It’s also a favorite of event planner Bronson Van Wyck, who likes that “it’s a marker, but it’s thin enough that you can write a letter” and still “add flourish.”

Food and drink

For the uncle who’s training for a half-marathon

These cult-favorite electrolyte-replenishing tablets help stave off muscle cramps and headaches after a long run. Plus, according to former Strategist senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson, “they just taste really good,” especially if your giftee hates sugary sports drinks. “I remember first trying it out and being impressed by how sweet it was not.

For the tinned-fish collector

Photo: Retailer

These piri-piri-spiced sardines are a favorite of Odeon executive chef Andy Xu. “They’re lightly smoked, so there’s an added depth of flavor,” he says.

For the dad just starting his sustainability journey

Let him enjoy his iced coffee (in a reusable tumbler, of course) guilt-free with metal straws that won’t end up in the ocean or a landfill.

For the kid who always has a cavity

Candy is a classic stocking stuffer, and this bag of low-sugar gummies will satisfy their cravings while protecting their teeth.

For the grandparent who loves old-school candies


“I love the taste of these C. Howard violet candies that were popular in New York City in the 1940s,” says actor Debi Mazar. “I used to get them at dime stores or any place that sold candy and cigarettes.”

For the kid who loves gimmick candies

For the co-worker whose bakes would earn a Paul Hollywood handshake

For the baker who loves both A Christmas Story and The Great British Bake Off, these vintage leg-lamp-shaped cutters will be a big hit.

For the cousin who orders a Negroni sbagliato

Expand their repertoire of chic orange-flavored cocktails with these classic Prohibition-era Fee Brothers bitters.

Tech and gadgets

For the senior who could become a TikTok sensation

Photo: retailer

As Strategist writer (and teen whisperer) Chloe Anello learned when she talked to TikTokers, mini-microphones serve as both a gag and essential. “I’m not tech-savvy at all, so this one is really easy. You just simply plug it into your phone and it works,” explained TikToker Christina Najjar.

For the younger sibling with a mobile-gaming habit

When we asked people with exacting taste for the perfect gift, founder of Megababe Kate Sturino recommended this portable charger. “Nobody wants to buy a portable phone charger, but most people would use it every day,” she told us. And this charger “gives more than two times the amount of charge your phone needs, so you don’t have to be constantly scoping for your next outlet.”

For the dad who wipes his screens weekly

One side of this pen-size brush can wipe the camera lens on his phone clean while the other can sweep away crumbs on his laptop keyboard.

For the husband who works up a sweat while standing still


It doesn’t matter that it’s the dead of winter: He’ll love being able to cool down with a portable fan no matter the season.

For the aunt who spends all day in the garden

If she loves being outdoors but hates bug bites, this neat plastic doodad — recommended by Strategist writer Lauren Ro, whose blood “mosquitoes love to feast on” — can suck the venom from the bite and avoid an itchy, painful bump.


For the kid who’s getting their first bike this year

Much more fun than the standard headlamp, this triceratops has horns that light up and make roaring sounds — and will keep them safe while biking at dusk.

For the tween who’s on cottagecore TikTok

A mushroom nightlight that will help them transform their bedroom into a Frog and Toad illustration.

For the baby cousin who’s really into trains right now

City kids graduate from choo-choo-train-obsessed to MTA-obsessed quite quickly. Strategist senior writer Lauren Ro’s toddler, Augie, loves riding the subway. And when he’s not on the subway, he loves reading about it. This was his first book about the subway, serving as “the perfect introduction to the subterranean system” with “simple, rhythmic, and repetitive” language.

For the kid who’s making their own Barbie Dreamhouse

$13 for 2

The crafty child in your life won’t be able to resist these mystery collectibles, which are among the top toys this year. These mini pantry staples are a big hit with the unboxing content-creator crowd.

For the niece who loves playing dress-up

This set of cute kittens comes with fancy removable clothing that they can play with and swap out. They’re a favorite of Catbird founder Leigh Plessner, who says she “bought a set for my 3-year-old daughter, Bluebell, but also for me.”

For the niece who loves pretending to be a dinosaur

They’ll love this durable, colorful seven-inch-tall velociraptor made by German company Schleich, which is “beloved by parents for its high-quality, realistic-looking animal toys,” says Corsillo.

For the elementary-schooler who scribbles on every wall

Lebze Jumbo Crayons

These washable crayons are designed to be easier for toddler hands to hold. Plus, the colorful container has a better chance of surviving tantrums than the standard Crayola cardboard.

For the sibling who’s into tabletop RPGs

Photo: Retailer

Actor and Dungeons & Dragons player Ally Beardsley calls this set of multicolored polyhedral dice “the most beautiful object I’ve ever seen in my life.”


For the father-in-law who’s finally finishing The Power Broker

Writer Molly McGhee calls this reading light a “true game changer.” She likes that the light is amber-hued rather than a cooler blueish white: “I don’t wake my partner up while I’m reading, and I can wind down without feeling like I’m staring at a screen.”

One of our favorite gifts for bookworms, these metal markers are perfect “for the readers who love to mark quotes but don’t want to actually write in their books,” says Katharine Scrivener of the Instagram account Read With Kat.

For the college student who’s over Milk and Honey

Photo: The Strategist; Photo: Retailer

As Strategist writer Kat Gillespie writes, “It can still be hard to reach beyond your high-school English syllabus without expert guidance.” Anonymous curator behind @PoetryIsNotaLuxury tipped us to famed San Francisco bookstore City Lights Books, which publishes its own series of poetry collections. These “are bound to have something for anyone’s taste.”

For the sister who can’t leave the house without her amethysts

This tarot deck is a favorite of healer and reader Natija Cave, who loves the diversity represented in the cards.

For the grandparent who does the crossword in pen

These are 200 of the New York Times’ easiest crossword puzzles: a perfect thing for a recent retiree to occupy themselves with during newfound downtime.


For the parents who got a pandemic puppy

Kate Perry, a dog trainer and the author of Training for Both Ends of the Dog Leash, says this toy is one of her favorite interactive treat dispensers for puppies and is “great as a gift for new dog owners, and great for training a dog to work for their food.”

For the parents whose dog sheds like crazy

Strategist contributor and dog-allergy sufferer Zoe Denenberg says this cheerful, ergonomic shampoo brush is a “win-win” — dogs love the gentle rubber bristles, and the brush efficiently removes dander from undercoats, which leads to “a noticeable improvement in my allergies,” Denenberg writes.

For the sibling whose cat hates you

Yeowww! Catnip Toy

Nora Wood, the adoption-event coordinator for Anjellicle Cats, a New York–based all-volunteer cat rescue and nonprofit, calls this banana-shaped sack of catnip the “best catnip toy” — it’s the “perfect shape” for cats to sniff, snuggle, and kick, and the catnip inside is high quality.

For the partner with a food-motivated cat

“Cats love this shit,” says curator and cat owner Celine Wong Katzman of Churu squeezable treats, which she compares to cat Go-Gurt. They can also be frozen to make fish-flavored Popsicles.

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49 Non-Boring Stocking Stuffers Under $25